Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video) 

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NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance mission captured thrilling footage of its rover landing in Mars' Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, 2021. The real footage in this video was captured by several cameras that are part of the rover's entry, descent, and landing suite. The views include a camera looking down from the spacecraft's descent stage (a kind of rocket-powered jet pack that helps fly the rover to its landing site), a camera on the rover looking up at the descent stage, a camera on the top of the aeroshell (a capsule protecting the rover) looking up at that parachute, and a camera on the bottom of the rover looking down at the Martian surface.

The audio embedded in the video comes from the mission control call-outs during entry, descent, and landing.

For more information about Perseverance, visit mars.nasa.gov/perseverance

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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Зарежда връзки.....

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Gaming V
Gaming V преди 3 часа
Make robot and send them to Mars planet to make a good patform and build a space station there to return to the Mars for earth....
Connor Singh
Connor Singh преди 10 часа
belkacem dhia eddine
belkacem dhia eddine преди 16 часа
a big move in human history
Thomas Iem
Thomas Iem преди 17 часа
This is how you go to Mars? In the time I’m from, all I need is a button to go from Earth to Mars.
seemo height mantsima
seemo height mantsima преди 17 часа
Where did that flying machine go, the one which was used to land the rover on the Mars ground.???
nosferatu5 преди 12 часа
It used the rest of its propellant to boost itself as far away from the rover as possible and crashes to the ground.
Paul Young
Paul Young преди ден
Humans so intelligent wow so amazing to watch this I'm absolutely buzzing watching this.well done to everyone wow
แก่ง นาง
แก่ง นาง преди ден
หลังจากนั้นประเทศที่ถูกฆ่าปิดปากโดยนักวิทยาศาสตร์และนักวิจัยขององค์กรNASAที่เพาะเชื้อโควิดสายพันธ์ใหม่ที่ข่าวบอกว่ามีการกลายพันธ์ที่สหรัฐ.ก่อน. ต่อมาเป็นประเทศที่แพ้อย่างอินเดียที่ยอมเชื่อฟังและปรึกษาเรื่องขึ้นอวกาศแล้วโดนNASAหลอกใช้และหลอกเอาเงินจำนวนมหาศาล จนไม่กล้าปรึกษาหรือบอกประเทศอื่น เพราะอินเดียเป็นเหยื่อของนาซ่า จะเห็นว่ามีการระบาดอย่างเร็วของเชื้อโควิดที่กลายพันธ์ที่อินเดีย ติดเชื้อเพิ่มเป็นอันดับสองของโลก ฝีมือการวิจัยขององค์การนาซ่าทั้งนั้น ข่าวที่ผมติดตามเห็นข่าวโควิดกลายพันธ์ที่แรกที่สหรัฐ. แล้วมาเจอข่าวอีกทีที่อินเดียก็ไวรัชโควืดกลายพันธ์เหมือนกัน วิเคราะห์และพิจารณาแล้ว วัคซีนของสหรัฐ.ที่ผลิตชุดแรกยังฉีดให้คนอเมริกันไปแล้ว แต่พอเจอโควิดกลายพันธ์ที่สหรัฐ.ก็เริ่มผลิตวัคซีนใหม่ ผมขอให้คนอเมริกันตรวจสอบโครงการต่างๆของนาซ่าและที่สำคัญโดยเฉพาะโครงการวิจัยลับของสถานีอวกาศISS
แก่ง นาง
แก่ง นาง преди ден
แก่ง นาง
แก่ง นาง преди ден
NASAจะสร้างคนให้เป็นควายใช่ไหม มีคนขององค์การNASAติดโควิดสักคน โควิด19 เป็นการผลิตและเพาะเชื้อโดยองค์การNASA ใช่ไหม มีภาพทดลองและวิจัยของเหลวทั้งบนพื้นดินและสถานีอวกาศ มีคนขององค์กรNASAติดโควิดบ้างไหม ไม่เห็นคนขององค์การNASAติดโควิด
Иван Громов
Иван Громов преди ден
Вы забыли дорисовать реактивные струи вашей шайтан-арбе. А так, вполне себе неплохо.
