Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) [Official Video] 

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Official video for "Calling My Phone" by Lil Tjay featuring 6LACK.
Lil Tjay 'Destined 2 Win' out now - liltjay.lnk.to/Destined2Win
Amazon Music - LilTjay.lnk.to/CallingMyPhone/amazonmusic
Apple Music - LilTjay.lnk.to/CallingMyPhone/applemusic
Audiomack - LilTjay.lnk.to/CallingMyPhone/audiomack
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iTunes - LilTjay.lnk.to/CallingMyPhone/itunes
Soundcloud - LilTjay.lnk.to/CallingMyPhone/soundcloud
Spotify - LilTjay.lnk.to/CallingMyPhone/spotify
BGbin Music - LilTjay.lnk.to/CallingMyPhone/youtubemusic
Director: Cam Busby
Cinematographer: Sam Brave
Producer: James Sibio, Jay Tauzin, Saul Levitz
Production Company: Golden Child Media
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11.02.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay преди 8 дни
'DESTINED 2 WIN' OUT NOW !! liltjay.lnk.to/Destined2Win
Blism 904
Blism 904 преди 49 минути
Mann I gotta give it to u lil bro this hitting
Antoniyo warren
Antoniyo warren преди 5 часа
Doodie Marie
Doodie Marie преди 9 часа
BG BadGuy
BG BadGuy преди ден
DshineDaHardest23 преди ден
Tyler Presswood
Tyler Presswood преди 7 минути
This hit different
Drippy Swagger
Drippy Swagger преди 4 минути
Maria Davis
Maria Davis преди 13 минути
Steady call my phone I told u before it was over 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kary king
Kary king преди 36 минути
Naver trusting a next bitch 💔😴
Shay-dawg 38 gaming
Shay-dawg 38 gaming преди 38 минути
bruh this song got a nice uppercut for yo feelings
Chi Unknown
Chi Unknown преди 44 минути
They keep cockblocking me man, wtf
SmokeAFatJ 561_YT
SmokeAFatJ 561_YT преди 45 минути
👈Slammin in my Chevy Blazer 2 15s no 💨 👇
NBA ALL STAR 16 преди 58 минути
This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kaiyah Deed
Kaiyah Deed преди 58 минути
Love u lil tjay♥️
Kathleen A Burns
Kathleen A Burns преди час
Shandow__FF преди час
This songs a VIBE when ever I listen to This I want A bbq Outside 👇
amøøn преди час
Only if tik tok didnt exist
Janette Chue
Janette Chue преди час
His voice is everything
ZaZa Show
ZaZa Show преди 2 часа
Ok da I can’t get u off my mind part is WOOOOOOO who singing det cuz they voice sound beautiful🤪
Kayleigh Floyd
Kayleigh Floyd преди 2 часа
Mikey did it way better
sharon lewis
sharon lewis преди 2 часа
This song hits the heart i love this song so much❤💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
sharon lewis
sharon lewis преди 2 часа
This a good song
michael jones
michael jones преди 2 часа
This was so hard i kept listening to this song everyday this i been listening to this when it first came out and this song got me singing and nodding my head at the same time Like it up if yall cant wait for the coronavirus to end so we can have more fun instead of being stuck in the house bored on electronics i hope it ends before next year at least 🔥💯🧊🤑😎✌️.
Chocolate Jones
Chocolate Jones преди 2 часа
Thank you for making this.. Helps me through the day as of lately.
Kizirjuro Kun
Kizirjuro Kun преди 3 часа
I fucking love this song his voice is so perfect
Mariana преди 3 часа
Claire Bocquet
Claire Bocquet преди 3 часа
Claudia Frazier
Claudia Frazier преди 3 часа
tromitizzed hopein it dont rain no more
Ariah Chanthavong
Ariah Chanthavong преди 4 часа
Sry but micky versions better
shakara burk
shakara burk преди 4 часа
Alfred Lugo
Alfred Lugo преди 4 часа
The cautious karate multivariately supply because dead sadly whirl mid a calm volcano. imaginary, able hydrant
VIneeth8_ Roblox
VIneeth8_ Roblox преди 4 часа
this song never gets too old
Alvin Cares
Alvin Cares преди 4 часа
I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. (Isaiah 66:4 [KJV]) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:15 [KJV]) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV]) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27 [KJV])
Hershonda Ellis
Hershonda Ellis преди 4 часа
Everything about this soug I love it can't get it out my head or ear's!!!
Stingley Vondesha
Stingley Vondesha преди 4 часа
i use this son for my fortnte monntge it was so sick
Armando Rivas
Armando Rivas преди 4 часа
Not going to lie first song I like from him. Cracking in the the West
Regina King
Regina King преди 4 часа
Love it
Julian Miller
Julian Miller преди 4 часа
Damn I wish I was dead my girl keeps calling me my ex actually I see your name every single where f*** help me
pete jone
pete jone преди 5 часа
This song is cool
Mari Blanco
Mari Blanco преди 5 часа
Mira roblox world
Mira roblox world преди 5 часа
Funny Shorts
Funny Shorts преди 5 часа
Bro the Mackey mouse version is good
Roselyn Floyd
Roselyn Floyd преди 5 часа
I like her hair
Princexae !
Princexae ! преди 6 часа
Keep tjay alive bro
Dabid Ernandes
Dabid Ernandes преди 7 часа
Lil tj is shit
Mysterious Gamer
Mysterious Gamer преди 7 часа
This song hits harder than my mum's slap 😂😂😁
Rb Pingu
Rb Pingu преди 7 часа
Ryan scipio
Hanna Bryant
Hanna Bryant преди 7 часа
Pobre Q
Pobre Q преди 7 часа
Lil tjay trash
Dream SMP Characters be like
Dream SMP Characters be like преди 7 часа
Better than you have ever tried
D Huggz
D Huggz преди 7 часа
Dakota Finch
Dakota Finch преди 8 часа
I swear to god this is the hardest song ive ever heard.
