What $1,000,000 Gets You in Different Countries 

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Зарежда връзки.....

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Nikolas Miceski
Nikolas Miceski преди 40 минути
I can vouch that qld house is not $1m
Hagan Deiana
Hagan Deiana преди 9 часа
Sidemen X misfits
Haidar преди 9 часа
Yall haven't seen Singapore yet😂😂😂
Damir Dzhangulanov
Damir Dzhangulanov преди 10 часа
The Moscow one is basically in the middle you can get way mire if you’re picky
Caroline Alexander
Caroline Alexander преди 17 часа
The wiry cable exemplarily suspend because sphere bilaterally rule save a racial billboard. warm, uncovered banker
Opeyemi Ogunloye
Opeyemi Ogunloye преди ден
You're too fucking rich
Itz_HashiR преди ден
13:07 Harry doing lines 😟😳
LopsidedAnxiety преди ден
me in hong kong having a 200sq ft apartment that costs 1mil
Ntsako Ndhlovu
Ntsako Ndhlovu преди ден
As a South African....i beg you guys to move this side😭🥰
Ashton Whittle
Ashton Whittle преди ден
Let’s go my Australian boys
Shiven Chetty
Shiven Chetty преди ден
Bro this whole video is a lie ! Gauteng South Africa doesn’t have access to the ocean
Jean-Louis Karadimos
Jean-Louis Karadimos преди 2 дни
As an Australian in Melbourne 1 mill that’s a normal house you lucky if you find one for 1 million dollars that doesn’t need renovating 💪👌🇦🇺🇦🇺
Behi Dessouky
Behi Dessouky преди 3 дни
Watching this on Long Island and I am laughing, they should’ve showed that
Just Me
Just Me преди 3 дни
Why At 6:57 Did I Think He Said Terrorist
Nicholas Brokaar
Nicholas Brokaar преди 3 дни
The video shows ocean footage for gauteng 😂
Damon Pono
Damon Pono преди 4 дни
Come to Australia
Patrick Callan
Patrick Callan преди 5 дни
Aussie Aussie Aussie. already here mate. i'm a bloody local. Around my area though, small houses in the western suburbs of Sydney are around 3 million. one down the street from me sold for 3 mill. small house with not too much space and it was 3 mill. sounds like Queensland is the go lads
Patrick Callan
Patrick Callan преди 2 дни
@UhhYep for an Aussie house, yeah for under a million for that kind of place in Queensland surely has to be more
UhhYep преди 5 дни
Nah they definitely got that house price wrong or got very lucky finding it
Luke Gaming
Luke Gaming преди 5 дни
I would stay in Melbourne, Australia because its great and don't really want to move since its good
itsclips duke
itsclips duke преди 5 дни
Where is that house in Australia bc it’s definitely not Brisbane bc here you’d get a shed for one mill
Lachlan Kilpatrick
Lachlan Kilpatrick преди 5 дни
Bro the Aussie real estate scene is fucked in Melbourne, Queensland is the only place you’ll find a great house for a mill under i swear 😂
Max J
Max J преди 6 дни
What’s a kilometer
Padam Raj Rijal
Padam Raj Rijal преди 6 дни
Annabelle Byrne
Annabelle Byrne преди 7 дни
so when are they going to show what 1mil buys in sydney?
Jovanni walters
Jovanni walters преди 8 дни
the acting is not that bad in my opinion
cesarsalads1 преди 8 дни
the fact they where mostly apartment on this list is an L wtf would anyone buy a 1 mil apartment when you could own an incredible house for that amount
dylan v
dylan v преди 8 дни
Wait till they find out about what 1mill can get you here in Houston TX
泰. kyunotfound !
泰. kyunotfound ! преди 9 дни
even if i had a million dollars to spend i wouldn't buy the resort-style house in australia even at gunpoint no matter how tempting it is because im absolutely downright petrified of australia and the amount (and size) of bugs there, like i get scared of fucking drain flies you're not catching me living in a country with spiders the size of my laptop (no offense to any australians tho
EliteBuzzy преди 10 дни
What do I want to do with 1 million bucks, by the smallest tiniest "Flats" in the biggest city instead of buying beautiful massive houses away from the city. NYC is terrible IMO.
