Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER 

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This is the FIRST video of Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER! In this video, there are people who suck at the game, who are really good, and then people who just hack and win because of that. There are so many hilarious clips in this video that you NEED to watch!
▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
(In order of appearance)
hannahxxrose www.twitch.tv/hannahxxrose/videos
Button www.twitch.tv/button
AverageHarry www.twitch.tv/averageharry_
ShyaiKun www.twitch.tv/shyaikun
t0xicplayer6 www.twitch.tv/t0xicplayer6
taelou www.twitch.tv/taelou
Wolfabelle www.twitch.tv/wolfabelle
j2k0 www.twitch.tv/j2k0
3upa www.twitch.tv/3upa
aylerrrr www.twitch.tv/aylerrrr
gabbo1416 www.twitch.tv/gabbo1416
Bowshot www.twitch.tv/bowshot
Brazilian_Cake www.twitch.tv/brazilian_cake
Bxxron www.twitch.tv/bxxron
BTMC www.twitch.tv/btmc
Dowsky www.twitch.tv/dowsky
Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
HarbeeLive www.twitch.tv/harbeelive
forsen www.twitch.tv/forsen
coleslawbtwlive www.twitch.tv/coleslawbtwlive
LetsHugoTV www.twitch.tv/letshugotv
Couriway www.twitch.tv/couriway
madeofjade www.twitch.tv/madeofjade
Gentiio www.twitch.tv/gentiio
microstevey www.twitch.tv/microstevey
simonhoneydew www.twitch.tv/simonhoneydew
favorce www.twitch.tv/favorce
hary0tt www.twitch.tv/hary0tt
IzurUHC www.twitch.tv/izuruhc
real_jouzy www.twitch.tv/real_jouzy
BatAtVideoGames www.twitch.tv/batatvideogames
PotatoPie www.twitch.tv/potatopie25
JeremixPL www.twitch.tv/jeremixpl
TeosGame www.twitch.tv/teosgame
PhoenixSCLive www.twitch.tv/phoenixsclive
Blocksssssss www.twitch.tv/blocksssssss
Tfue www.twitch.tv/tfue
TapL www.twitch.tv/tapl
tommyinnit www.twitch.tv/tommyinnit
dream bgbin.info
Technoblade bgbin.info
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Зарежда връзки.....

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DH Journey with the deaf
DH Journey with the deaf преди 3 часа
Average harry:heeeee Me: lol
Enliros преди 3 часа
The pickaxe was a sword this hole time
Milan_TTV преди 4 часа
The 2nd was funny 0:45
Maxwell Craft
Maxwell Craft преди 6 часа
4:24 wha- That a pick Not a sword...
Drago world
Drago world преди 8 часа
Ciro Ignacio Alegre
Ciro Ignacio Alegre преди 8 часа
hes a god
Ciro Ignacio Alegre
Ciro Ignacio Alegre преди 8 часа
MW. Harry
MW. Harry преди 10 часа
So cringe...
Aabi Rana
Aabi Rana преди 10 часа
No it was pickaxe 4:24
Blizzard101 Gaming
Blizzard101 Gaming преди 10 часа
ReliktHafen 119
ReliktHafen 119 преди 13 часа
Nice Video bro
Llano Jhun
Llano Jhun преди 13 часа
4:24 Sword: im not dead
The Dark Plant
The Dark Plant преди 13 часа
Can we just talk about him referring a pickaxe as a sword?....
The Dark Plant
The Dark Plant преди 13 часа
The dude:HaAaAaAaaaaaaaAAAAAa🐽🐷? 0:47
Rares Hogas
Rares Hogas преди 14 часа
When will people learn that 95% of the time the hacker wins and 5% the pro wins. But still tho great plays
Vineetha Sanu
Vineetha Sanu преди 16 часа
22th clip.and he throw his diamond pickaxe in lava and you said he throw his sword in lava and I was confused at the time and you got nice clips And nice video
Pinksheep Bitch
Pinksheep Bitch преди 16 часа
Sad to see phoenixsc In this vid
Pinksheep Bitch
Pinksheep Bitch преди 16 часа
0:59 technoblade is known to do that
super minecraft
super minecraft преди 16 часа
4:25 he dropped pickaxe not a sword
Faisal Qaituqa
Faisal Qaituqa преди 18 часа
0:47 im laughing so hard about his face
internal_sadness преди 18 часа
Sepagan Family
Sepagan Family преди 18 часа
4:26 I think he ment pickaxe
THENIxツ преди 20 часа
3:24 can you give me texture pack name?
