The ENTIRE Fortnite Storyline Explained! [C1S1-C2S5] 

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The Fortnite storyline is one of the most convoluted and hardest to understand. Anytime we think we figured it out, new information comes up which invalidates it. However, I looked at the whole story, from chapter 1 season 1 to chapter 2 season 5, and was able to come up with a narrative which should hold up in the future. This is the entire fortnite storyline explained.
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Santiago Vasquez
Santiago Vasquez преди 6 месеца
Who cares
tw0h0p преди 4 дни
na someone took a shit in this man's cereal
Sambrero преди 4 дни
A little aggressive don’t you think?
Organic Pop
Organic Pop преди 4 дни
20k people
EZ_Hellfire преди 5 дни
I do
StarPlays преди 8 дни
I was hoping that someone named who would reply
Flappybird преди ден
Midas lived
a_orange_sheep преди 3 дни
I zoned out half way through and now I don’t know what’s going on, but a cool video regardless
Brayden Herdman
Brayden Herdman преди 3 дни
Hello from the future!
tw0h0p преди 4 дни
so if the multiverse is real then there is a event where a old lady came down to earth on as balloon and drinking milk
RedKoala преди 5 дни
Peak of lore was season 11 and 12
Crimson преди 6 дни
Crimson преди 6 дни
machine gunn
machine gunn преди 6 дни
Mate why tf u still play this game lmao it’s shit
Myles Darkkouga
Myles Darkkouga преди 3 дни
Pixel Lord
Pixel Lord преди 6 дни
Part 2?
# joeynshadow
# joeynshadow преди 6 дни
You should continue with this
GMR Oscar
GMR Oscar преди 7 дни
On captions when it says drum gun it says.. *drug gun* …
PentTheSage преди 7 дни
Gotta update this now fam.
skotinoulis преди 7 дни
Then the seven activated the zero point. It exploded but Jones sacrificed himself with a seven traitor and stopped him, but the realities messed up and primal stuff appeared. Eventually, io controlled it, but they draw allien's attention. Io stopped them, but the remains of the ship contained zombies...
StarPlays преди 8 дни
I'm starting to rejoin fortnite because they got Kevin back and so better lore so there's better gameplay for me
Pakistani преди 8 дни
U seroiusly deserve more attention your video and the way u explained is amazing
Bus9876 преди 8 дни
Can you make one for seasons 6 and 7 please this was amazing I hate the game but I love the storyline
akram abddaimi
akram abddaimi преди 8 дни
So just a question,is there a chance to return to the first island in chapter 1?
KeanoLoesoe преди 7 дни
Ofcourse there is a chance, though the chance it will happen is pretty low.
Rahuddler преди 8 дни
As a guy without a PC but really into the FN storyline this helped and please make a update since a lot of stuff has happened
* Emal *
* Emal * преди 9 дни
Any chance of an update video?
Deyicyde преди 9 дни
This was absolutely amazing. Earned a like and sub 👍
XXEN преди 9 дни
I’m starting to think Midas is geno and his daughters are the sisters
Beheeyem преди 9 дни
Remember when we were all freaking out about a little comet in the sky?
LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder преди 9 дни
The things they are doing to children/humans in dark labs around this earth is unthinkable… just look up the research dr fauci has done an the shit he’s been doing to animals… it’s crazy! An they aren’t just doing it to animals… so stranger things isn’t that far off from reality.
SSGSS_krillinYT преди 9 дни
Man it feels like so long ago all that happened, C2 S7 season event ended with a “to be continued” S8 comes out tomorrow!!!!
The Joker
The Joker преди 9 дни
You should do another video like this but updated to the current season 7/8 storyline.
thavamani anand
thavamani anand преди 9 дни
Do part 2
Adada преди 9 дни
whos ur addy plug my guy
Gaming Gamer
Gaming Gamer преди 9 дни
The lore is the only reason I still care about fortnite just a bit
RektGame преди 9 дни
Best video ive seen in a while. Much respect.
Papso_ преди 9 дни
For me the story ends in season 12
SevenThrone2307 преди 11 дни
Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that blood sport is on the wall 28:52
Darius G-Batman
Darius G-Batman преди 14 дни
What about Ruin,what did he mean to the story, he was the season 8 secret skin
TacticoolGamer00 преди 14 дни
Wait there sending agents disguised as people milkman conspiracy anyone?
Subinay Kalya
Subinay Kalya преди 15 дни
pretty much chapter 2 in the past and chapter 1 one was the future so the events in chapter 2 led to the creation of chapter 2
Papery преди 16 дни
“Scratch was the one who won this fight, and killed eight ball.” *I have no clue why but that hit me hard*
chuba1 преди 17 дни
Can you please do from c1s1 to c2s7? Pleaseeee
Koka Studios
Koka Studios преди 20 дни
Real people have been killed many times before. Because the hole echo team was looped (playable characters) they have probably been killed 10000’s of times over. Also if snapshots are created from entering the loop and leaving, how come characters that are not leaving the loop have snapshots. Such as drift and summer drift.
