rebirthing : Dancing with the Devil 

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“I’ve had a lot of lives - like my cat, I’m on my ninth life.”
Demi Lovato’s explosive documentary series comes to a close with revelations about her broken engagement, her return to the studio, and exploration of moderation sobriety as she attempts to let go of her past and moves ahead living her truth.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) helpline
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SAMHSA Hotline for individuals and family members facing mental health and/or substance use disorders
1-800-662-HELP (4357)
TTY: 1-800-487-4889

Love Is Respect. Love is more than just the way you feel. Text loveis to 22522 for support and help understanding healthy relationships.
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Text: loveis to 22522
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UK: Text SHOUT to 85258
Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741

Learn how to save lives at endoverdose.net.
Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

Find resources for your path to recovery at the Recovery Resource Hub (www.recoveryresourcehub.org/).


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6.04.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Brianna Gonzales
Brianna Gonzales преди 45 секунди
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Laura P
Laura P преди минута
What will said gave me goose bumps. He's very sweet
Brianna Gonzales
Brianna Gonzales преди 10 минути
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Katerina Vanetti
Katerina Vanetti преди 21 минута
People in the comments need to stop demonizing weed
ferhat ferhat
ferhat ferhat преди 36 минути
Demi,in order to get fully recovered you need to go silent.you Don't have to speak up about your problems to the public.in fact,you shouldnt do that. All that it does is that it makes it way harder for you to heal.you need to have a private life where only you and your loved ones are aware of your problems.people's opinions when you get public will only make you feel worse.it is hard to deal with thousands of harmful comments.wish you all the best in your life.for the last Time,you dont need to go public to recover.
Chouinard Robert
Chouinard Robert преди час
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Brie Derilo
Brie Derilo преди час
Demi's team PLEASE hire a counselor about her addiction. Addiction is a lifelong thing and cannot fix in a snap of a finger
Cicera Vitoria
Cicera Vitoria преди час
I proud of you
gabit paiva
gabit paiva преди час
Jasmine Hooper
Jasmine Hooper преди час
Christina Aguilera looks like a Meshki model
Chelsea Donoghue
Chelsea Donoghue преди час
YOU CANNOT drink on the VIVITROL SHOT. So she either isn’t getting the shot or she isn’t drinking- which one do you think.
Madison Melton
Madison Melton преди час
I don't know if I believe anything she is saying. People have said she is a great liar and to me that is scary. Are we as fans getting the truth or is this what she wants us to see? I pray that she finds peace, love, and happiness in her life.
Micah Caron
Micah Caron преди час
“The hardest part of the break up was mourning the person I thought he was.“ That’s big.
ramon d
ramon d преди час
WHO CARES?????? Think about it...
Holderman 5423
Holderman 5423 преди час
I play video games until I can’t stay awake that’s how I help beat my depression daily . Otherwise I’d act on my anger and impulses. Plus my meds help. FYI I have bipolar disorder or mood disorder cuz I’m in the middle .
Drew Boom
Drew Boom преди 2 часа
Yea girl heat up dat mf spoon
Alexis Nauden
Alexis Nauden преди 2 часа
Demi's laugh is literal sunshine
Denise Johnson
Denise Johnson преди 2 часа
5:30 how do you divorce your fiance?
Mckenzie Legge
Mckenzie Legge преди 2 часа
I really hope that Demi doesn't OD again... The whole drinking and smoking in moderation has me really worried. Once you start again you don't want to stop. You think you can control it until you are in that same place as before and you may not be so lucky the second time.. Praying for her to live a long and happy life
FAT FUCK преди 2 часа
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IZAGEROS na europa
IZAGEROS na europa преди 2 часа
She is just the most brave and extraordinary human being ever! Thank you for learning and helping me so much, Demi ❤️
Destiny Mcnutt
Destiny Mcnutt преди 2 часа
As a person who has been around addicts first hand. Moderation truly doesn’t work. Well let me put it this way it doesn’t work for addicts. It will eventually lead to something worse. And she’s surrounded by people who are telling her yes. I know with addicts and just people in general you can’t tell them what to do but you can encourage them to do something else. I was so proud the first 3 episodes and this just broke my heart.
melodie smith
melodie smith преди 2 часа
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Salina Peace
Salina Peace преди 2 часа
the documentary is called "dancing with the devil" so let's touch on when she sold her soul to the devil and if she’s decided to give her life to Christ
Salina Peace
Salina Peace преди 2 часа
I agree with Elton Periodt!!!!
