most satisfying! korean best cake factory mass production top3 - korean street food 

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볼수록 빠져드는? 압도적인 비쥬얼의! 다양한 생크림케익 만들기 3편/ korean best cake factory mass production - korean street food

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Shooting videos all about street food traveling abroad.
Always trying to make good quality videos.
Hope to watch my videos deliciously!
0:00 fresh cream cake (chocolate, black forest, strawberry) - 청주 애플베리
14:29 fresh cream cake, chiffon cake (mango, chocolate, strawberry) - 대전 꾸드뱅
24:25 old style fresh cream cake, chiffon cake (blueberry, green tea, strawberry, chocolate) - 서울 샤뽀블랑

💌피기보이 이메일 - piggyboy44@gmail.com

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Зарежда връзки.....

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dxmxps преди 3 часа
Mi boca: 💦💦
lucio flavio santos lopes
lucio flavio santos lopes преди 8 часа
q satisfatório
Gen L
Gen L преди 13 часа
And now I want a cake saw...
Go Go
Go Go преди 21 час
x d
x d преди ден
I want to go to Korea to eat everyday 😭
lynsey9814 преди ден
Question....why wash the eggs when you’re gong to crack them anyway?
Francois Moreira
Francois Moreira преди ден
Ça ressemble beaucoup a la pâtisserie Française
Господин Пж
Господин Пж преди ден
зачем спрыскивать всё водой?
Валентина Алфимова
Спасибо за видео!!! Очень интересно ! Полезная выпечка и очень аппетитная на вид!!! 👏👏👏
EeveeandPebbles преди 2 дни
egg cracking is always satisfying
Татьяна Бакунова
Сама кондитер, с большим удовольствием попробовала поработать у них! Есть чему поучится! Ещё нравится, что все чисто! Супер! Я думаю, что справилась с такой работой запросто! 👍
Promite преди 3 дни
Everybody wants to be rich Everybody wants to be famous Everybody wants to die
Lord OfTheUsername
Lord OfTheUsername преди 3 дни
Messy lines or construction: exist Koreans: so we covered that up with a mountain of whipped cream, obviously,
A Peppermint Candy
A Peppermint Candy преди 3 дни
You could skip the eggs, not nice to watch so many eggs.
Chandrika Chandrika
Chandrika Chandrika преди 4 дни
Born hifb9
Chandrika Chandrika
Chandrika Chandrika преди 4 дни
moon9 преди 4 дни
qisty Riya
qisty Riya преди 4 дни
i love this sm
John Edwin Pocohuanca Flores
John Edwin Pocohuanca Flores преди 4 дни
Quisiera comer eso :( se ve muy rico
Mona Helmy
Mona Helmy преди 4 дни
Jenah Beatriz
Jenah Beatriz преди 4 дни
I just realized, Im watching this here at my birthday, and i will not gonna have a cake for now. But still, i just aged. Happy birthday if you are here in your birthday too. 🎉❤️
Jenah Beatriz
Jenah Beatriz преди 4 дни
I want this job.
Zafar Ahmad
Zafar Ahmad преди 4 дни
nice 🤑🎂🥰🥰🥰
Murni Putu
Murni Putu преди 5 дни
Really professional...wow lovely
Camila Uzumaki
Camila Uzumaki преди 5 дни
Eu sou o cometário brasileiro que você procura hahahahaha
SectorZeroGP преди 5 дни
33:39 un rollo de papel higienico :3 P.D.: 34:03 un rollo de papel higienico que ha despertado el sharingan :p
Killer Rogue
Killer Rogue преди 5 дни
Damn i oгdeг all of em
koogini преди 5 дни
I want to eat cake like theses ! Lots of fresh fruits and cream 😩
Ibendx преди 5 дни
Third one is amyzing but not halal lol
مطبخ الأمل
مطبخ الأمل преди 6 дни
* B.M.W.
* B.M.W. преди 6 дни
А а а а а а а а ,всё съем хочууууууууууууу😊🍴
Ramyaaneesh Ramyaaneesh
Ramyaaneesh Ramyaaneesh преди 6 дни
fat gay pikachu
fat gay pikachu преди 6 дни
34:00 not going to lie looks kind of like a pickle cake
Allan Victor
Allan Victor преди 6 дни
4:19 é um bolo ou um queijo ? Kkkkk
A tv
A tv преди 6 дни
Amiseng fruit farm yummy cooking
Carolina Arguello
Carolina Arguello преди 6 дни
Xfvorrr pongan la receta en español gracias
Chakachak Foods
Chakachak Foods преди 6 дни
Please pin my comment Amazing 🤩🤩 watched till the end!💖 Loved the recipe & presentation🌟🌟 Stay Blessed & Connected🤝🏻 woowv
putri rizki
putri rizki преди 6 дни
Dialungkeun dong kuenya :')
Christina Davies
Christina Davies преди 7 дни
Noo! 🙉 You guys cut off the bottom! Thats the best part 😫
Rosi.f преди 7 дни
I love to see this videos, bc I get sleepy 😴 this is so relaxing
VAN ASMR преди 8 дни
very attractive
Sergonizer преди 8 дни
29:40 he actually missed
MD AHAD AHMMED преди 8 дни
Wonderful,, ,,
Emman Jacob Ascaño
Emman Jacob Ascaño преди 8 дни
مرتض الباشة حسين
مرتض الباشة حسين преди 8 дни
وا ووووو
Valeria S
Valeria S преди 8 дни
Why do you use margarine instead of butter?
50 Cent
50 Cent преди 9 дни
Imagine working in this place. Imagine how many birthdays, weddings, and celebrations became successful because of a cake you helped make.
