UFC 264: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview 

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Conor McGregor talked with Joe Rogan in the Octagon after injuring his ankle near the conclusion of the first round of his UFC 264 main event bout with Dustin Poirier.

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10.07.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Коментари 28 483   
Thomas Villavicencio
Thomas Villavicencio преди 8 часа
Something about Dustin and potatoes
Conor McSleepy
Conor McSleepy преди 8 часа
Mcgregor sleep
Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra преди 15 часа
When he said ur wife is in me dms baby.u could see security guys and cameraman smiling 🤣🤣🤣 .they were not able to control
aurboy12 преди 16 часа
dustin can say all he wants that conor doesn’t get in his head, but he was in his feelings when conor mentioned his wife
Zubair Mohd
Zubair Mohd преди 19 часа
what is he trying to say, can anybody talk that code language
Lil Aries
Lil Aries преди 22 часа
I looked to my dad and said “I don’t know what he’s saying”
Leo McDonnell
Leo McDonnell преди 23 часа
One of the funniest speeches in the history of sports
E. Bates
E. Bates преди ден
Rogan is so lame
Lions Only
Lions Only преди ден
Dustin figured it out how too beat him they fight again he will know how too take him out again. Conor is still a dangerous mixed martial artist tho
OMAR преди 13 часа
Nah. Second fight was competative. Third fight ended in injury. If anything, Dustin has closed the gap and is a better all around fighter now. In this fight, Conor found himself on the receiving end of ground and pound due to mistakes and his leg breaking. Dustin didn't 'figure things out' to get this 'win'.
Jabberwocky 06
Jabberwocky 06 преди ден
Yup the irish
Mike преди 2 дни
Beeb beep bip biiip...
Miss Mini
Miss Mini преди 2 дни
hahaha your wife is in my dms😂🤣🤣🤣
Car преди 2 дни
I stg I remember Dustin wearing blue trunks
laz tej
laz tej преди 2 дни
Ladies and gentlemen…..a baby crying lmao 😂
Leo Yucht
Leo Yucht преди 3 дни
All I can think of is Monty python
Mik Tapper
Mik Tapper преди 3 дни
Bro the toughness these guys display is incredible Dude just snapped his leg and sitting there giving a octagon interview. I'd probably be passed out took out on a stretcher
Sq9-Vn преди 3 дни
Shutup losser
Gop Pmahc
Gop Pmahc преди 3 дни
0:26 When you quit your job before getting payed and the manager doesn’t answer your texts and phone
C M преди 3 дни
Why was she in conors dms
Derek Healy
Derek Healy преди 4 дни
Legend💪 interviewing and promoting next fight with that injury! Legend
Jordan Bishop
Jordan Bishop преди 4 дни
Money gone to his head, it’s over for Conor. The law of attraction was his thing, all this your going out on a stretcher.. you just spoke your fight into existence. Sort it out mcgregor
LuckerZ преди 4 дни
this fight should have been rescheduled
Zero Impetuous
Zero Impetuous преди 4 дни
There was no cheque - Poirier Foundation
Zero Impetuous
Zero Impetuous преди 4 дни
Shit! Almost forgot to watch it today..
Tashi Kun
Tashi Kun преди 4 дни
Ngl this fight was underwhelming Wanted to see them break eachother each round
countmoya преди 5 дни
Cruz still believes Conor just tries to gas out his opponents by getting smashed.
Jdm Zibby
Jdm Zibby преди 5 дни
Joes a savage for sitting next to a literally broken man for a interview 😂😂😂
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan преди 5 дни
Conor career is finished bcse... His talking bad words for islam..
Eric Romero
Eric Romero преди 3 дни
Tf nigga
Tf nigga преди 4 дни
islam is evil
JayHenry преди 6 дни
This is a masterpiece, maybe the best post fight interview ever!
God send
God send преди 6 дни
How can you call someone's wife a ho🤷
rahul yadav
rahul yadav преди 6 дни
Looks like a movie, in which dustin is a hero, he was beaten back in the first fight, then he came back crawling out of a Pit he was fallen, to avenge his defeat. Then he Beats the villian twice to prove he is better, also crippled him destroying his career for life.
Mauri Rodriguez
Mauri Rodriguez преди 6 дни
Is not that i know, but i find hard to belive that one of the very best martial artist in the world talk like that.
Vince Blas
Vince Blas преди 6 дни
The thick accent makes it better
Kris Anderson
Kris Anderson преди 7 дни
Conor may have lost the fight, but he won the title of the best post-match interview ever!