Mel преди 2 часа
Opinions are like a holes everyone has one!
Robyn Young
Robyn Young преди 2 часа
This was amazing and I was touched by every single person in this series! I'm happy for Demi I believe in ya girl!
Dawn's Page
Dawn's Page преди 2 часа
Youve got a black soul lol
Leslie R
Leslie R преди 2 часа
I wish they would have talked more about the bipolar subject to clear a little more on it and what happened those years ago and after her ‘diagnosis’..as demi mentioned she was acting out in different ways years ago and a lot of it was because of mental health issues, i wonder if many of the things were because of the health issues along with immaturity or mainly contributed because of mental health and envious issues..like the incident where she punched her back up dancer or staying up late and writing songs. I also wonder if there where any struggles she did or didnt feel after bipolar diagnosis and medication when she actually didnt have it and maybe it was actually something like depression for example..or not..
Dawn's Page
Dawn's Page преди 2 часа
If your not well, then just get at a less pressured pace maybe. Youve got this!
Jenellie Cookie
Jenellie Cookie преди 2 часа
👏 👏 💖💖💖
Dawn's Page
Dawn's Page преди 2 часа
So, listen to Elton. He got through it and you can too.
Dawn's Page
Dawn's Page преди 3 часа
Plz help yourself hon. We dont want you to be another story on front of newspaper. Plz I pray you help yourself and take your life seriously
Dawn's Page
Dawn's Page преди 3 часа
Maybe, more rehab? I love Elton. He helped robbie williams too
Amy Padilla
Amy Padilla преди 3 часа
That's my hair, that PIXIE HAIR CUT LOOKS GORGEOUS ♡♡♡♡
Dawn's Page
Dawn's Page преди 3 часа
You only know how to give your heart again when you stop thinking abt ur ex agn.
James Fox
James Fox преди 3 часа
Izabelli Sccp1910
Izabelli Sccp1910 преди 3 часа
I love you🥺❤️
Brandy Easter
Brandy Easter преди 3 часа
Has anyone else tried to watch this and it tells you it requires payment?
TheLiviaNicole преди 3 часа
I hope she eventually comes to the realization that she really doesn’t need a drink or a smoke, and finds something to release stress and pain without harming herself because I feel like the moderation will hurt her in some aspect. she deserves that, to not feel pain.
bruna silva
bruna silva преди 3 часа
omg... demi,... "And I don't know how to give my heart to someone after this"... I feel exactly the same... I broke my engagement in October ... he was not who I thought he was... I'm broken inside... the pain won't go away
Official.CanadianGirl преди 3 часа
My mom has been clean from crack since sept 11 2001 ! And yet still smokes weed every single day and drinks occasionally. I believe in her and her moderation. If it can work for her... it can possibly work for demi 🤷‍♀️ wishing you the absolute best demi !
heidi raise
heidi raise преди 3 часа
her house is so me. erratic & honest & beautiful
Kat Kat
Kat Kat преди 3 часа
heidi raise
heidi raise преди 3 часа
the drinking & smoking is an attempt at filling a void. i’m not sure what demi’s missing but i just hope she finds it. she’s my angel. she’s been my world since i was in grade school. i’m not angry or disappointed in her. i just want more for her. i want the world for her.
beth sander
beth sander преди 4 часа
there is no moderation lol
Roach 990
Roach 990 преди 4 часа
Rich people bitching how hard it is............