Element of Kindness
Element of Kindness преди ден
That sky crane maneuver is just mind-blowing!
แก่ง นาง
แก่ง นาง преди ден
NASA very bad.
KING WIND преди ден
Opo iki cak
HIVE преди 2 дни
Whenever I feel sad or just bad in general, I watch these type of videos, it makes me feel happy to be alive And for the audio quality as some comments mentioned, I think it's better this way, it adds a really unique feeling to this phenomenal accomplishment
Ali Junaid
Ali Junaid преди 2 дни
. what happens after you reach on MARS plz make videos and tell us !
hilbilly4846 3
hilbilly4846 3 преди 2 дни
Now we need to do this to Venus
devoid24 преди 3 дни
humans? nope... we are terrible... just look what we have done to this planet, and with our exponential growth, its only going to get a lot worse!
Avadhesh Rathore
Avadhesh Rathore преди 3 дни
Nasa searching the life on Mars. And on planet earth🌎 where life exists we destroying our beautiful planet by pollution and global warming. As a engineer I appreciate the effort but searching of traces of life on unknown planet it seems quite illogical to say the least.
Hh Ka
Hh Ka преди 2 дни
Yes true but thats their job. On the Kardashev scale out next step after being able to utilize the energy on our planet is to utilize energy on other planets and moons. Its a good thing we are starting early though I do agree with you to an extent.
Raffaele Goria
Raffaele Goria преди 3 дни
Just wait for all the flat earthers to theorise how it's all faked and Nasa is lying or something like that.
Arjun Arjun
Arjun Arjun преди 3 дни
NASA, how many days from earth to moon?
Marinus Brix
Marinus Brix преди ден
Three i think
преди 3 дни
Mi преди 3 дни
I was born too late do discover the world and too early to discover space.
John Brown
John Brown преди ден
But just born right to have memes
titi gégé
titi gégé преди 4 дни
Epic !
Yildza преди 4 дни
And videos of popular bloggers have more views, than this...
Sujan Baniya
Sujan Baniya преди 4 дни
The scale of height and the surface of mars that we are seeing does not match with each other..
TimePro преди 4 дни
Its because Mars most certainly does not look like earth like you are used to seeing.
Mahi Momo
Mahi Momo преди 4 дни
*martian twerking*
owd reign
owd reign преди 4 дни
Carl Rhodes
Carl Rhodes преди 4 дни
Nelson Anthon
Nelson Anthon преди 5 дни
Nice landing on the other world 😍😍😍
ΠΡΟΚΟΠΗΣ ΜΕΛΑΣ преди 5 дни
And suddenly a Mars police car appears and start pit maneuver on this suspect vehicle.
nihal преди 5 дни
RossNate Berntson
RossNate Berntson преди 6 дни
NASA has the magic
Lionheart Leo
Lionheart Leo преди 6 дни
Why they dont go to the Mars Face instead they cruise where is Notting
Erick Aníbal Román Alvarado
Erick Aníbal Román Alvarado преди 6 дни
Ustedes son de las mejores instituciones en el mundo, por tantos avances y logros que han realizado.
Khalil Penn
Khalil Penn преди 6 дни
Simply amazing!
Pierre Lucas
Pierre Lucas преди 6 дни
Why are not putting a spaceship suspended an hydrogen mixture of gas balloon with switch on reactors when needed to board International Space Station. Fabulous images (tests, real ?, virtuality) on Mars, only robots explorations have my preference. If there is some water on poles and some winds could be shuttting down to be alive and prospering without protection why not human exploration. Otherwise which interest ? We should trainee before with some real space ships as in science fiction movies with distance of moon. That’s more passionnante in science human space travels.
Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng преди 7 дни
Its so cool to see real time footage out there but it still shows me that Mars is a boring place to visit. Please dont send poor dumb people their. It really is a waste of time.
