Roblox Piggy - Mission to Stop Infected Willow - Book 2 Chapter 5 Roleplay Movie Animation 

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This is all of my recent Roblox Piggy animations, put together as a short movie. Enjoy!
In Roblox Piggy Book 2 Chapter 4, Willow captured Pony, Georgie, Mimi and Giraffy and put them in a jail cell. In this new Roblox Piggy Book 2 Chapter 5 cutscene animation theory, the good guys escape through a manhole which can be seen in the corner. Zee and Zuzy helped Pony, Georgie, Mimi and Giraffy escape from Willow and the TSP, but Zee and Zuzy got separated from the others in the sewers. Pony, Georgie, Mimi and Giraffy look for the twins but soon discover Willow and the other TSP members have captured them. Willow was going to drop Zee and Zuzy in the potion, but Tigry showed up to fight the TSP. Willow ended up falling in the potion, but now she's become something much worse! Pony and Tigry end up at the Refinery map to find Willow's secret journal. Inside is the location of Zizzy. The good guys got past a lot of infected, but things don't go to plan when they try to leave! Infected Willow is back and bigger than ever! Now the good guys have to escape in a huge car chase versus the TSP!
Here's more about my last Piggy animation series:
In this Roblox Piggy short movie animation series, Willow asked Zizzy where to find the Maple Donut's Hideout to uncover its secrets. Zizzy battled Willow to save her friends from The Silver Paw (TSP), but Willow got the best of Zizzy. It looked like Zizzy was doomed, but Pony came to her rescue! Zizzy and Pony had to battle the TSP together, but there were too many of them! Zizzy ran away to find help, but Pony was captured by Willow and TSP. Zizzy returned with help to save Pony before it was too late. Then, Zizzy woke up and realised it was all a bad dream. Zizzy's still at the Refinery and is infected. The story continued when Pony, Mimi, Giraffy, George, Zee and Zuzzy heard a voice over the radio which mentioned a cure. Pony decided to investigate, but went alone in case it's a trap. He met up with MegaSquadMo and they decided to team up to find the cure. They made it to Hillwood, but the whole town was overrun by Soldier Piggy's. Zee and Zuzy helped them escape in a helicopter! Now they have to continue their mission to save Zizzy, but they run in to an old friend...Mr P! For those who don't know, Minitoon tweeted an image of the new skin design for Mr P in Roblox Piggy. The new Mr p is purple and wears a suit, a monocle and a new hat with a flower which is a nice nod to Mrs P. He also carries a cane/walking stick. What do you think think happens next? Let me know in the comments and Subscribe if you'd like to see the next part!
Play Roblox Piggy here www.roblox.com/games/4623386862/Piggy-BOOK-2-CHAPTER-3?refPageId=c468fd9b-a346-450d-876d-92bf8f0540ec
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The Meg and Mo Show
The Meg and Mo Show преди 3 месеца
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Armand преди ден
We must defeat with the team everyone attack
Danielle Murphy
Danielle Murphy преди 8 дни
I want to
Motrolla Moto
Motrolla Moto преди 12 дни
@Joe Angeles aq
Рианчик Бананчик
Рианчик Бананчик преди 18 дни
No 👎
Teonia Payne
Teonia Payne преди 23 дни
su tr
su tr преди 7 часа
Subway system
Alex Morales
Alex Morales преди 21 час
I want you to do george x zee pls btw love your vids
Gifford Afram
Gifford Afram преди ден
Willow shoots pony end then cup head and mug man shoots willow
Stephanie Langmann
Stephanie Langmann преди ден
Gorge has a flashback when peppa got infected then one of his eyes become red then he puts a black contact lens on his red eye
Raymond Lai Kong Fai
Raymond Lai Kong Fai преди ден
Good examples so you should do ;-) a a go and go and slap George and John slap back then./PK in the drain
viet Nguyen
viet Nguyen преди 2 дни
I don’t know what the piggy names are in piggy book 2 but I think I know a little bit
Gracie Taylor
Gracie Taylor преди 2 дни
Pony says BRUH
Gracie Taylor
Gracie Taylor преди 2 дни
Idea: pony says fhggfgfhfgfgfhfgfgfgfgfghfgfghfgfhfgfhfghfgfgfgfhfggfhfhfgfgfhgfgfgfhfghfgfhfgfg aug and gets inefected
Gracie Taylor
Gracie Taylor преди 2 дни
IDEA: zizzy gets infected and pony gets her more inefected and they get teleported to brookhaven
Gracie Taylor
Gracie Taylor преди 2 дни
idea: willow gets infected and pony jumps on her head and zizzy comes and save pony
shorena raxraxadze
shorena raxraxadze преди 2 дни
Use you're swords
m siddique
m siddique преди 3 дни
I got the ending of doggy police and you going to arest wolf guy and then I brought a tank hahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahHhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahha!!!!!!!!!!!
m siddique
m siddique преди 3 дни
Why is this upside down? ¡
m siddique
m siddique преди 3 дни
I can't believe that I did so many !!!!!! In a split second.....