Claudia Watenpuhl
Claudia Watenpuhl преди 4 часа
Love her haircut 💜 it looks so cute.
Devon Raven
Devon Raven преди 4 часа
Feminist anti family babble
Maria Luiza Cunhalima
Maria Luiza Cunhalima преди 4 часа
I want Demi Lovato on Suber Bowl LVI halftime
Brandy Scott
Brandy Scott преди 4 часа
I love the fact that your honest but your so strong Demi and I’m sorry about your engagement I saw it on your Instagram but you’ll find someone waaayyy better it’s just super hard at first especially when u have to do it alone I love you Demi I hope you know that you help out a lot of girl and young adult women and also grown women as well your strong and beautiful ❤️💓💓💓💜💜💜
Karee Marsh
Karee Marsh преди 4 часа
This documentary did not sit well with me. It seems exploitative and none of it seems genuine.
Jack Morgan
Jack Morgan преди 4 часа
The flawless trapezoid philosophically list because art coherently appreciate times a bitter okra. bashful, shivering size
Mom Dalorian
Mom Dalorian преди 4 часа
Demi, you will never be put in a BOX. You are a creator. You are magnificent. You are the truth and know your truth. I love you hunny. Thank you 🙏
Very Veronica
Very Veronica преди 5 часа
“It’s just a little red wine, I’ll be fine” -Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Carolyn преди 5 часа
Go Demi!!!!! You got this. ❤️
jeremy urbatsch
jeremy urbatsch преди 5 часа
Stephanie Grande
Stephanie Grande преди 5 часа
I think her still using drugs is ok and drink is also ok but most important is she is doing her best to get some self control from taking those hard drugs I think everyone goes through that cause most people use it those things to numb ourselves
Analiese Maizo
Analiese Maizo преди 5 часа
I love her hair
L Card
L Card преди 5 часа
She’s an addict, there’s no cure, but can be under control, and no, she can’t do any substance in moderation
Zoraya Cruz
Zoraya Cruz преди 5 часа
Reservations in recovery. Running on self-will. Complete program of abstinence.
Jonathan Bloom
Jonathan Bloom преди 5 часа
If i wasnt married already i would marry demi in a heartbeat if a normal guy like me would have a chance with someone like her
Chouinard Robert
Chouinard Robert преди 6 часа
The knotty sudan spatially preach because british topologically measure via a alleged kevin. clumsy, adaptable headline
Emma Jolien
Emma Jolien преди 6 часа
I'm so extremely proud of her.
Eliesteth Rodriguez
Eliesteth Rodriguez преди 6 часа
She seems to be around people that are enablers
Der Naze Illusionist
Der Naze Illusionist преди 6 часа
I thinks is the techno music Dance With the Devil, but no, is only a dying person bah disgus :(
HouseJug преди 6 часа
Textbook cptsd/bpd
kat stone
kat stone преди 5 часа
did she say she has it?
Andrea Podina
Andrea Podina преди 6 часа
I'm bored of you already and your "sad" stories
kat stone
kat stone преди 4 часа
@Andrea Podina ur the one who wasted time making the original comment lol. im not offended i just think ur dumb for watching it. it's obviously going to all be about her addiction/ mental health. sorry it wasn't interesting enough for u. i comment while i watch stuff cuz my attention span.
Andrea Podina
Andrea Podina преди 4 часа
@kat stone It was interesting at the start ...but now like I said I'm bored of it all. Like "Come up with something new you know " And yeah , I am watching something else ! Don't b so offended. 🥱
kat stone
kat stone преди 5 часа
Then stop listening. Watch something else.
laurita2406 преди 6 часа
Im sorry but with an addict moderation does not exist
karen garner
karen garner преди 6 часа
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Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda преди 6 часа
Jill Randall
Jill Randall преди 6 часа
Truth is you’re absolutely perfect.