Koka Studios
Koka Studios преди 20 дни
I agree with most of this but in season x, the visitors weren’t trying to escape the loop, they were trying to save the zero point so that they would be able to escape in the future. If they did nothing, the bridge between worlds would have been destroyed.
Sapphire Gaming
Sapphire Gaming преди 20 дни
Multiverse theory? Barry is here with a whiteboard
Vlogamation преди 22 дни
You know I think the reason the bridge room looks so broken in the io office is because when the zero-point resisted it essentially blew up
REY преди 23 дни
great work man! this was really helpful. hope this gets an updated version!
DontHateMeCausImSexy преди 25 дни
THANK YOU FOR THIS really interesting
S__S преди 27 дни
28:25 BLEW my mind 💀💀 truly and “OOOO” moment i was just saying why those skins were in the shop like that so like specialized i want it now lol
S__S преди 27 дни
fortnite having such a complex story happening actually makes is such a good game the building still sucks tho lol
S__S преди 27 дни
i jumped into the game right at the end of chp 2 szn 2 it’s definitely gotten better n better i feel i bought the battle pass for this szn for the 1st time definitely goes crazy i like it marvel one being my favorite this one now is a close 2nd
ChelleSlays преди 28 дни
Thanks for taking the time to explain this but his name is John Jonesy
spikycool преди 26 дни
Robert Batooma
Robert Batooma преди 28 дни
Who else thought the ice king was a bad guy
Zip Zoom
Zip Zoom преди 29 дни
Slightly aged but still damn good. We know now that snapshots can leave safely, as Jonesy clones make up most of the I.O. guards. We also know about Slone now and Jones "betraying" I.O.
Diamond преди месец
Nobody: The visitor waking up to start the whole fortnite storyline:
nico bailey
nico bailey преди месец
you should do another one theirs so muvh more information
Fully Baked Gromlet
Fully Baked Gromlet преди месец
A lot of people think that’s a simulation I think not I think the imagined order created a universe where they can run all sorts of tests that’s how they’re able to control it
ShadowGS_507 преди месец
Hey a guy from the future
Michael Marrinan
Michael Marrinan преди месец
I love how in this whole video the fact that sometimes 100 people just land on the island and kill eachother isnt even mentioned
Limbo преди месец
It would be so interesting if you made a second vid going over c2s6 and c2s7 please do it!
•Comrade• преди месец
It all started by a meteor-
Mememaster преди месец
Midas DID escape the loop and the one eaten by the shark was a snapshot
jacob nelms
jacob nelms преди месец
you got a cold?
kylorexxy преди месец
me playing the game: HAHA laser go brrrrrrrrr These people: Spends more time on the story then the actual game
Zack1948 преди месец
Im confused how season 5 was 7 months ago...
Jaiden YT
Jaiden YT преди месец
W8 canu plz explain the batman comic and how it relates
Oscar Adams
Oscar Adams преди месец
Chapter 2 is before chapter 1 so it starts at chapter 2 season 1
MasonMasterZ преди месец
lol no
oddlythinkn преди месец
So snapshots are copies of ones who enter what makes them different from a looper
William_Playz преди месец
every one looses their memory in the fortnite universe? wow...
Jonas Berndt
Jonas Berndt преди месец
Please make a part 2
CrazyBolt88 преди месец
37:26 Perfect
Robb преди месец
could u maybe do a part 2 or a update to this video in maybe a few seasons? i dont even play the game anymore but i love this video a lot. Nice video and hope u have a good day
The Loki Files
The Loki Files преди месец
Will they ever bring back the skins for Wolverine or Groot?
caylee преди месец
now the story line isn’t so confusing
ZacTFF преди месец
This is awesome! Love it ❤️
Emir Hakan Büyüksakallı
Emir Hakan Büyüksakallı преди месец
can i use your theory in turkish in my video please.
McCheese Jar
McCheese Jar преди месец
Got lost somewhere around 26 mins in
RNGHATERZZ преди месец
I stopped playing during season 4 and just hopped back on during chapter 2 season 7 and I'm hooked again lol
Cly n
Cly n преди месец
Cross overs cross overs cross overs
ShynxOFF преди месец
I dont like fortnite gameplay because of chapter 2, but ill be honest, the story is sick
Collin Miller
Collin Miller преди месец
Cool video btw. All of your theory's make sense. I do think tho the cube kinda just fell out of the story line. Or the cube WAS the dark matter in a different world that did come from the rift from another world and had created the story line on the main island.
Collin Miller
Collin Miller преди месец
I think we are going to have to see all members of the seven before fortnite ends. My theory to Fortnite ending is going to be an event where they travel to the start of battle royale and the old map and all of a sudden they travel through all the old places up to the present. Then some sad screen will come up and say "The battle bus has some other stops to take, thanks for all your support over the years!"
