HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5 

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Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!

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WARNING: for horse!

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Episode Three ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rghsg...
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30.04.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Vivziepop преди месец
HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► bgbin.info/code/video/gKKWoH_T0snJi5k.html Episode One ► bgbin.info/code/video/lqKUiHTJrcyshp0.html Episode Two ► bgbin.info/code/video/nKajr4PImJyafrY.html Episode Three ► bgbin.info/code/video/g52dq5jMwLHHnMw.html Episode Four ► bgbin.info/code/video/YpB7q5a6ttPNedA.html
Zane Luevano
Zane Luevano преди ден
I'm patient but when will episode 6 come out next week 2 weeks 3 weeks hopefully it will be in the next months or so
Braxton Forbes
Braxton Forbes преди 9 дни
Is there gonna be anymore episodes?
Random Fan
Random Fan преди 14 дни
Hellhound _17
Hellhound _17 преди 29 дни
It’s A Norman Reedus No it’s a Darrel NO ITS STRIKER
Pokemaniac преди месец
Just wanted to say you are doing awesome with the animation
thomasabramson100 преди 7 минути
Vizziepop just wondering when you plan to release the next episode ?????
KingTheProtogen преди 47 минути
oh shit
Norma Watson
Norma Watson преди час
Who else just keep watching this and knows sally Mae is trans
phallyn pennington
phallyn pennington преди час
I love how Moxxie talks about how good he is at singing then Striker starts singing
Satsuma 363
Satsuma 363 преди 2 часа
Viviziepop probado de su propio veneno
King Goetia
King Goetia преди час
Sabes que la serie va a seguir ¿Verdad?
landoverlord преди 2 часа
Rddr Par
Rddr Par преди 2 часа
For the sake of everything unholy stop say when is episode 6 coming wait dammit animations take time art design voice and everything else just stop please stop say when the next episode coming it a miracle that episodes come once a month
eazy yee26
eazy yee26 преди 2 часа
aurelia schroeder
aurelia schroeder преди 2 часа
Can anyone here explain how there are a royal family here and in hasbin hotel? Like are there just two royal families in hell? Are these two both in the same canonical universe or are they different? Someone please
I comment Peoples vidoes
I comment Peoples vidoes преди 2 часа
Both in the same universe, but in different rings of hell.
Omarri Mcmillan
Omarri Mcmillan преди 3 часа
Mom Can We have ratatoing No we have ratatoing Ratatoing:
Michael Lincoln
Michael Lincoln преди 4 часа
9:06 " *MOTHER FU-* " This sent me
boliviano pooper
boliviano pooper преди 4 часа
it's been a month since Scott cawthon left five nights at freddy's
el pibe de piel amarilla
el pibe de piel amarilla преди 4 часа
#standbyscott 🖕
impasta преди 10 минути
What does this have to do with the show?
Digital art by me ._. !!!
Digital art by me ._. !!! преди 5 часа
When will the next episode be released? :>
GWENDOLYN BOI преди 5 часа
dont make fun of us baby hands they may be small but we can still.... punch you, it wont hurt, BUT WE CAN
GeeklyDerp преди 5 часа
This episode seemed very framie in parts
JollyRanger преди 6 часа
When is ep 6 coming?
durasno uwu
durasno uwu преди 6 часа
Holis me encanta helluva BOSS ... pero que paso con hazbin hotel
King Goetia
King Goetia преди 3 часа
Vivziepop vendió la serie hacia la empresa A-24 :(
Kizo преди 6 часа
Ugly_Banana преди 6 часа
I can't wait for ep 6
Amela Ikic
Amela Ikic преди 6 часа
make animation 𝘍𝘈𝘚𝘛𝘌𝘙!
Amela Ikic
Amela Ikic преди 6 часа
Do i have to wait 1 month for new episode?!
Rddr Par
Rddr Par преди 2 часа
Yeah animations is a pain I tired once and it was a while
ryelab преди 5 часа
It's either 1 or 2 but the next one is gonna take longer
Fandomplanet_2 преди 6 часа
It’s sad how like most people either harass or bully Moxie.
Kim преди 7 часа
Its the fact she's hiring a hit on her husband infront of his face XD
Z-GAS преди 7 часа
I have waiting for Ep. 6 For almost 2 months I need episode 6 (Take your Time Vivziepop)
Evan преди 7 часа
My man's literally got the golden rinnegan.