Roccstar Tru
Roccstar Tru преди 8 часа
Juice Boxxx
Juice Boxxx преди 8 часа
Edan Thompson
Edan Thompson преди 9 часа
Lil tjay is the best even fn is still a fire song this is the best keep going lil tjay
Love u lil tjay❤❣
Eddy Cervantea
Eddy Cervantea преди 9 часа
Vibin 04/10/21
Kyser преди 9 часа
"you put me through some things that done changed my aura" damn ain't that the truth
RalphSimmz преди 9 часа
my girl broke up w me to “work on herself” 2 weeks later wants me to take her back with open arms . this shit hits different when i hear it now 😭
Famille Tcheuyap
Famille Tcheuyap преди 9 часа
45million viewsssss
I Shark Vibes
I Shark Vibes преди 10 часа
Lol I found this on Snapchat
Moana Lei
Moana Lei преди 10 часа
6LACK is my favorite part. His words are always so good and I love his voice 😍
African Girl
African Girl преди 10 часа
Nice song buddy of mine played it yesterday night 👑💚💜🖤💚🎶🎶🔥
Callme_josee RANE
Callme_josee RANE преди 10 часа
I did not need to discover this song today lol
NEOXZINHO преди 10 часа
Viciei demais nessa musica , culpa do Tom toledo !
Jan преди 11 часа
Am I the only one who thinks that the harmony between tjay and the girls in his videos is very very good?
Juan Juan Miranda Miranda
Juan Juan Miranda Miranda преди 11 часа
Brother sus
Devon Lofton
Devon Lofton преди 11 часа
L Mk O.0.m I j 8
Itz _Sxbiha
Itz _Sxbiha преди 11 часа
I fucking love this song
frxst преди 11 часа
Who heard this leaked before it was even out 👀, still a fire song!
Sumeya Mahamed Ma Ow
Sumeya Mahamed Ma Ow преди 12 часа
fire💥💥💥💥 its hard
NE 1
NE 1 преди 12 часа
Tjay’s music vids are always like movies
erica perez
erica perez преди 12 часа
The workable fir unsurprisingly count because arch family continue mid a amused bee. wholesale, jumpy mice
Janvier Burke
Janvier Burke преди 12 часа
I live you Teja songs
ZEROPAC преди 12 часа
Robert Carranza
Robert Carranza преди 12 часа
Waiting on your king, you can wait some more
Ashar преди 12 часа
that intro lyric hits
Romo Roblox Kalubi
Romo Roblox Kalubi преди 13 часа
Lil tjay I GOT a question Do you like Rapping or singing?
Dereneka Smith
Dereneka Smith преди 13 часа
His so hard emotional
Wlloppo Ahmed
Wlloppo Ahmed преди 13 часа
From Somalia ✔️🥃🥃🍷🍸🍾😌
MENTOR C преди 13 часа
I love this dude! Amazing singer
The bull
The bull преди 13 часа
Bro get out of here this is next level
Mackenzie-Rai Taiters
Mackenzie-Rai Taiters преди 13 часа
This is good but bro I've lost all faith in music that I'm back to old school music
Ntandoyakhe Sibanda
Ntandoyakhe Sibanda преди 14 часа
It's fine
Brandon Takawira
Brandon Takawira преди 14 часа
this song is fire
DaafPro преди 15 часа
I can't get you off my mind 🎶
Chyna21 H
Chyna21 H преди 15 часа
My gaming channel
My gaming channel преди 15 часа
Romo Roblox Kalubi
Romo Roblox Kalubi преди 15 часа
It went on Capital Xtra
ramon diaz
ramon diaz преди 15 часа
I can get you up my mind
edits_and_ quotes
edits_and_ quotes преди 15 часа
Who think rapstar better
Todd Pattinson-Carter
Todd Pattinson-Carter преди 16 часа
Adam Almarez
Adam Almarez преди 16 часа
2013 Vibes 🤞🏼
一切正常 преди 17 часа
Awesome ❤️
Akira Jovan
Akira Jovan преди 17 часа
The merciful june relatively bow because agenda generally shiver without a better act. tenuous, hoc correspondent
Milli преди 17 часа
I only downloaded this song cuz 6lack is on here❤️
Jely Begum
Jely Begum преди 18 часа
Polo g or lil Tjay
II Intensity Clan
II Intensity Clan преди 18 часа
I Love You song i play this every night
Driftin Produciendo
Driftin Produciendo преди 18 часа
chad преди 18 часа
whats 1:45 @
Eli Kee
Eli Kee преди 19 часа
Bro the is is my fav out of the album and run it up
clinton sly
clinton sly преди 19 часа
FoRTniTE CLippeD To ThE taGe
Josh W W
Josh W W преди 19 часа
Bro what if we just made a giant gc on snap for all the sad bois (and girls) lowkey I’m down....add me joshlanka
Brian Banda
Brian Banda преди 19 часа
And enjoy your spring break byebye everyone have a great weekend 😂😂😂❤❤🥰🥰🥰💜💜💞💞😋😋
Brian Banda
Brian Banda преди 19 часа
Same this song is so cute 💞💞💜💜🥰🥰❤❤😂😂 have a great weekend mr tjay
Vdo Griffin
Vdo Griffin преди 19 часа
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