Food with gluten
Food with gluten преди 9 дни
That's not mass production, that's a lot of hand made cakes made in hygienic spaces. Mass production mostly involve machinery, poor health and safety conditions and even worse salary. Oh, and owners of mass production companies won't involve themselves with actual production because it's beneath them.
Aska Fiamatta
Aska Fiamatta преди 9 дни
what's the liquid thing they drizzle(?) over the cakes before decorating it?
hpkittenmlc1205 преди 8 дни
Transient Panda
Transient Panda преди 9 дни
I don't even like cake but this made me really want a slice of one of those
berhami yassine
berhami yassine преди 10 дни
Wa très belle😘😘🥰🥰😘😘😘😘
화이트바라기 преди 10 дни
쩝... 댓글 읽기 힘드네
SintSuke преди 10 дни
Why am I doing this to myself?
안채원 преди 10 дни
만들데 소리가 진짜좋아요 그리고 그거 먹어보고 싶어요
Frank Martínez Díaz
Frank Martínez Díaz преди 11 дни
Esas tortas sin alma. Solo decoracion. Sin sabor.
aoife jane
aoife jane преди 11 дни
Korean bakery’s and stuff are next level
Flo Tonto
Flo Tonto преди 11 дни
You can tell the man from the last bakery has been in the business very long, free handed,basic flavors, no machinery needed and some old school technic but still look yummy
The Satan Is Who I Like
The Satan Is Who I Like преди 12 дни
I hope the stawberries you use next time are red
Оя Мах
Оя Мах преди 12 дни
sage !
sage ! преди 12 дни
the real question is..... who gets to eat the scraps? bc i will
Viridi преди 12 дни
Lyudmila Rozenfeld
Lyudmila Rozenfeld преди 12 дни
猫河原麗羅 преди 13 дни
Cuisine Channel (Cuộc sống Mỹ)
Cuisine Channel (Cuộc sống Mỹ)
H W преди 13 дни
I shouldn't be eating this on an empty stomach...
julieanne donnelly
julieanne donnelly преди 13 дни
Looks amazing
ulma ismayanti
ulma ismayanti преди 13 дни
Whipped cream nya banyak bgt ya
Julie преди 14 дни
no shoe covers!!! on dirty sneakers when the cream is made in a floor mixer
bouchra Benghazi officiel
bouchra Benghazi officiel преди 14 дни
Tbarklah 3likom 😘😘
Samiksa Love
Samiksa Love преди 14 дни
This is artwork. Thank you for sharing this beautiful process
SALVADOR Davico преди 14 дни
Queeeee ricoo 😋😋😋
haley rodriguez
haley rodriguez преди 14 дни
These Cakes always look more jiggly
Rexsalyn Aguimatang
Rexsalyn Aguimatang преди 14 дни
nooooooo this is why i don't want to watch korean cakes or sumthing like this but i can't resist😭 i badly want to go to sk bcs of their pastries💓😭
Khalokti Tripura
Khalokti Tripura преди 14 дни
I want to visit Korea for eating sea food, cake n different types of sweet
Khalokti Tripura
Khalokti Tripura преди 14 дни
Wao i want to eat
Melanie B.
Melanie B. преди 14 дни
I like how no. 3 cuts away as little as possible, feels like less of a waste. His cakes are so simple yet so beautiful
87 87
87 87 преди 15 дни
Ruth Reimer
Ruth Reimer преди 15 дни
The green one looks like pickles to me and that’s why I love it!
Matan Ai
Matan Ai преди 15 дни
Butter and alchol? Wow
Matan Ai
Matan Ai преди 15 дни
Can I have the slices cake not that being use for me?:)))))))
mary emerald
mary emerald преди 15 дни
is it common in korea to have bakeries in french names?
Гульмира А.
Гульмира А. преди 16 дни
If you write receipts it will be good) thank you.
Sristi Das
Sristi Das преди 16 дни
What do they do with the cut out parts of the cake? I hope they don't just throw it away!
artsy hues
artsy hues преди 17 дни
I have noticed most of tje korean bakeries make chiffon cake , never a normal cake , i wonder how many eggs get used 😒😶
اميره преди 17 дни
يممم حلو استمري
poupie feer
poupie feer преди 17 дни
Iz durk chocolait?
Lunix преди 17 дни
Ya se me antojo un pastel , re satisfactorio buen video 😁👍
Maxki.K преди 17 дни
หลงเข้ามาดู เพลินมากเลย
Roni Lia
Roni Lia преди 17 дни
Varduhi Sargsyan
Varduhi Sargsyan преди 18 дни
Shani Anil
Shani Anil преди 18 дни
Wow super 👍👍👍
Ana Dantas
Ana Dantas преди 18 дни
Haja chantilly!! É interessante a fabricação.
TheHolyEgg преди 18 дни
*This is why you don't waste food, look at the effort they put in to make cakes. So don't buy a huge stupid birthday cake and knowing you can't finish it*
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles преди 19 дни
The oven beeps give me war flashbacks of when I worked at McDonald’s 😅
DAPUR MADAM N преди 19 дни
Korean cake make me forget my diet
Mrunali Devane
Mrunali Devane преди 19 дни
Chef Imran
Chef Imran преди 19 дни
Good luck
Angela Amanor
Angela Amanor преди 19 дни
I want to eat the ends of of the cake they cut away. Those are the tastiest
ΘΑΝΟΣ ΛΙΩΚΑΣ преди 19 дни
The kingdom of strawberries
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