Dogzlyy преди 7 дни
Ya wife is in me dms
Nukri Surguladze
Nukri Surguladze преди 7 дни
Connor:gets real angry* Irish farmer who lost sheeps: finally worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary
john smith
john smith преди 2 дни
@Nukri Surguladze Its not what where known for lol slightly racist if im honest. Where not all leprechauns drinking Guinness
Nukri Surguladze
Nukri Surguladze преди 2 дни
@john smith you mean irish never farm sheeps?
john smith
john smith преди 5 дни
LOL its the welsh who farm sheep
Rajput Comb
Rajput Comb преди 7 дни
I love Conor but wtf is there was no check 😂
shiv yadav
shiv yadav преди 7 дни
"This is not Over "
Sam Mitually
Sam Mitually преди 8 дни
00:10 Ew de soy doi de clow de distens
fernando преди 8 дни
big mouth but no one deserves injuries like that, didnt even shed a tear
Rob K
Rob K преди 9 дни
This will never not be funny.
luxury преди 9 дни
Conor McGregor luxury life - bgbin.info/code/video/noKfgqijuazUbtA.html
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming преди 9 дни
Yo wife's in me DM hey babbeyyy meet me after pool party
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
RedmiNote5Pro Gaming преди 9 дни
Zeesh Eeesh nwott Ouvaaaa
Saish Kamble
Saish Kamble преди 9 дни
Your wife is in me dms hey baby. One of the most iconic post fight interview lines.
sixx666 nikki
sixx666 nikki преди 10 дни
Damn if that fight goes on Dustin might break Conor nose...big fan of Conor since I was a kid but his ego and trash talk ruined him...and whiskey😂
Gabriel Vincenzo
Gabriel Vincenzo преди 10 дни
The only person to break their leg in the octagon and not shed a single tear
Akshit Solanki
Akshit Solanki преди 10 дни
Biggest superstar ever
Javin Ewing
Javin Ewing преди 10 дни
I wish I knew what in the hell his Irish ass said after kicking his bloody legs off
Syaro Chan
Syaro Chan преди 10 дни
can someone add caption, thanks.
Monier bouhedda
Monier bouhedda преди 10 дни
It’s getting sad with Connor man
TJ Sullivan
TJ Sullivan преди 10 дни
Not a soul cares for your toe..”< lemme ask mc sully what did you proper ass
TJ Sullivan
TJ Sullivan преди 10 дни
Dude stop man you ain’t anything close to William Wallace
bone runner
bone runner преди 11 дни
Joe "Have you ever tried DMT?" Rogan
Abu putin Al-Moskowi
Abu putin Al-Moskowi преди 11 дни
He look like 9 years old just losing in fortnite
Randall Wanzo II
Randall Wanzo II преди 12 дни
Conor McGregor is probably the most entertaining person alive when he gets in Irish Gorilla mode: "Ya wife's in my DMs, 'Hit me back later baby.'"😂😂😂🤣
Tyrone Winter
Tyrone Winter преди 12 дни
Joe Rogan - “He Says That He Believes That One Of The Kicks That He Checked Was What Broke Your Leg” Conor- “THERE WAS NO CHECK” 😂😂😂
RooooK преди 12 дни
Joe looks like he is interviewing his drunk friend on a sidewalk
Tate McDougle
Tate McDougle преди 12 дни
Connor might not be the best fighter ever but he sure is the best trash talker even after he loses a fight
bobbyperu1000 преди 13 дни
jron20 r
jron20 r преди 13 дни
Loser all mouth LOL. Ali was a fighter who was a showman, Conor is a showman that fights.
Liam Adams
Liam Adams преди 13 дни
Igaf how much of a dickhead, this is one of the best MMA interviews ever
Nandan Nadkarni
Nandan Nadkarni преди 13 дни
Your woife is in me dms, hey baby 😂😂😂😂
Stupid American cheese
Stupid American cheese преди 13 дни
The hirish are back - Connor Mcgregor
Stupid American cheese
Stupid American cheese преди 14 дни
Joe let me take a seat Rogan
Yoel Romero
Yoel Romero преди 14 дни
savage moment
Jordan Molosky
Jordan Molosky преди 14 дни
He’s done, man.. He would be if he’s smart anyway.. That leg is just a target now for a guy like Conor.. Silva was able to continue his career bc he was in the twilight of it and had become more of a novelty at that point, just taking on guys who were honored to share the octagon with him.. Ppl don’t like Conor and he wants to fight on a championship level.. I think that makes it a lot easier for guys to go after that freshly surgically repaired leg without a guilty conscience.. He had a great run but I think he’s been compromised now..
Erick преди 10 дни
His leg is going to be stronger than ever, you’re wrong.
TWN Communications
TWN Communications преди 15 дни
Conor McGregor sound like Willy from the Simpsons
PixeLuke преди 15 дни
Mad shit watch this every other day haha
gaz84avfc преди 15 дни
Full Leprechaun mode activated.
Tristan Urrea
Tristan Urrea преди 15 дни
Will forever stand as the most pathetic post fight interview in UFC history
Mona Geeza
Mona Geeza преди 15 дни
This is amazing 😂😂😂
Pavle Zakaidze
Pavle Zakaidze преди 15 дни
This kids Is what we call a sore loser.
Luis V.
Luis V. преди 16 дни
Can somebody transcript what he says before " ... This is not over.."
twenty four
twenty four преди 16 дни
I was boxing the bleeding head off him kicking the bleeding legs off him useless shit dive to closed the distance this is not over
TENB преди 17 дни
your wife is in my dm's!