Kristie Robbins
Kristie Robbins преди 8 часа
Plz add agoti to helluva boss
AHshadowday преди 8 часа
Make a episode where luna fights sombody
McLovin преди 9 часа
Axolotl Brayden
Axolotl Brayden преди 9 часа
When’s the next Ep
some chupacabra with internet access
i don't know who vivzie is but i hope she is having a great day
ring boys
ring boys преди 10 часа
Are helluva boss and hazbin hotel in same hell and if they are 14:35 i realy realy realy want to know how would they deal with alastor
Reese преди 8 часа
yes they're in the same Hell but they won't meet with each other.
LEO PANTAS преди 10 часа
How on earth did you guys manage to get Daryl from the Walking Dead here? That’s incredible!
Isabella Cuellar
Isabella Cuellar преди 10 часа
I’m not just a hell hand “yeah she’s my daughter
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson преди 10 часа
So they skimped out on the animation for most of the episode and then make 11:10 look great? Hmm
SwiftyShifty преди 11 часа
Man i sure do love the people from twitter max disliking because of vivsie supporting scott.
kamuno77 преди 11 часа
im such a huge fan of helluva boss, i really wanna get a tattoo of blitz
NightFighter преди 11 часа
Me and the homies waiting for episode 6: 👁👄👁 🌀👄🌀 💩👄💩 💪🏻👁👄👁👉🏻
Обкуренный комар
Обкуренный комар преди 11 часа
What if Satan is a woman? I want it. I think it will very cool.
xxjorgexx908 преди 12 часа
Why Scott 😔
Rddr Par
Rddr Par преди 2 часа
People are a way we sometimes want to pull out trouble to a other person so they don’t get in trouble we should blow this off after a few weeks everybody is not a angel we are big jerks
King Goetia
King Goetia преди 8 часа
Why ?
Benny P. Baril
Benny P. Baril преди 12 часа
How is this not a tv show!!
Dark Red
Dark Red преди 13 часа
Still waiting for episode 6
Ria преди 12 часа
So am i
Octavian Joseph
Octavian Joseph преди 13 часа
Not necessarily important but..... Uh, what is blitz eating during striker's song performance?
Ria преди 12 часа
Eh he just wants food maybe ?
Almond 49
Almond 49 преди 13 часа
Owl mommy is so pretty
Ria преди 12 часа
Her name is stella and the owl daddy whos cheating on the owl mom is named stolas and that demon which is the main character of the show is blitzo
Ria преди 12 часа
Yeah I hate stella but she is pretty though
bob the forklift expert
bob the forklift expert преди 13 часа
I respect striker he kicked a women in the face
Gamovie Studios
Gamovie Studios преди 14 часа
When first watching this episode I was thinking to myself how the frame rate for certain scenes is lower than average, but once I saw all those 3D scenes and processed how much 3D animation costs in a show like this I'm honestly just happy we got an episode at all... Support your local Vivziepop peoples.
Ryan Connors
Ryan Connors преди 14 часа
When’s the next episode
Kaluna Inthisorn
Kaluna Inthisorn преди 14 часа
Still waiting
Poggers Champ
Poggers Champ преди 14 часа
Vivziepop is basically Piemations if he can make his animation look like a child’s cartoon and makes everyone have any sexuality except Hetero
jade from the outside world
jade from the outside world преди 15 часа
striker and rattlesnake jake are long lost siblings i think /nsrs
Rita Vaquera
Rita Vaquera преди 17 часа
Hey vivziepop can I ask you a question? Is anglesust a female or a male
Rddr Par
Rddr Par преди 2 часа
Yeah he has a thing down there
Khanzy преди 15 часа
it's a guy
Ветрогонка Дриимурр
When is next episode?
GOOSEMAN117 преди 18 часа
9:09 is just perfect
The lonely lesbian
The lonely lesbian преди 18 часа
Must own the horse
{*Pollito kawaii*}
{*Pollito kawaii*} преди 19 часа
Hi....just that :)
TIMELESS_TEARS преди 19 часа
*le animation being so damn smooth* Me: *simps for a fucking animation sequence*
Head crab the bird demon
Head crab the bird demon преди 19 часа
oh fuck yes edit: i just notidst blizo gos in to full demon forme
Daybreak преди 21 час
I have questions. How are you born in a place made for dead people? And what happens when you die in hell? Do you just cease to exist? Idk. I may just be over thinking it
star riot
star riot преди 21 час
How did they get Norman Reedus himself To voice striker
Tanuki преди 21 час
Am I the only one who can't stand the insane southern drawl of Milly's voice? It feels like nails on a chalk board.