Tanishq преди 10 дни
8:18 sus, the location is not in New Delhi, cos I stay next to this location and I don't live in New Delhi 😂😂😂
Wuence Andrade
Wuence Andrade преди 10 дни
Bro you should see what 1mil gets you in Texas
Simon Hodgkinson
Simon Hodgkinson преди 11 дни
I’m already in Thailand 🇹🇭 😂
Saturn Gaming
Saturn Gaming преди 11 дни
Indian me living in 1451 sq ft apartment in ₹5mil
Maxine22 Whitcher
Maxine22 Whitcher преди 11 дни
as a south African ... this man butchered the pronunciation of Gauteng
Danny Hustle
Danny Hustle преди 12 дни
Vikk doesn't know how to buy apartments. I understand why he so annoying because apartment in England is so expensive.
madi преди 12 дни
Bruh, I live in Vancouver canada… that penthouse was a straight up LIE. ANYWHERE CLOSE to Vancouver, That shit would be 5 mil. EASY
RaptorAndThePrince преди 12 дни
6:55 The way the guy says Terrace sounds super sus
DUSAN JANCIC преди 13 дни
Australia cause im already there
Pickle преди 14 дни
Sidemen should come to Australia though, good weather good beaches good people
Pickle преди 14 дни
If they showed Western Australia it would be either a massive property with a farm on it or a place on the coast
Frank Thetank
Frank Thetank преди 14 дни
On god that south african house they showed i lived in
Darsh Goyal
Darsh Goyal преди 14 дни
All the stock futage of Delhi India wasn’t Delhi, all false it’s way worse than the futage shown and not that comfortable and big
Rosie xo
Rosie xo преди 14 дни
Bro australia capping
Ose Nogs
Ose Nogs преди 14 дни
7 sidemen to 7 wonders of the world
M. G Arjun
M. G Arjun преди 15 дни
All the Indian people like this comment
shayla heering
shayla heering преди 15 дни
just remember the exchange rate, the house in South Africa was R 13'000'000.00
Andy Bernard
Andy Bernard преди 17 дни
TheRichest: In Norway you will get a cabin with 2 rooms.
Gamer Dog
Gamer Dog преди 17 дни
The New York one is just cus it’s New York if you live anywhere else you can get a pretty good house, in total you could get a house for 200 to 300 thousand and have with tons of space
jesse calva-lopez
jesse calva-lopez преди 19 дни
Bruh Australia is scary as fuck dude don't go there
Logan Hoffart
Logan Hoffart преди 20 дни
That Canada one is so off it’s ridiculous
Kais Parsons
Kais Parsons преди 21 ден
Vik just insults every Australian. By trying to do the accent
muhammad shuja
muhammad shuja преди 21 ден
our house here is 2722.51 square feet.
Phulse преди 23 дни
Phulse преди 23 дни
Phulse преди 23 дни
kb7 преди 24 дни
2:00 yeah no 😂 I don’t know what Vancouver theyre talking about but Vancouver Canada a Million will get you a cardboard box, you’ll get half a cardboard box in Toronto
Knell Anwyll
Knell Anwyll преди 26 дни
Thailand is calling
Zetsua преди 26 дни
While that 1 million dollars in Cali gives you a one bedroom apartment with polluted water.
RGS_W преди 27 дни
2:10 must be a old video lol… you want a solid piece of land (terrible house)? Well get ready to pay 2+ million and extra 400k atleast because high demand for housing.
Déshaan Claronino
Déshaan Claronino преди 27 дни
Wtf is gowteng, it’s gauteng South Africa my g
India Mcdougall
India Mcdougall преди 27 дни
Up the aussies!