Tazakka Thoriq
Tazakka Thoriq преди 7 дни
Jack and cinnamon :3
Jack and cinnamon :3 преди 7 дни
Excellent work!
Sophia Halterman
Sophia Halterman преди 7 дни
just realize this might be considered old technology in the future
alex _thedestroyer
alex _thedestroyer преди 8 дни
yay cant belive it could acctully be recorded this is epicccc. i cant wait for the sample return mission!
Yuval Nehemia
Yuval Nehemia преди 8 дни
No matter how many times I watch it, I keep crying.
Giraffe gaming
Giraffe gaming преди 8 дни
Dilshad Abdurakhmanov
Dilshad Abdurakhmanov преди 8 дни
farbenfrohes Grau
farbenfrohes Grau преди 8 дни
huge respect to the camera man!
Rob Austin
Rob Austin преди 8 дни
Ya you think this was cool. I saw a bird land on a fence post.
Smileyee преди 8 дни
for people on the future i might me dead
Kaelan Din-
Kaelan Din- преди 4 дни
dear future people I will be dead
Peter Lissignoli
Peter Lissignoli преди 9 дни
Big big deception...
Hassène Deghoul
Hassène Deghoul преди 9 дни
So exciting!!!!
Thug Life Video
Thug Life Video преди 9 дни
Who think is real like
Ghost Medic
Ghost Medic преди 9 дни
Proud to be from the USA
Nominal Carp1601
Nominal Carp1601 преди 10 дни
Good job NASA that was so interesting to watch
FastGGlivelife преди 10 дни
А у нас в Россий зарплата 12:970 Р.....
L Okech
L Okech преди 10 дни
現役海外駐在員の日常記録 / Hola Soy Naotito
what a amazing, is there windy?
tehdusto преди 11 дни
Watching this will never get old.
Mullon ka Baap
Mullon ka Baap преди 11 дни
ISRO AND NASA are the best..Hats off to.indian, usa, Russian and israeli scientists they are very intelligent..
Rehan преди 9 дни
What about ESA and SpaceX along with Japanese and CNSA?
dawna преди 11 дни
I don't believe it , if true not' for you ! I'm calling AZ 🏜 Arizona saw the same rock formations 🤣 ha ha just kidding ... or am I' 🙄
Malgeumi преди 3 дни
u on drugs
plt_ zukra
plt_ zukra преди 11 дни
2021 : an alien comes from another planet... Me : dude what!!😂 2222 : an alien came from mars ?? Me or my son's son : yeah it's normal... What an imagination 🤩👍
Cameron Worden
Cameron Worden преди 11 дни
What a scam
Malgeumi преди 3 дни
YOur mom is
Ron DeJohn
Ron DeJohn преди 12 дни
Though, not palatable for human life, great job getting to MARS! When God created the heavens and the earth its beauty was, and still is beyond human comprehension. His creation of life, including mankind and millions of unexplored life-forms that flourish, breed and live far below the ocean floor, and deep beneath the terra-firma is incredible. A grass seed is simplistic, yet our greatest minds cannot make a synthetic form grow…we are not the authors of life. Ironically, it’s the death of its own seed that produces the next generation. Even Jesus said, ‘unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. I’m certain many will not accept this, but there is a God responsible for all life, as many astronauts have proclaimed when they witnessed the vast beauty of our universe.
JESUS ist GOTT! преди 12 дни
In 1. Mose 1 und Hiob 38 könnt ihr lesen wie die Erde aufgebaut ist. Lasst euch hier nicht belügen, dass die Erde eine rotierende Kugel ist und lasst euch nicht impfen. Tut Buße und bekennt eure Sünden bei JESUS. Nur dann werdet ihr die Wahrheit erkennen und gerettet. GOTTES Segen und viel Glück mit der Impfung.
p0nt007 преди 12 дни
Actually, that was the first flight on Mars...
