Inside Justin Bieber's Tour Bus | GQ 

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When you spend as much time on the road as Justin Bieber does, having a place that feels like home to go to after every performance is a welcome refuge. Join us as he shows us around his tour bus that features a steam shower and infrared sauna.
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Inside Justin Bieber's Tour Bus | GQ

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13.04.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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GQ преди 5 месеца
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Prince Hlomani
Prince Hlomani преди 4 дни
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma преди месец
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Oh Kay
Oh Kay преди месец
His sweatshirt looks GQ
Anemal Demo Music
Anemal Demo Music преди месец
Mine Lox
Mine Lox преди 2 месеца
bgbin.info/code/video/nHdrsXmUtZ6tksw.html .
Pink Bunny
Pink Bunny преди 12 часа
OMG like it is soooo big my bed room is smaller than that bedroom
Annisa Putri
Annisa Putri преди 17 часа
Jalan Kita Yock ... !!! X' Lian Pomseeeck Kitaa ... Ntaar Stayl Fashion Kek Ginie Aku ... Aku Baru Belanja/Shoping ... Barang2 Dari Luar Negri/Breinded ... Sumpah ... Gack Bohoong ... Janji ... 😂😂😂😂😂
T&S Gang T&S Gang
T&S Gang T&S Gang преди ден
Which bus has a sauna, well this I guess
Trev & Anna
Trev & Anna преди ден
Im confuse cause when he uses the toilet where does the waste go?
TERA3515 преди ден
You know you’ve made it when you can take a hotel room on a tour bus
Jan Jan
Jan Jan преди ден
Im so convinced he was born a she
Meshach Constantine
Meshach Constantine преди ден
Give this to a homeless man I dare you
ruthagood преди 2 дни
The mtivational wallpaper at 0:42 makes me realize even world singer needs it.
Fucc Yoo
Fucc Yoo преди 2 дни
This video just makes me realize how crazy rich people are. Working a regular job just feels like I’m going nowhere in life lol
Rarebreeds 11u
Rarebreeds 11u преди 2 дни
Remember when he was singing on youtube.....now he's big time.
Zak Tighe
Zak Tighe преди 3 дни
This is an amazing use of space
prachi bhagat
prachi bhagat преди 3 дни
yo his bus is bigger than my whole house
Prince Hlomani
Prince Hlomani преди 4 дни
ImSoShaniece преди 4 дни
Such a nice tour bus.
beturpo преди 6 дни
the end 😍😍😍
PerfectSoldieR96 преди 6 дни
Is he even protective when he’s sleeping? Do the other part of the band have space to sleep too?
Chepe Beto
Chepe Beto преди 6 дни
I’m a man but I don’t mind saying it, Justin looks just like a sweet nice guy.
AKA trax
AKA trax преди 6 дни
This mini bus house is richer than my country
Hải và Film
Hải và Film преди 7 дни
The tv is showing a hockey match. ahhh, Canadian :))
Devansh Dhiman
Devansh Dhiman преди 7 дни
Intro sound name please!
Bun преди 7 дни
JB adult is so chill and calm now🙃
joy115 преди 8 дни
An infared sauna on a tour bus...wow!
Brandon Bliznick
Brandon Bliznick преди 8 дни
Ashley That He Bus
Brandon Bliznick
Brandon Bliznick преди 8 дни
He does his Boss
Brandon Bliznick
Brandon Bliznick преди 8 дни
Wow Justin Bieber he got he's Van he got a room he got a bed he got the couch and you get a TV he also he got a fireplace hiccup many awesome Van and then that's it he get to go anyway happy Monday please enjoy it
Brandon Bliznick
Brandon Bliznick преди 8 дни
Brandon Bliznick
Brandon Bliznick
Brandon Bliznick преди 8 дни
Brandon Bliznick BGbin channel my BGbin video
Brandon Bliznick
Brandon Bliznick преди 8 дни
Brandon Bliznick
Barbara преди 8 дни
we share the clothes. I have to admit that I strongly envy his wife
Devansh Dhiman
Devansh Dhiman преди 9 дни
Tell me the intro sound pls
Anand Gottipati
Anand Gottipati преди 9 дни
His bus is better than my house
rumple преди 9 дни
Both justin and the general audience matured, it takes two sides for a mutual sympathy and understanding.