ismail karadeniz
ismail karadeniz преди 3 дни
hmm oıa llo
corrupted whitty whitty
corrupted whitty whitty преди 3 дни
Wait if this is chapter 5 is it real
Alexa Delgado (Student)
Alexa Delgado (Student) преди 3 дни
Idea: willow was infected but he was mad or sad
Sofía chan club
Sofía chan club преди 3 дни
4:23 the Félix f xd
Sara Alt
Sara Alt преди 3 дни
giraffy gets shot in the hed and screams willow laughs pony says giraffy
Tidy Hat
Tidy Hat преди 4 дни
Christopher orozco
Christopher orozco преди 4 дни
Idea:Emma and Lilith meets mimi and Mimi Slaps Emma and then Emma kisses Pony and pony says Bruh
Sairel Elloren
Sairel Elloren преди 4 дни
Aliya Lyons
Aliya Lyons преди 5 дни
William finds willow in factory but Alfis came from the manhole but william steps on him then shoots a rocket launcher then mousy says behind him ok this is wierd
Star_wars_nerd 8.2
Star_wars_nerd 8.2 преди 5 дни
PGHLFILms and mr mc rich son game and they both were smashing Alfis then alfis comes and tries to eat mr mc rich son but then plunges is sword in alfisis chest then alfis screams so loud PGHLFILms and rich son had a searsure
Divya Meera
Divya Meera преди 5 дни
Silly meg
Hitman’s RC6 Hitman
Hitman’s RC6 Hitman преди 5 дни
Makes Zizzi turn into a wolf
Nathan Lozada
Nathan Lozada преди 5 дни
willow slaps rash and tigry slaps rash 100x and willow saids great job and willow gets closer to him and falls in to tigry and pony screams
Charlotte Hunt
Charlotte Hunt преди 5 дни
I subscribed and hit bell and 👍🏻
Britney Trujillo
Britney Trujillo преди 5 дни
James Mack
James Mack преди 5 дни
Pony Kicks Willow in the Crotch and then MLG Glasses fall on his head And then he dabs
Jake's adventures!
Jake's adventures! преди 5 дни
I love how they casually reversed the bus into infected willlow LOL XD 🤣
Heather Wagner
Heather Wagner преди 6 дни
Jedi pony and how do they all of these items and the baseball bat lost
Rosa Rey
Rosa Rey преди 6 дни
Willow put them in the cell 😂😂😅😅
dannyb18leeds преди 6 дни
Hi mega mo
dannyb18leeds преди 6 дни
Willow terns into a plan
dannyb18leeds преди 6 дни
You play adopt me and get a unicorn go to Chapter 7 battle
dannyb18leeds преди 6 дни
Tigers and the other, s ,you xo parcor
dannyb18leeds преди 6 дни
You get sugary but you get infected . And kill Tigery
Michelle Bryan
Michelle Bryan преди 6 дни
Idea: zee and zuzy come out of pony’s mouth and willow says “monster” and willow try’s to shoot the twins but she shot zizzy then willow said “I did not mean to” then willow gets zizzy a revenge then they all were friends then me that I’m a bacon came out of the tree behind pony and gave willow William (what do I look like: I’m a girl bacon)
Francis Kiko
Francis Kiko преди 6 дни
Avengers got nothing on this
Dharma Nargen
Dharma Nargen преди 6 дни
Me and my sister love piggy so much
TheLegendaryDiamond преди 6 дни
Can you please make willow try kill everyone but pony doge it
Jakub gamez
Jakub gamez преди 7 дни
Nicholas Ciacchi
Nicholas Ciacchi преди 8 дни
Draft biggest shot like 100 times
Yulisa Ramirez
Yulisa Ramirez преди 8 дни
Tsp slap pony mimi 🦒goger pig zee and zuzzy and zizzy i love your voice
jingjing li
jingjing li преди 9 дни
I love your show
Dani Morales
Dani Morales преди 9 дни
The tsp meber diver car
Gurty Piggy
Gurty Piggy преди 10 дни
Beary Tsp kills Willow
Silvia Tapia
Silvia Tapia преди 10 дни
Tigry said to Willow i like your cut g and Willow searm pony said yayyyyyyy Piggy said stop bro geoge said gracias to pony mimi said hey Willow take this to me
Cc been Muffin
Cc been Muffin преди 10 дни
Mira Juliane Endo
Mira Juliane Endo преди 10 дни
Love your vinds
Mira Juliane Endo
Mira Juliane Endo преди 10 дни
Pony yeets wilow and willow is in a island and afls eats willow
Belen Venegas
Belen Venegas преди 10 дни
You guys rock
Belen Venegas
Belen Venegas преди 10 дни
You guys are awesome and amazing
Laura Assal
Laura Assal преди 11 дни
You made a cool vedeo
Zee and Zuzy
Zee and Zuzy преди 11 дни
and you go car
Zee and Zuzy
Zee and Zuzy преди 11 дни
are you attack willow is funny hahahaha you cant ill because is big
Bessy Rios
Bessy Rios преди 12 дни
Dxx zsdx mega Super mega súper mega sor Me haga sudar
WadePlxyz преди 12 дни
Mimi: no match for mech suit Others: UHHH MIMI HOW DID YOU-
Abdulrahman Abdulla A. Rahman Al Khalifa
willam says FAT PONY SAYS W
M Sun
M Sun преди 13 дни
Basia Lukasik
Basia Lukasik преди 14 дни
slxughter _
slxughter _ преди 14 дни
When they dress up as zompiggy they looked so out there they looked so different not that I don’t think it was good it was because I was laughing
Mr Plush
Mr Plush преди 15 дни
“The TSP Is Back!” Me: So... The The Silver Paw?