Danielle Baxter
Danielle Baxter преди 7 часа
Thank you for sharing your story. I love and appreciate you Demi ❤🥰
Filippo Sandrin
Filippo Sandrin преди 7 часа
scooter said what he didn't do with taylor
Michelle Jordana
Michelle Jordana преди 7 часа
I love you so much. ♥️
Dilan Kelhopanico
Dilan Kelhopanico преди 7 часа
Esta mina lo tiene todo dinero fama belleza amigos y aún así no es feliz .,.😐.
DrachenWaffles преди 7 часа
All things aside, if any of yall are reading this, im here for you!
Sel преди 7 часа
as a fan, im honestly scared of this moderation thing. ofc i want demi to be able to live her life as authentic as possible so i rlly hope that this works out for the best. it would be a tragedy to lose someone who has been a thousand times blessing to other people's lives, just like her
Sober Sherpa
Sober Sherpa преди 7 часа
You'd think that Demmi is reopening her emotional wounds by sing those painful songs reliving the worst part of her life.... Some people say that they're healing.... Bet you a million bucks that Demi cries more than the average person... She Is filthy rich has every resource she needs and still miserable...
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart преди 7 часа
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callmekiki links
callmekiki links преди 7 часа
you are the strongest person I know
Que Sera
Que Sera преди 7 часа
This touched me💕
Jessica Hawks
Jessica Hawks преди 7 часа
I wonder if anyone has ever checked her to see if she has adhd..seriously
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo преди 7 часа
Elton said it best If you drink one you are going to drink more If you drink a pill you’re going to drink another one Moderation isn’t for everyone 🥺 I’m afraid for her 🥺
JustMai преди 7 часа
Does Demi actually have BPD? Many people with BPD relate to her story. Hopefully, if that is Demi's case, she can open up about it in the future. (: It would really really help destigmatize the disorder. -Someone whose partner and best friend both have BPD.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo преди 7 часа
love u
Joana Ferreira
Joana Ferreira преди 8 часа
This one is so f*cking powerful!!!!!
Jamie Mcdowell
Jamie Mcdowell преди 8 часа
“Life is fluid and I’m fluid. And that’s all I know.” YAAASSSS DEMI!!!!!! 👑😍❤️🙌🏻🏳️‍🌈
stuffandthings преди 8 часа
Sirah is almost unrecognizable!
stuffandthings преди 8 часа
This is so curated. So curated.
Jessica Hawks
Jessica Hawks преди 8 часа
Wow...this video gave me chills..I hope this sticks she is so amazing..the truth matters and she is always a truth seeker
Courtney IN Recovery
Courtney IN Recovery преди 8 часа
Moderation doesn’t work. Elton John knows what he is talking about. I’ve been completely clean and sober for almost three years. Altering our brains in any form is playing with the devil still.
Grace Hand
Grace Hand преди 8 часа
Walk, fly and keep on growing. Your music touches that part of you that can be so light filled and so bloody dark. Peace always.
AptitudeXfood преди 8 часа
Hope she gets the true help that she needs
MJ 1
MJ 1 преди 8 часа
I was just wondering, how can Scooter be so nice with Demi but did Taylor so wrong?
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Allen преди 8 часа
I'm more concerned about her friends/codependents.
Bill Dragster
Bill Dragster преди 9 часа
The cloistered throat biophysically sail because speedboat virtually sprout near a parched pear. madly, teeny volleyball
Bethany Tollon
Bethany Tollon преди 9 часа
Demi needs time to heal and someone who can support her on this journey!
Jessica Capricorn18
Jessica Capricorn18 преди 9 часа
Anyone here that has BPD, think she has borderline instead of Bipolar?
Veronica Dugan
Veronica Dugan преди 9 часа
Powerful. Thank you for sharing so much with us.
chris Tseu
chris Tseu преди 9 часа
The energetic fisherman mostly hope because stock successively replace toward a statuesque latency. eight, labored brake
Jasmine Xxx
Jasmine Xxx преди 9 часа
Her laugh towards the end though 😂
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