Izzy Polcari
Izzy Polcari преди 9 дни
Hey GQ why don't you do a story not on justin bieber and his over priced tour "bus" .
Ken Achazia
Ken Achazia преди 9 дни
This is not a bus this is an rv
Dinkydoo преди 10 дни
It's an A Class Motorhome, not a bus. It's fancy, but the Indycar racers', like the Andretti's, are way more impressive. Have never been a Bieber fan, however, I think I like him more as an adult.
Trâm Trần
Trâm Trần преди 10 дни
Ky Saga
Ky Saga преди 10 дни
This bus is so much fancier than my own house lol
Nico falcetta
Nico falcetta преди 11 дни
That tour van was awesome
Mridul Talukdar
Mridul Talukdar преди 11 дни
V преди 11 дни
I bet he gets high and lays in his bed and watches TV like gets so high like high high. Love you Justin your real
Anaya Diyanah Khan
Anaya Diyanah Khan преди 12 дни
Okay that's Not a bus that's a house bus
Brett Troeger
Brett Troeger преди 12 дни
Bus sucks lol - looks like a place my nana would get a perm or whatever the gum ball head heat thing is haha
Fyb raines
Fyb raines преди 14 дни
cleanest bus i EVER seen yo💫🔥
gi..?! преди 14 дни
wow cool
Vhf hellas 86
Vhf hellas 86 преди 14 дни
Amazing! bgbin.info/code/video/aomZiKK4xbjVaZ0.html
Nuran El Rashidy
Nuran El Rashidy преди 15 дни
He has fine taste , i love that the bus is beige
AEK Learning
AEK Learning преди 15 дни
He is still spendin lot of times In Canada that's why he's sounds different btw I don't think so that he's really get that amazin bus
killa преди 15 дни
justin said it, RGB matters bois
DF WORKS преди 15 дни
Calum Brook Nicolson
Calum Brook Nicolson преди 16 дни
Just a Hooman On Internet
Just a Hooman On Internet преди 16 дни
This is bigger than my big a$$ room lol 🤣🤣
HardwareAddiction преди 16 дни
Money doesn't buy you happiness. It buys CRAZY happiness.
Lacy Dobson
Lacy Dobson преди 17 дни
love how its nicer than my house its okay tho man
Ron Downey
Ron Downey преди 17 дни
I'm sorry about the maple leafs😢
Ron Downey
Ron Downey преди 17 дни
Yo cool
Michelle Arntzen
Michelle Arntzen преди 17 дни
This bus is bigger than my apartment.
Rayyan Rah
Rayyan Rah преди 17 дни
This bus will be just like a normal bus for rich in future
VainGloryParaNoobs преди 18 дни
no sé ustedes, pero justin se ve re buena onda
Amiri Parks
Amiri Parks преди 19 дни
Love it...👏👏👏😍
ViRrOorR преди 19 дни
an hour and a half show similar to an proffessional athlete?? cmon now
JIll Clark
JIll Clark преди 19 дни
Give Justin a big…………………………………………cut g
Nguyễn Hoài Thu
Nguyễn Hoài Thu преди 19 дни
i think u should decrease music's volume
N . Play
N . Play преди 19 дни
What's the intro song's name?
GameR Playz YT
GameR Playz YT преди 20 дни
Everyone:justin is so humble and different than he was before Me: This bus is fancier and more expensive than my entire house
HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama
Hailey makes JB a better person
HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama
That cute picture of justin and hailey tho and how he said they tend to share clothes🥺
the best Dude ever
the best Dude ever преди 20 дни
Is it Bussin Janelle?