Silver wolf
Silver wolf преди 21 час
Suggestion:how about loona has a twin bro like blitzo and he is like my profile picture. So loona goes to one of the hound partys and meets her twin brother there that moxxie and milie adopt you guys and gals plan the rest
rainz6869 преди 22 часа
When is episode 6 🤔 😢 😭
Waveial преди 13 часа
Learn patience little timmy
Cadet Frazier
Cadet Frazier преди 22 часа
Well since you decided you want to get political and attack good people then play victim, I am out, I can't stand to watch your series anymore now knowing what kind of person you really are. You make good animations though and I hope you keep up the good work, but I will not be staying along for the ride as I had planned.
Rddr Par
Rddr Par преди 2 часа
Yeah a lot of famous people do that oddly we are all hypocrites at a time
Cadet Frazier
Cadet Frazier преди 6 часа
@Reese I am aware she was doxxed and I by no means believe that was the right thing to do but the hypocritical things she was saying and is trying to cover up were fucked
Reese преди 8 часа
@Cadet Frazier she had nothing to do with it. she said her OPINION on the situation. plus she didn't attack him, she didn't ASK people to attack/harass him or anything like that. you blindly assumed she started this shit WHEN SHE DIDN'T. she also acknowledges that her take was bad, but you don't care. you don't care that she was DOXXED for this. it's good that you left because you weren't a true supporter to begin with.
Cadet Frazier
Cadet Frazier преди 13 часа
@Sarah Kelly The Scott Cawthon controversy
Thatchysaurus преди 18 часа
Yakuza Fujiwara
Yakuza Fujiwara преди 23 часа
is season 1 over?? 🥺
impasta преди 4 минути
I think season 1 will have 8 episodes
swag mullenix
swag mullenix преди 20 часа
No, This episode will be 30 min. Long and they need another month so in July we’ll get it
Lulu_remz преди 21 час
No vivzie is making episode 6
Kayla Lavs
Kayla Lavs преди 23 часа
NORMAN REEDUS!?? Oh fuck....
INFPQ преди ден
Petition to get Stolas to say “Heavens to Blitzy!” some point in the show.
Leah Hinton
Leah Hinton преди ден
Ahhh l love my boyfriend for this ☠️😂😂😂♥️💙
RetroFanaminna преди ден
Can't wait for the next episode
John Alastair
John Alastair преди ден
Kinda forgot they were demons. All the screeches and hisses reminded me
AlD72 преди ден
1:54. Ever get the feeling that Blitzo's obession with Moxie and Millie goes beyond pervish voyeurism? I think he recognizes the love the two have for each other and wants to share in it somehow.
AlD72 преди ден
Such a great job here expounding on Striker's worldview and exploring the depth of the bond between Millie and Moxie. The best episode yet!
tord gameplay
tord gameplay преди ден
Vivzievop oh vivzievop because you made fun of scott's opinion it's just an opinion pls stop But we'll episode
O gosh well now I know stolas is gay eww
impasta преди 3 минути
Khanzy преди 15 часа
It took you this long to realise that?
Fans de Fnf Y Fnaf
Fans de Fnf Y Fnaf преди ден
scot te gana
Fans de Fnf Y Fnaf
Fans de Fnf Y Fnaf преди 2 часа
@King Goetia no tengo Bv
Panchowo преди 2 часа
@King Goetia movistar 😳
King Goetia
King Goetia преди 3 часа
Igual a nadie le importa mejor ve hacer tus tareas. (XD)
Panchowo преди ден
@Gabriel 785 XD
Gabriel 785
Gabriel 785 преди ден
Jajajaja no esperaba ver un comentario en español jjejej y tienes razon
Oblong_bweads преди ден
Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel Hazbin hotel
Astronomy Lights
Astronomy Lights преди ден
**People cancel Scott for being "homophobic"** Funtime Foxy: xD Toy Bonnie: ._.xD
Astronomy Lights
Astronomy Lights преди ден
@Julia Gómez Ahh ok xD
Julia Gómez
Julia Gómez преди ден
Man. I don't translate haha. Solo hablo inglés por que creí que tu idioma nativo era el inglés XD
Astronomy Lights
Astronomy Lights преди ден
@Julia Gómez No hace falta que traduzcas, hablo Español
Julia Gómez
Julia Gómez преди ден
Uh.. Didn't he just left by himself to spend time with his children and his wife?)