Stdwproductions преди 12 дни
When’s I saw this I started crying. And when I heard about Percy’s mission I had the biggest smile on my face. It’s been one of my biggest dreams of mine to see a piece of mars and this rover is making it come true. Congratulations to you guys over at NASA and congrats to the JPL team! Again thank you for making one of my biggest dreams come true. Next stop is to send humans to mars!
Young Goodman Brown
Young Goodman Brown преди 12 дни
🚀🎥🛰🎞 👾
Nicolas Santi
Nicolas Santi преди 13 дни
Ladies and Gentlemen, one of, if not the most cinematic moment in human history so far: 0:30
iideputy_law 21
iideputy_law 21 преди 13 дни
1:47 why did the guy say “hope you have salad”
Bulent ÇELİK
Bulent ÇELİK преди 13 дни
Ben Kardelen Çelik 10 yaşındayım İzmir Torbalı Türkiye de yaşıyorum 4/E sınıfına gidiyorum bir fikrim var. Denizde yaşayan diatomun canlısı dünyadaki oksijenin yüzde 20 sini üretiyormus. Bu diatomun u mars ta kulanilabilir. Bana cevap yazarmisiniz.
Evolved Primate
Evolved Primate преди 13 дни
I disliked this because I’m a flat earther.
Didi Setyawan
Didi Setyawan преди 13 дни
And we must admitted that, US with Nasa is far away beyond another country on space exploration.
Rishi Valmiki
Rishi Valmiki преди 13 дни
Congratulations NASA from India.... 🇮🇳🇺🇸🌌🚀
MagLalena Nurse
MagLalena Nurse преди 13 дни
What do you call a naive cow? A gulla Bull
Anon преди 13 дни
So they dropped a drone in Utah, I’m confused
Malgeumi преди 3 дни
Bro get a job and go to Utah
David Jack
David Jack преди 12 дни
You've obviously never been to Utah.
Tony Mackenzie
Tony Mackenzie преди 13 дни
What a joke nasa is
John Brown
John Brown преди ден
Ad Ad
Ad Ad преди 13 дни
I don't believe it ...we are not even able to land on the moon again like they supposedly did lol ...they're talking about Mars 😂😂😂
Femme Sammy
Femme Sammy преди 11 дни
There's no reason to go to the moon. We know all we need to know about it.
Ethan Johnstone
Ethan Johnstone преди 14 дни
Tf are people disliking this
Dogeimations преди 12 дни
flat earthers and conspiracy theorists are disliking it
ACARA_Khoiri Bahri
ACARA_Khoiri Bahri преди 14 дни
This remembered me of The Expanse series.
Miqdad Rashid
Miqdad Rashid преди 14 дни
When my constipation clears 3:17
Ante Talic
Ante Talic преди 14 дни
aww look at them all being happy when rover landed great job guys
jahin ibne jahangir
jahin ibne jahangir преди 14 дни
very nice
Jayden Wolfe
Jayden Wolfe преди 14 дни
This has to be one of the greatest videos in human history. I cant count how many times ive watched this.
M. K.
M. K. преди 14 дни
I like Nasa is using metric system.
Kevin Rab
Kevin Rab преди 15 дни
Serious question. From 2:55 to 3:05 there doesn't seem to be any propellant coming from the nozzles of the "jetpack" in the top left corner. Why is that? I thought those were powered by some type of hydrocarbon not air.
Kevin Rab
Kevin Rab преди 14 дни
@BigTulsa ah cool this is what I was looking for thanks!!
BigTulsa преди 14 дни
@Mudkip909 It actually is, if you watch the press conference with JPL that accompanies this video they explain why it doesn't appear as fire (the fuel doesn't really allow for this) but they do point out the nozzles of the descent engines are pink hot.
Mudkip909 преди 14 дни
I guess it isn’t that hot
kikin tv
kikin tv преди 15 дни
Mohammad Shahfiq
Mohammad Shahfiq преди 15 дни
THE greatest L1£R s!! 😂😂 carry on ..
Femme Sammy
Femme Sammy преди 11 дни
Ok, Mohammad.