Edward Ford
Edward Ford преди 20 дни
Justin cool
Michelle Verdugo
Michelle Verdugo преди 20 дни
We share clothes
OLD BOY преди 20 дни
bgbin.info/code/video/amyrcaet3MfLbZk.html STAY - OLD BOY REMIX
ArushAviation преди 21 ден
Gimme that
issac moreno
issac moreno преди 21 ден
everyone saying “oh he matured” or “oh he’s different” like duh he become an adult he’s not a kid no more 😂😂
Anni преди 22 дни
This ain't tour bus . For me this is mini house where I can live my in cozy way😛
Karim He
Karim He преди 22 дни
He so poor 😞
Nickozix преди 22 дни
This bus is bigger than my house for real lol
Remington Washington
Remington Washington преди 22 дни
Looks much bigger inside than the outside!!!
Tanmay S
Tanmay S преди 22 дни
Most positive comment section ever on Justin Bieber video
Ray Henderson
Ray Henderson преди 23 дни
The defeated athlete subsequently tour because alarm understandably whip about a rampant cicada. sleepy, fancy color
Reckz RS
Reckz RS преди 23 дни
Why’s his bus better than my whole house
lati преди 23 дни
Justin sleeps in the bed in a bus while travelling And I sleep in my cars small back seat And thats why I vommit
Salvatore Bruno
Salvatore Bruno преди 23 дни
How do you go to school? By bus
Joshua 38
Joshua 38 преди 23 дни
I liked the video, but he just said singing for 1.5 hours is equivalent to a professional athlete. Are you serious? You sing. You don't get tackled by 250lb linemen or 325lb D-linemen. You don't run up and down a court for 48 minutes. You don't run a soccer pitch for 90 minutes, baseball, well that is probably less strenuous, martial arts? Not even close. It would be like a badminton match between two non-professionals at best. You're singing. Sure you're working up a sweat and hurting your vocal chords, but don't compare it to pro athletes. I do like how Justin has began to act and carry himself. Very respectful and down to earth, so i can't hate on the guy, but i had to call him out on that.
Joshua 38
Joshua 38 преди 23 дни
Glad he became humble, not that he wasn't but still. Seems like he's trying to clean up his act and I respect him for that. Not a Justin Bieber fan whatsoever though
Senpai преди 23 дни
Idk why but he seems kinda depressed.
Vincent Pasceri
Vincent Pasceri преди 24 дни
Really not THAT impressive. Though , it is MUCH NICER than my tour bus .
Rajvardhan Malavi
Rajvardhan Malavi преди 24 дни
You don't need house if you have Bus like this 😁
Chamchi Mayo
Chamchi Mayo преди 24 дни
Justin Bieber ~~
Stefi jose
Stefi jose преди 24 дни
We jelena fans don't ever like hailey's pic inside his tour bus😤😬😬
Runishma Ks
Runishma Ks преди 24 дни
Wait sauna in a bus ….🙄
Adhil Muhammed
Adhil Muhammed преди 24 дни
Justin 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ventagalla преди 25 дни
even tho he looks like a bus driver
Ladymaria1984 Maria
Ladymaria1984 Maria преди 25 дни
Stabil Justin 👍😃
Joel Everett
Joel Everett преди 26 дни
This is a bus right
Liza An
Liza An преди 26 дни
So cool
Liza An
Liza An преди 26 дни
Mewah bgt
DON CANETE преди 26 дни
Hi GQ. Here is my reaction. bgbin.info/code/video/n2mbnZqpyq7Mmp0.html Thank you.
MenMetal14 преди 26 дни
Su autobús está mejor que cualquier casa de un latinoamericano promedio. :'(
Genevieve777 преди 26 дни
If He didn’t Turn his Life to Jesus- we ain’t gonna watch this amazing , Blessed Video.. To God be The Glory🙏❤️
Jutin bieber
Jutin bieber преди 18 дни
I hope you are having a good day?Thanks for being my a fan, liking my page, and for the support you showered on me, I hope you never stop listening to my music🥰 and watching my musical videos😘,Drop your hangout, to talk more better
Cedric Gwada
Cedric Gwada преди 26 дни
Mr. Justin calms down, he becomes an adult👍🏻 this magnificent motorhome is much more reasonable than everything else, there is a certain "freedom" ... the decoration is modern, sober, bright😍. Happiness and health.
Junior Sosa
Junior Sosa преди 26 дни
Diana Weiner
Diana Weiner преди 27 дни
You have nice hair
Diana Weiner
Diana Weiner преди 27 дни
He ha sthe life
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