Sswifty преди 27 дни
Hahah let’s gooo Australia
Aytun Gill
Aytun Gill преди 28 дни
I live in Vancouver and that property is probably $3 million at least if it’s downtown
Spxce_ angel
Spxce_ angel преди 28 дни
I think the government in the UK is too money hungry everything is way too expensive Watch me go missing now that I said that lmao
Is7ag преди 28 дни
South Africa Portugal Thailand
MadMax 5244
MadMax 5244 преди 28 дни
thankfully im already in australia
Omer Bakri
Omer Bakri преди 28 дни
I would have loved to go to Dubai Free food
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa преди 29 дни
Wonder why the Philippines isn't there? Because the government will take away my $1,000,000 anyway
mE преди месец
Dalia Neville
Dalia Neville преди месец
For a million I would also go to Astralia cause there is no need to learn a new language
Dalia Neville
Dalia Neville преди месец
Bruhhhh a million dollars in india can get you soooooooooo much more than what they show You can easily get a full luxury mansion with a huge pool in or at least near a city and still have money for a BMW
빈젠조 преди месец
Ayeeee we're very welcome you to come to Thailand after this fucking Virus has gone tho
Amelia Kinnane
Amelia Kinnane преди месец
100% come to Australia
Not Batch
Not Batch преди месец
Im so glad im in south africa right now
Jerry преди месец
My house in London is less then a million but huge
RecoN преди месец
Lets go queenslanddd #Australia
Kaid3N 91
Kaid3N 91 преди месец
Swis or the hotel
Parsa Khame
Parsa Khame преди месец
Really take the money come to iran have fun for ever
amie gault
amie gault преди месец
I’d pick Australia
Tosic преди месец
7:11 i'm not sure i'm just guessing but they might put different pictures of views in the background outside of windows and balconys since they don't wanna reveal the exact location of some buildings
kieran hardwick
kieran hardwick преди месец
Australia all the way
Adithya Shetty
Adithya Shetty преди месец
isn't that FAZE RUGS HOUSE!!!
Ratchet_ricky преди месец
Quinn H
Quinn H преди месец
Wild. I live in the US too, and not even a rural area but a million here would buy a mansion on a lake or beach lol
ryanator_109 преди месец
and 1 million in NZ would get you a decent suburb house lmao
zaeem kazi
zaeem kazi преди месец
Australia, cause i already live there, i would reccommend anyone coming.
Zaid Alsayed
Zaid Alsayed преди месец
The australian one is bullshit a million won’t get you a box of matches let alone a beach mansion
Futoman преди месец
Why does nobody talk about houses in Austria?
Reuben Harding
Reuben Harding преди месец
Video idea, hide and seek for 1,000,000$ in Vik’s cousin’s 1,000,000$ house
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora преди месец
1 million in canada will get you a single bedroom apartment, that Vancouver place might be in parallel universe
Dylan преди 27 дни
Where I live in canada you could get something pretty nice for 1 million, but 1 million in Vancouver will get you a tiny place
Sharronss Bushes
Sharronss Bushes преди месец
The quixotic canvas thankfully wonder because brand observationally crawl notwithstanding a measly curve. shiny, gleaming underclothes
TOXIC PUBGM преди месец
ok so im from finland snd they showed u the dookiest house u can get a massive house multiple floors alot of space ect. for like 200k
CasinøxKidd преди месец
"Gauteng" I dont blame him for pronouncing wrong😭🇿🇦
Dallas преди месец
Yesss come to Australia sidemen!!
KIDDSAGE преди месец
Am south African I live in Durban I know houses hit me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
James Official
James Official преди месец
Australia 🇦🇺
33 /Al'Zuhr\
33 /Al'Zuhr\ преди месец
what about Amsterdam :|
Zac Trenerry
Zac Trenerry преди месец
5:30 where the fuck in queensland is that?
Lyle_ преди месец
1 million dollar in Philippines can buy at least 2 mansions even 3 mansions
Harrison White
Harrison White преди месец
The Australian one has to be cap I live on the Gold Coast Queensland and a million dollar house is nowhere as good as that I’d guess at least 4 mill for that because it’s 2 storys as well as ocean views it’s not right
Unleashed Studios
Unleashed Studios преди месец
0:25 I'm offended
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