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The Norris Nuts
The Norris Nuts
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FAMILY VLOGS AND CHALLENGES - The Norris Nuts are: Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco, Mama (Brooke), Papa (Justin)
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EXPOSING MY FAMILY *truth revealed
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преди месец
SOCKIE'S 14TH BIRTHDAY w/The Norris Nuts
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WE HAD TO TELL YOU FIRST - Baby Number 7 !?
преди 5 месеца
Laura Weatherly
Laura Weatherly преди 3 часа
i am scrolling through and were was naz and saber needs a pphone
Aria преди 3 часа
I’m so happy for you nazzy!
lexi wolstencroft
lexi wolstencroft преди 3 часа
iiSunny_xo преди 3 часа
Sabre put Vanilla Ice Cream in her smoothie but thats white not purple-
biggest harry potter fan
biggest harry potter fan преди 3 часа
But did she buy the logo
HOLY MUSTARD преди 4 часа
I would like to remind you in advance I apologize but the inconvenience of me not giving a FUCK
UnicornGamerGirla A
UnicornGamerGirla A преди 4 часа
You guys think 2 dogs are crazy? I have 11 dogs 2 cats and 1 hamster!
That girl Kamaria
That girl Kamaria преди 4 часа
Where is naz?
Melanie P
Melanie P преди 4 часа
Mama looks so good in that bathing suit
Aria преди 4 часа
I would probably get the test cause then you could just start growing now and you won’t need to get the test after (if you will even need to get the test after)
Ava Backus
Ava Backus преди 4 часа
I like purple better and I like the skirt it’s that shirt but I like the pants if they had a white tight shirt or a tight matching purple shirt
MexicanBeast21 преди 4 часа
Purple skirt
oceanarielle преди 4 часа
Sabre defiantly deserves a phone, she is a responsible kind girl that is 16! I got my phone at 10 years old, sabre should defiantly get a phone without winning a challenge!
Sandy Veurink
Sandy Veurink преди 4 часа
i think you should do it now so then nothing else goes wrong
mayet johnson
mayet johnson преди 4 часа
Botanical Maniac
Botanical Maniac преди 4 часа
In uk we call it maccies
Emily McGonnell
Emily McGonnell преди 4 часа
Where is naz someone pls tell me
Lorena Gomez
Lorena Gomez преди 4 часа
Wheres naz ???
bumble_bee_ lil_hall
bumble_bee_ lil_hall преди 4 часа
I think sockie should get it done and over with so she dosent panic as time goes by and it gets closer to the test
Annabel Disla
Annabel Disla преди 4 часа
You should do the challenge who can buy the most fidgets
Too cute to be SUS
Too cute to be SUS преди 4 часа
Where is naz??
awesomelion 327
awesomelion 327 преди 4 часа
Guys Sabre called her mom a guy she thought she was a guy 😭😂
Hell-Liv преди 4 часа
Where is nazzy? Is she at a friends house or where is naz?Getting worried!!!!!!Is she in hospital?
Camille Mcfadden
Camille Mcfadden преди 4 часа
Sabre deserves a phone, shes 16, she has her license We can do this legends spread the word 😇
Mellisa Curran
Mellisa Curran преди 4 часа
Legends you're awesome but stop asking for more and more it's the Norris Nuts choice what they do with life Sabre would be so happy if she got a phone yes but she gets to do gaming so it's not like she doesn't get to play at all plus Sabre doesnt mention wanting a phone only when there is a chance to get it in a challange until she asks for it no need to ask she might get one for her birthday. The Norris nuts are spending a lot of money on Sabres car 2 guenia pigs and their equipment Sockie's dream was expensive Robux for challenges And probably more so calm down on asking for stuff I'm not trying to be mean legends but remember it's their money they can't just go and buy loads of stuff even if they're rich that's becuase they save up
And I thought I didn’t act my age 😺
Teresa Cook
Teresa Cook преди 4 часа
i think charm looks mostlike naz!
Chloe Herrera
Chloe Herrera преди 4 часа
Breelyn Williams
Breelyn Williams преди 4 часа
I really like this Video
Sky преди 4 часа
Good job on your new house
Meow преди 4 часа
Sabre deserves a phone,she’s 16, she has her license We can do this legends spread the word 😇
Einas Imam
Einas Imam преди 5 часа
wheres Naz ?
Violet Wilcox
Violet Wilcox преди 5 часа
Sabre deserves a phone. She's 16. she has a license. We can do this. Spread the word legends!
Juliana Walker
Juliana Walker преди 5 часа
go to the doctor now
McKinsey Jade Sterner
McKinsey Jade Sterner преди 5 часа
Where is naz
Lily Loo
Lily Loo преди 5 часа
Sabre should of got the Gucci perfume
Daniela Molina
Daniela Molina преди 5 часа
sabre needs a phone
Gianna Sardina
Gianna Sardina преди 5 часа
Where is Naz? So many legends are worried about her
Panda Girl
Panda Girl преди 5 часа
Things the Norris Nuts don’t do in there video’s anymore : 1. Emergency Hugs 2. Dancing in the elevator 3. Catch me knuckles shout outs
Ethel Heart
Ethel Heart преди 5 часа
Saber should have her own phone she’s 16 and can drive and we all know she is very responsible. I’m 13 and I have my own phone
Hilda Martinez
Hilda Martinez преди 5 часа
I’m Also concern with naz and sockie because they should be Hitting puberty any time soon and if they dont pls take them to the doctor btw its just my opinion
LeahPlays 101
LeahPlays 101 преди 5 часа
I miss the “Sabre, Sockie, Biggy,Naz! And together, we’re the Norris Nuts!”