Mudkip909 преди 14 дни
Gary Lee
Gary Lee преди 16 дни
MY FAVORITE MARTIAN would be proud of you NASA.....
Flat Earth Master
Flat Earth Master преди 16 дни
Sorry, a craft using a parachute in an atmosphere that is less than 1% the density of Earth’s would not work at all. Also, the little helicopter stunt they just claimed to do would not work either. But, what do you expect from an agency that has the devil’s serpent tongue in its logo.
Malgeumi преди 3 дни
WHy dont you go fly a parachute on mars yourself to see if it actually works instead of commenting on youtube
Ghost Medic
Ghost Medic преди 9 дни
How do you know the air on Mars is thin? Do you realize you're suffering from cognitive dissonance?.... You trust that NASA states the air on Mars is thin, but don't believe they've visited or landed there. The purpose of the sky crain was because the parachute wouldn't be able to slow it down enough lol. I know you're a troll but still, I liked proving you wrong.
Veritates Educational
Veritates Educational преди 15 дни
@TimePro Don’t even try to argue with these people. They deny science that they personally don’t believe nor understand, and try to link it back to religion.
TimePro преди 15 дни
The parachute didn't drain a lot of speed. Of course it did not do much. But it still did its job on mars. 1% Doesn't change a thing. Show me the science and I will believe you. If its correct. The helicopter also works.
Baby Dee
Baby Dee преди 16 дни
My planet❤️
jason cheng
jason cheng преди 16 дни
In the future dad: comon kids we going to mars for a vacation kids: omg dad it takes like 5 hours to get there your ruining my life
Peggy R
Peggy R преди 16 дни
WOW! amazing to see!
XoRoW Gaming
XoRoW Gaming преди 16 дни
imagine people in the future be like "can't wait for the next holday i'll visit earth for a week" :
David Vazquez
David Vazquez преди 16 дни
Porque no mandan un robot a marte para medir la temperatura
JuDa_0525 преди 11 дни
Este robot tiene un instrumento para medir la temperatura
SomeGuyInRoblox преди 16 дни
to be honest, "touch Down Confirmed, We're Safe On Mars" sounds way better
coisa de pro
coisa de pro преди 16 дни
0:12 Parachute deploy 0:30 heat shield sep 2:14 back shell and divert maneuver 2:48 sky Crane maneuver 3:06 comfirmation
hatsune miku
hatsune miku преди 16 дни
Congrats Nasa im sooo proud
V the Dev
V the Dev преди 16 дни
Now we finally got video of ingenuity flying
xXAgustin72Xx преди 16 дни
amazing work!
Crazyoldman84 преди 17 дни
Absolutely pointless. No oxygen or least not enough to breath and below -60 freezing cold. Spend money on earth
Malgeumi преди 3 дни
NOt your money
TimePro преди 10 дни
@Crazyoldman84 Don't you think if what you were saying was true SpaceX wouldn't be testing Starships right now?
Veritates Educational
Veritates Educational преди 12 дни
@Crazyoldman84 This is just a theory, it is not 100%: Over time, we might be able to change the planet into a slightly more breathable atmosphere. Even if we can’t do that, it is there for the overall goal of exploration.
Crazyoldman84 преди 12 дни
@Veritates Educational a world far more dangerous than our current world why would you want to live there? You could never go outside. Earth is an amazing planet that needs our attention more.
Veritates Educational
Veritates Educational преди 12 дни
@Crazyoldman84 Or if we… *I don’t know* Make shelters? Shield from radiation?
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar преди 17 дни
who is here after ingenuity flight test
I'm 4real
I'm 4real преди 17 дни
What does NASA mean?...in Hebrew
Mudkip909 преди 13 дни
@I'm 4real oh I was mistaken, it does, according to google translate. I typed Nasa, and it said “did you mean נסה” so I pressed it and it said Try
I'm 4real
I'm 4real преди 13 дни
@Mudkip909, I didn't say in Yiddish, I mean true Hebrew...?
Mudkip909 преди 14 дни
It doesn’t actually have a Hebrew meaning
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