Donz King
Donz King преди 17 дни
🤣 too funny because porier was kicking his ass 🤣 😂
Chris Allen
Chris Allen преди 11 дни
Steve O
Steve O преди 17 дни
Mcgregor was giving him a boxing lesson. Woulda won easily if leg didn’t break.
Khalabibi is the Hot bathtub goat
fr? see LAMO conor outboxed by dustin video
Pritul Patra
Pritul Patra преди 17 дни
Like Khabib said " Good always wins over evil"
Tf nigga
Tf nigga преди 15 дни
@Pritul Patra covid is good and father is evil?
Khalabibi is the Hot bathtub goat
covid is good and father is evil? hahahah
Banuka Bandara
Banuka Bandara преди 17 дни
@Pritul Patra lmao ok buddy 😂
Pritul Patra
Pritul Patra преди 17 дни
@Banuka Bandara yeah I know his achievements. But that doesn't make sense. As a human being he can never be like Dustin and khabib.
Banuka Bandara
Banuka Bandara преди 17 дни
@Pritul Patra he is the first double champ in ufc and the world's highest paid athlete right now. What are you on about? in that case it's more like " evil defeats good" lmfao
Θεόδωρος Παπαδόπουλος
Tariq Ketwaru
Tariq Ketwaru преди 17 дни
Pedro MigueL
Pedro MigueL преди 17 дни
Cocain Mcgregor Will back !
Coldbee преди 17 дни
can someone explain to me how they went from best buds the second fight to this? wtf happened
PoYo LoKo
PoYo LoKo преди 18 дни
Everyone loves a sore loser lol
Random Gaming
Random Gaming преди 18 дни
Yo wiife is in me DMs
Thugzie69 преди 18 дни
The security guard laughing was the best 👍🏻
Jay N
Jay N преди 19 дни
Conor has been looking pretty classless the last few fights. He used to know how to be gracious in defeat and now he just acts like a twat. Not just this interview but the entire run up and after he lost the last one. Hard to look tough talkin all kinds of ridiculous smack after a guy starched you in the last fight. I get he's upset here but he still throwing that shi* about his wife around.. with all the classless, douchy things this guy has said and done I don't get why anyone supports him or even pays any attention to him anymore. I would be REALLY surprised if he is ever at the top again now that his head games have stopped working on people.
XO__ Ty
XO__ Ty преди 19 дни
This man is icon even if he lose lol
Stephen Thups
Stephen Thups преди 19 дни
This post fight interview was more entertaining than some actual fights lmaoo
I know I’m gay when I say this but
Wwe style
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson преди 20 дни
Okay but seriously can anyone understand the first 10 seconds of Conor's ramble?
Alex Kim
Alex Kim преди 20 дни
NoalFarstrider преди 20 дни
0:50 sums it all up.
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez преди 21 ден
Maury: Conner you claim to have boxed the bleedin head of him, kicked the bleedin leg off him, the lie detector test has determined that was a lie. Conner YOU are NOT the winner.
Erick преди 20 дни
@Gerardo Hernandez lol surree 💀
Gerardo Hernandez
Gerardo Hernandez преди 20 дни
@Erick the cash bet I won after this fight begs to differ lol
Erick преди 20 дни
Say whatever you want it’s an illegitimate win. 1-1-1.
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar преди 21 ден
My all time favourite in ring interview 😂
نوح ايوب
نوح ايوب преди 21 ден
He got fucked
Ctc 199
Ctc 199 преди 21 ден
Honestly screw everyone who doesn’t like conor. I’ll always be a fan. He’s hilarious and a hell of a fighter.
GaryTP преди 18 дни
@richard f when did he cheat on his wife?
richard f
richard f преди 18 дни
Yeah me too! love Mcgregor man. My favorite things he ever did was when he punched an old man and cheated on his wife
GaryTP преди 18 дни
Kobey Billie
Kobey Billie преди 22 дни
Kobey Billie
Kobey Billie преди 10 дни
@k g you like your own comments no life. 😂
Kobey Billie
Kobey Billie преди 10 дни
@k g you like your own comments 😂😂 nerd
k g
k g преди 10 дни
@Kobey Billie You done crying yet?
k g
k g преди 10 дни
@Kobey Billie Keep crying
Kobey Billie
Kobey Billie преди 10 дни
@k g that u have to like your own comment
the gaming cook
the gaming cook преди 22 дни
" I was boxing his head off!!!!" While on your back most of the time?🤨🤨🤨
k g
k g преди 10 дни
@Erick you still crying?
Erick преди 10 дни
@k g keep liking ya own comments to make you feel better about yourself 🤡😂
k g
k g преди 10 дни
@Erick Keep crying
Erick преди 10 дни
@k g not like Dustin put his toes in the fence bc he was about to get submitted in the first round by McGregor 🤣 waittt
k g
k g преди 10 дни
@Erick It's not like Conor grabbed Dustins glove because he was getting his ass kicked, oh wait he did
the gaming cook
the gaming cook преди 22 дни
The cocaine is talking McGregor
the gaming cook
the gaming cook преди 22 дни
Conor is just a drunk Irishman now, while also on cocaine lol
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