Laila Mallary
Laila Mallary преди 4 часа
me to
YT Twins
YT Twins преди 5 часа
Where's nazzy? Why she isn't in the video
Joseph nunez
Joseph nunez преди 5 часа
Me: who is that girl who is wearing purple pants and a purple jacket and dress its bad Me:i know that girl that is wearing all 🟠
Welcome to camp Ash
Welcome to camp Ash преди 5 часа
I don’t want to be rude in all if I am but what happens to brookes pregnancy wasn’t she pregnant I’m sure more legends have questioned that
Barry White
Barry White преди 5 часа
Were is naz ?how mutch legands are worried
Alex Loading
Alex Loading преди 5 часа
May 8th is my birthday!
Itz Suus
Itz Suus преди 5 часа
10:22 i cant with disco🤣🤣
Kayla's Kingdom
Kayla's Kingdom преди 5 часа
Am I the only one wondering where is Naz ?!?!
Softball Sisters🥎🤍
Softball Sisters🥎🤍 преди 5 часа
Hey nn! Love your Channel. But where is naz???
Potato guy
Potato guy преди 5 часа
24:21 Sockie found mama
Angelina Simons
Angelina Simons преди 5 часа
Sabre deserves a phone,she’s 16, she has her license We can do this legends spread the word 😇
Remmy & Friends
Remmy & Friends преди 5 часа
Where is naz?
rogue преди 5 часа
Naz did't have to thank us because mumma and pappa made this trip :)
rogue преди 5 часа
I feel like this is the only BGbin family that isn’t spoiled they earn everything and never ask for so much <3
Ruby Ferris
Ruby Ferris преди 5 часа
Wait six months for the tests because if you grow you wont need to get them hope this helps
Izabel Ruiz
Izabel Ruiz преди 5 часа
Can you guys do another kids turn 21 or maybe you guys can swap rolls like thre nn be the adults/parents and the crappy nuts can be the kids
Alesha Fletcher
Alesha Fletcher преди 5 часа
We’re is naz
Uniplays преди 5 часа
evie thompson
evie thompson преди 5 часа
Who is here when Justin asked the Norris nuts "if you could have on wish what would it be" and Naz said a guinea pig and she got one.
SOPHIE JONES преди 5 часа
Sabre deserves a phone she 16 I got my first phone at 5 were is nazzy
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free преди 5 часа
get mama some chocolates with a shirt that reminds you of her to wear and maybe a book? or a stuffed animal? and some flowers
Luyando Namanje
Luyando Namanje преди 5 часа
I think maybe Nazzy has started public school😄
peterfromwigan преди 5 часа
Wa were is Naz
Girlygamer Plays
Girlygamer Plays преди 5 часа
Where's naz?
Saado Hassan
Saado Hassan преди 5 часа
im looking back at this and im so happy that we made an army and told papa to buy her a guinea pig!
Fruity Roblox!
Fruity Roblox! преди 5 часа
Sabre is 16, she has her license. She deserves a phone without winning a challenge. Spread the word legends. We can do it!
Shannon Hower
Shannon Hower преди 6 часа
First of did biggy get his wee wee cut off like what the hell second off where is Naz I'm getting kind of worried and third off can everybody stop saying that saber need a phone her parents can make that decision for her that's what they're there for
Ekaterina Peeva
Ekaterina Peeva преди 6 часа
Hi Sockie I think you should get the tests now bc everything will pass and after six months you don't have to do it
•Elisa• преди 6 часа
Please don't hold your guinea pig the first few days you have them, you need to let them get used to their home. And speaking about their home that cage is way to small for them and you need to get at least a cage that's 42x28 inches, and that's the bare minimum for 2 guinea pigs. Please do your research. I'm not trying to hate in any way possible, I just want your guinea pigs to live a long, happy, and proper life.
Mei Jin
Mei Jin преди 6 часа
Sabre deserves a phone,she’s 16, she has her license We can do this legends spread the word 😇
amelia winslow
amelia winslow преди 6 часа
Isabella Ofori-Addae
Isabella Ofori-Addae преди 6 часа
Get her a necklace or a ring
Iley Cathcart
Iley Cathcart преди 6 часа
Where was Naz in this video?
Laura Gregory
Laura Gregory преди 6 часа
Sockie what kind of a name is that no offence
Becci Copland
Becci Copland преди 6 часа
justin there needs to be a rematch naz clearly scored higher than a 7
Melissa's Musings
Melissa's Musings преди 6 часа
Avalyne преди 6 часа
Give Sabre a phone for 24 hours to show her responsibility of having a phone.
Rose Panda
Rose Panda преди 6 часа
So many people are wondering were has is... I feel like maybe she’s with papa and the babies or taking care of the guinea pigs?
Ashleigh Hunt
Ashleigh Hunt преди 6 часа
For everyone saying “sabre needs her own phone” first of all she needs to act her age! She’s the same age as kaci-jay and you don’t see kaco acting like sabre. kaci acts her age! Sabre acts the same age as naz! but if I’m being honest biggy is the only one and kind of acts his age!
Mei Jin
Mei Jin преди 5 часа
Uhm thats kinda rude and we don't care if Sabre doesn't act her age! Im literally 5 years younger than her and i act like a freaking 3 year old and have a phone! If you can't shove it up than leave their channel. Sabre still deserves a phone no matter how she acts she stiil deserves a phone! Please stop being rude. Once again shut up no one cares if she acts like Naz! She still a classic nn member! And she doesn't deserve hate! Please don't say anything if you have something rude in your mouth. As legends we all suport her and how she acts!