MaxiCooL Gaming
MaxiCooL Gaming преди 23 часа
4:23 yeah he dropped his "sword" Into lava
Maria Casas
Maria Casas преди ден
Someone is visible
Maria Casas
Maria Casas преди ден
That is a hacker
Samuel Krafft
Samuel Krafft преди ден
Believe it or not I’ve beaten a fly hacker before I just used arrows and they disabled their fly mode before I hit them and they got knocked into the void
MIKA CU преди ден
Lucky man
Joey Mckusky
Joey Mckusky преди ден
5:52 dream is like NO. NO. NO. NO. I’m not dying lol
blue gamer
blue gamer преди ден
I hate technoblade its what he gets
Andro Belk
Andro Belk преди ден
4:22 sword ?
Lexi RobloxStar Lolstar
Lexi RobloxStar Lolstar преди ден
me new sub:)
Samuel Pelico-Hernandez
Samuel Pelico-Hernandez преди ден
It was a pickaxe not a sword but all of us make mistakes
Sire sirol
Sire sirol преди ден
Make 1 the hacker save all
It's me again
It's me again преди ден
Nawaz bg. View
Markjello Goula
Markjello Goula преди ден
4:23 sword or pickaxe??
Atharv Dhakre
Atharv Dhakre преди ден
0:45 that face was lit
Snork Polski
Snork Polski преди ден
4:26 no sword a pickaxe
Lucas Andersson
Lucas Andersson преди ден
Hey he did not trap hhimself
Alexa Watersons
Alexa Watersons преди ден
The part that he said he accidentally throw his sword sword in lava this is what the pickax thinks : pickax do I look like a sword to you or maybe I should be a sword? 😤😤
Justin Ramos
Justin Ramos преди ден
1:46 wheres my fellow weebs out their we finally found zero two
Mely ESPIRITU преди ден
Did he know its a pickaxe
Emmy and Elly's world
Emmy and Elly's world преди ден
LOL, When he said winsteak, I forted
jimkrs преди ден
0:47 when you want to hide your mental breakdown
Meg Ranica Modina
Meg Ranica Modina преди ден
Hacker is hacking cas they cant win without hack
Late преди ден
2:47 Gotta admit, that was pretty cool
Muhammad Akhtar
Muhammad Akhtar преди ден
Noob drops pickaxe in lava Him: He dropped his sword Bruh who's the Noob now
PHAZER6 Gaming
PHAZER6 Gaming преди ден
Or hackers will steal all of your data. Me, with my new phone: ok???
Slasher Game54
Slasher Game54 преди ден
0:47 What does a car sound sound like? Me:
andro aguilar
andro aguilar преди ден
Tommy is not nub dream is becuz his afk
CLOUDED преди ден
Hanna gets noob then pro lol
Imagine being a pickaxe and called sword 😂
Avery Kenzo AH
Avery Kenzo AH преди ден
4:23 its pickaxe
Kurt Ungria
Kurt Ungria преди 2 дни
0:50 lol
Xiaohong Zhang
Xiaohong Zhang преди 2 дни
when you kill someone with just ur fist: technoblade:
Nerd Boy
Nerd Boy преди 2 дни
Bruh this guy is calling people noobs when he is one too. He called a pickaxe a sword. Lolololol
Itswierdlife преди 2 дни
I love how potato5 predicted it
Ethan R
Ethan R преди 2 дни
How is tomminit a noob for running over dream
Gave brandon Moncada
Gave brandon Moncada преди 2 дни
Why you hate tommy why he always noob
Gave brandon Moncada
Gave brandon Moncada преди 2 дни
I hate you say something steel your deta
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks преди 2 дни
4:25 that was not a sword
Orange Fruit dude
Orange Fruit dude преди 2 дни
4:27 yep He dropped the sword in lava lol
Amongzin преди 2 дни
4:23 Gamers react:he accidentally dropped sword in lava me:no .-.,that is a pickaxe breh
Ting Ting Yang
Ting Ting Yang преди 2 дни
He didn’t drop his sword in lava he dropped his pickaxe in lava
Julian agra geovany
Julian agra geovany преди 2 дни
Gamers react:he acidently dropped his sword in lava The person who dropped the "sword"in lava:it was a pickaxe bro
Zecharia Weaver
Zecharia Weaver преди 2 дни
i killed a bedwars player with a lvl of like 35
Cordonquai преди 2 дни
(Im Speak French sorry) the player who can touch me from afar I had a lot, of player who made his rage quit full of times
Sédek-Michael Coulibaly
Sédek-Michael Coulibaly преди 2 дни
4:24 [He accidentally dropped sword in lava] It's a pickaxe not a sword
Enzo Gamer
Enzo Gamer преди 2 дни
But i am mobile hacker
I Am Arizonaball
I Am Arizonaball преди 2 дни
Here’s why I played Minecraft: I am from Arizona, and I did not wanna die from heatstroke. So one day, I discovered the game. And started playing. I was watching stampy. Like almost everyone else. And here is where I am now. Born 10 days before Minecraft was released. I was born on May 7th, 2009. A few years later. I discovered this game, and for the reasons you just heard. Here is where I am now.