Endy Nabu
Endy Nabu преди 15 дни
Piggy hits willow with a bat
Aneta Schneefuss
Aneta Schneefuss преди 16 дни
Cool story but in normal piggy it not Talks Sound and is say messages
NIHAL Singh преди 17 дни
See the giant Mr P and torture Willows but
Hannah Plays
Hannah Plays преди 17 дни
Theres a cockroach in pony,s part that willow was triying to find the cure
Hannah Plays
Hannah Plays преди 17 дни
You dint notice😂😂😂😂
RAJA Gibran
RAJA Gibran преди 17 дни
Willow infinity gauntlet Me: Iron man and and a hulk And a Chicken Noodle Sandwich That Will choke Her To Death Edit: and a Double HoT Spicy Extra Hot Flaming Lava Chilli
NIHAL Singh преди 18 дни
I want to see Mr p smasher but
Johan Heisel Wad
Johan Heisel Wad преди 18 дни
Piggy comes and slaps willow
Рианчик Бананчик
Рианчик Бананчик преди 18 дни
NONONO you 😡
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor преди 18 дни
And I mean zee
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor преди 18 дни
I mean like
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor преди 18 дни
I poignant movie but not giant willow btw I like see with uno card that was funny
NotDianellaDamaris преди 19 дни
Willow: *Pulls out the Infinity Gaunlet* Me: Does no one have the Elder Wand?
VgodlyV 3
VgodlyV 3 преди 19 дни
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez преди 20 дни
Giraffy kicks Felix in the private and then Felix says ughhhh
Unicorncupcakes_Sparkles преди 20 дни
When meg and mo Got the car I laughed sooooo hard. Btw love da vid
MC_baconBOIYT преди 21 ден
Austin Tonnar
Austin Tonnar преди 21 ден
NoT wIlLoW
NR - 03TA 919038 Ridgeview PS
NR - 03TA 919038 Ridgeview PS преди 21 ден
Williams and I like the cut G super super baby scream so loud
NR - 03TA 919038 Ridgeview PS
NR - 03TA 919038 Ridgeview PS преди 21 ден
William says I like the cut to Willow
The Waltons
The Waltons преди 21 ден
Idea William says I’m alive, then pony says oh hi we are in the middle of a fight, maybe watch out for the dance potion !!! Then William starts dancing!!!
Gladys Estela Caballero
Gladys Estela Caballero преди 21 ден
Yarely Barajas
Yarely Barajas преди 21 ден
Zee and you have to get wilow
Sammi Kellett
Sammi Kellett преди 21 ден
Giraphy kills willow
Loco Go
Loco Go преди 22 дни
YorkieBlox преди 22 дни
and then willow blos up
YorkieBlox преди 22 дни
kreekcraft comes and says I like your cutgeet
YorkieBlox преди 22 дни
I like your cutgeet
YorkieBlox преди 22 дни
Tanya Modeste
Tanya Modeste преди 22 дни
graffy and pony eats a eggs
Gamer boy
Gamer boy преди 22 дни
Buss: hits willow me: OH HEADSHOT SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Philip Wilkinson
Philip Wilkinson преди 22 дни
Well I’ll get Shaw into space and then get shot back down and keeps on getting shot back up and
Macey Heaps
Macey Heaps преди 22 дни
Willow is so mad at tiry
Angel Glen
Angel Glen преди 22 дни
Angel Glen
Angel Glen преди 22 дни
Keyon Winbush
Keyon Winbush преди 23 дни
what was that next to the sisters raze? he is not robot or it isn't raze?
EMILY LIN преди 23 дни
🟥 🟥🟧 🟥🟧🟨 🟥🟧🟨🟩 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪 🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪🟥
ALONDRA JUAREZ преди 23 дни
Willow is dum pony sed
kaiden Ramos
kaiden Ramos преди 23 дни
I like this video
FlameBolt LightningFire
FlameBolt LightningFire преди 23 дни
I love how they just run over infected willow
Alex Dixon
Alex Dixon преди 25 дни
Alexa Jasmin Brewer
Alexa Jasmin Brewer преди 25 дни
Hanadi Adeeb
Hanadi Adeeb преди 25 дни
I’m so scared
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