Duck9000 преди месец
I wonder if save the world storyline is connected
Mystery man
Mystery man преди месец
Blue Yoshi
Blue Yoshi преди месец
Chromatic 101
Chromatic 101 преди месец
How did you know about IO before season 7?
Chromatic 101
Chromatic 101 преди месец
@Rivecha Oh, I took a break about seasons 5 to 6 so I wasnt playing then
Rivecha преди месец
Um there were IO guards in season 5
JustYourAverageNoob преди месец
Can you make an updated version of the storyline please, like a part 2, starting from where you ended the video here to where fortnite is now
Artsy Artist
Artsy Artist преди месец
Youre so underrateddddd, this aint fair
Diamondstrike преди месец
I’m returning to fortnite looks pretty good
Ducky преди месец
Did you hear alias theroy it’s insane it’s is second newest video check it out
The Headless Angel
The Headless Angel преди месец
A fortnite video that starts with theoretical physics.
Sub Boisss
Sub Boisss преди месец
Epic managed to keep the storyline awesome and interesting But failed to do the same for the game play I played from season 2-9 after that the game seemed way to much and not as fun
Harry Tremaine
Harry Tremaine преди месец
This completely accurate in my opinion. Also can u do a part 2 since there’s been more seasons
Ioannis Antonopoulos
Ioannis Antonopoulos преди месец
Fortnite storyline is in stw
bernie bare
bernie bare преди месец
Fortnite’s lore is actually my favorite part of the game. I’m always excited when a new season starts so I can see how everything connects or continues
TAKIS преди месец
U gonna make another vid
Toni Puigcerver
Toni Puigcerver преди месец
I need this in spanish
Deeptanshu Ojah
Deeptanshu Ojah преди месец
U know what, u are wrong, our universe connects all other fictional universes including the fortnite universe, man, there is no fortnite in reality, even if there is, it's on our computers
Cly n
Cly n преди месец
Deeptanshu Ojah
Deeptanshu Ojah преди месец
Fortnite has defeated all physicists with its multiverse theory and croosovers
Lenny Face
Lenny Face преди месец
You should make an update when this season ends
MrSub преди месец
I feel like I was in science and history class but it was surely interesting 🤔
Mr Demonz 55
Mr Demonz 55 преди месец
Ima share my Fortnite story that I made from a creative map that I dubbed Mini Royale it has its own story but it was driven by the fortnite story so here it goes. Season 1: an island that had a calm vibe Season 2: until a meteor came crashing down on a large flat elevation with a military base on top of it and many smaller meteorites hit a few POIs Season 3: This and alot of energy activity alert a shady Corporation named Energy Corp and they study the remain at the crash site while another Corp named Phantom Corp was studying them while enwegy had most area on lock down until they started mining then they struck darkness season: 4 after hitting this weak spot the crash site was lifted along with a large floating island and two camps for energy was lifted and during season 3 Phantom Corp was testing rifts to use them as weapons until a rift became unstable and since the testing site was underground the dark energy corrupted the base and energy had a large facility to test with rifts and now they have a HQ showing their true intents of rifting the whole island to their reality but the floating islands gatheres at the POI Gamerhood to stop this chaos Phantom Corp made a makeshift base in a stable barn in a farm the two reality police phantom Corp units Named Agent 50 and Alex was still testing until Alex was taking by Energy Corp in a panic Agent 50 called in a god, the god of rifts then he brought his friend the god of storm together they went to Gamerhood to stop the chaos and they did it but the islands war was not over yet Season 5: the energy had drawn out the zero point it was located under Gamerhood now named sandyhood it was filled by a desert and at random points anti gravity would go into effect and multiple areas on the map was rifted to diffrent times the rift god and many more gods were brought onto the island to contain the zero point so with everyones help the rift god built a device to rift the zero point into the bridge safely it went to plan but all the god were taken away Season 6: with it now months later a primal area was rifted in to level out the island energy but now that the island is secure Phantom Corp moved in Season 7: When tiny areas were rifted away in Season 5 the rift god made rift transporters to change them back but one failed and rifted a whole snowy booms when the meteor hit that is where phantom Corp made there base and when it was made the primal area waa gone but after a few months a pod that came from a rift in the sky hit in the snow leaving rubble behind it glowed with writing on it reading "The Reapers" and now I'm working on season 8 and I know the story is driven a bit to much on rifts i will try to change it in chapter 2
MT Akdemir
MT Akdemir преди 2 месеца
you sound like your nose is full
Murphy преди 2 месеца
The story you die to sweat
Imperator Noinga
Imperator Noinga преди 2 месеца
Fascinating how a game with no definate lore can have such a in depth story
Gusmaster123 преди 2 месеца
Make a updated one
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