uri the fox
uri the fox преди 2 дни
why its so easy to get into this video
JayyBoi преди 2 дни
Not sword, pickaxe :)
14N H0885
14N H0885 преди 2 дни
Sorry for the mistakes. I love you but just keep these in mind
14N H0885
14N H0885 преди 2 дни
14N H0885
14N H0885 преди 2 дни
And on the pickaxe drop in lava you said sword
14N H0885
14N H0885 преди 2 дни
Mlg is easy for me
14N H0885
14N H0885 преди 2 дни
Bruh you call Tommy a noob when dream used /kill
Greg Umali
Greg Umali преди 2 дни
1:04: I have no words but "what the hell lol"
the pickle behind the slaughter
4:25 *definitely a sword indeed*
Blouz преди 2 дни
0:36 not a hacker, just the triangle, if ur lower, u can hit even more that higher... and the guys internet was so bad, not the servers.
Orange Mendoza
Orange Mendoza преди 2 дни
So the pick in 4:24 is a sword
Killer Trust
Killer Trust преди 2 дни
All of player minecrat english is noobb like dream noob player indonesian pro. 😎
Deadmate 69
Deadmate 69 преди 2 дни
4:20 I think gamer reacts needs to look at that clip it was a pickaxe not a sword
Carterbuttyeet 123
Carterbuttyeet 123 преди 2 дни
0:47 huahuuuhaHUahuauHhuaahuhuAhuAAHUAUHhuAAHU
Ayan Hammad
Ayan Hammad преди 2 дни
Pickaxe: I’m not a sword
• LemonTea •
• LemonTea • преди 2 дни
That tommyinnit clip tho 😂
stuck on arrows
stuck on arrows преди 2 дни
why ru make techno hacker and dream pro ayyyyyy
Peter Fisher
Peter Fisher преди 2 дни
No u
Shayan Ahmad
Shayan Ahmad преди 2 дни
:4:26 he Dropped his Sword😂😂 BUT in reality its A pickaxe
Astrixz Danzy
Astrixz Danzy преди 2 дни
Reyana Louise Sanchez
Reyana Louise Sanchez преди 2 дни
Dont call them noob maybe Oops pro hacker/hacked
Emmanuel jericho Talampas
Emmanuel jericho Talampas преди 2 дни
Emmanuel jericho Talampas
Emmanuel jericho Talampas преди 2 дни
Pickaxe to sworf wtf
༒ Fʀɪᴛᴢ༒
༒ Fʀɪᴛᴢ༒ преди 2 дни
its a pickaxe not a sword
Fabio Barbieri
Fabio Barbieri преди 2 дни
4:29 I drop a pick
Fabio Barbieri
Fabio Barbieri преди 2 дни
not a sword
Kimmet PL
Kimmet PL преди 2 дни
dream is cheater becouse dream use scafold, technoblade don't use scafold
blur cube
blur cube преди 3 дни
4:26 dang I think you said pick
Anne Aboga
Anne Aboga преди 3 дни
Alfred Las
Alfred Las преди 3 дни
Techonoblade is noob
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