5TR4L3 преди ден
When is comming ep 6?
damian moreno
damian moreno преди ден
Probably this weekend
retard bro
retard bro преди ден
Joey Ford
Joey Ford преди ден
To all of you FNAF fanboys, why don't just piss off and get a life instead of being an immature toxic brat? smfh
Joey Ford
Joey Ford преди 23 часа
@Astronomy Lights That's totally okay, as long as you're not being toxic like the others, then you're fine. ;)
Astronomy Lights
Astronomy Lights преди ден
I'm a fnaf "fanboy", yes, but I also love Vivziepop's work, they are both great creators, and I support them both despite so much drama. So LoL
Caty преди ден
@Jimmy Bungalo the fnaf comunity kinda did some shit and viv got doxxed
Jimmy Bungalo
Jimmy Bungalo преди ден
BCM M преди ден
You guys might want to stay from Twitter for a bit with the shit y’all are doing. Which is tough to say cuz I enjoy this show
Rddr Par
Rddr Par преди 2 часа
Yeah Twitter is like a strong beer you want to use it but you know the risk anything can go wrong when your in there
gremlin117 преди ден
Feels like the animation is on 12's and 6's at some points :\
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin преди ден
Budget ran out unfortunately
Halbarand преди ден
Why do some demons have yellow teeth and others have white Do they not brush their teeth or something
Halbarand преди ден
@Joseph Stalin but its only the teeth Maybe whoever has white scars means damage to the body but maybe their teeth were damaged or something
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin преди ден
Different type of characters are gonna have different traits
Jillian Valentine
Jillian Valentine преди ден
Here's my top 20 voice actors to be in episode 6 for Helluva Boss. 1. Travis Willingham 2. Troy Baker 3. Catherine Taber 4. Liam O'Brien 5. Fred Tatasciore 6. Kari Wahlgren 7. Nolan North 8. Johnny Yong Bosch 9. Christopher Sabat 10. Isaac Singleton 11. Patrick Seitz 12. Steve Blum 13. Keith Silverstein 14. Derek Stephen Prince 15. Yuri Lowenthal 16. Joshua Seth 17. Robert McCollum 18. James Arnold Taylor 19. Phil LaMarr 20. Tom Kenny
Lulu_remz преди ден
Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami преди ден
When's episode 6 coming out?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin преди ден
Idk but it’s taking longer because it’s supposed to be the richest in plot
Fernando Remache
Fernando Remache преди ден
Tu partisipastes en la funa de scott te me caiste chava
King Goetia
King Goetia преди 3 часа
Lo que hizo vivziepop fue burlarse de la postura política de scott y como ella es famosa la Funaron los fans de fnaf, igual ella es una gran mujer y va a seguir adelante, solo espero que los de fnaf no hagan guerra hacia este fandon. (PAZ)
Gabriel 785
Gabriel 785 преди ден
Jajajaja otro comentario en español y tienes razón
Jay13 Plush Movies Productions
I Hate Helluva Boss So Much
Bully_Hunter_420 преди час
@Jay13 Plush Movies Productions Not bullying. Nothing I can do here
Jay13 Plush Movies Productions
Jay13 Plush Movies Productions преди 22 часа
@Joey Ford Yes
Julia Gómez
Julia Gómez преди ден
@Jay13 Plush Movies Productions I don't support cheating, It just.. sometimes (but rarely) sometimes there's a reason.. it's unforgivable.. but.. uh.. whatever.. I'm too sleepy to have an argue.
Jay13 Plush Movies Productions
@Julia Gómez Hmmmmm
Julia Gómez
Julia Gómez преди ден
@Jay13 Plush Movies Productions about cheating? It's his wife fault lmao. You have to analyze loo loo land's chapter last part.. when he tries to apologize to his daughter
Fugfill Sky
Fugfill Sky преди ден
Lmao- Talking of her victim in front of him xD
Cesar Rivera
Cesar Rivera преди ден
Ok I wasn't really feeling Helluva Boss but these last 2 episodes really stepped it up. Can't wait for episode 6!
OCD1 преди ден
Really nice I love this one probably my 2th best
COOLCATBRO79 Clowns преди ден
Am I the only one who likes it where blizo was next to the horse and watching it eat the meat from the pig creature
Isaac Brodeur
Isaac Brodeur преди ден
This webserie should have his own movie adaptation ! Is really good ! 😃
TwoTwoTwo✔️ преди ден
Scott cawton
BCM M преди 3 часа
@Reese Never thought she was, but she sure didn’t help things
Reese преди 8 часа
@BCM M Vivzie already addressed it on her Twitter and explained herself. People still think she's the reason Scott retired when she isn't.
BCM M преди ден
I doubt they’ll address it
Joey Ford
Joey Ford преди ден
Yeah, what about him?
Lisa B
Lisa B преди ден
Yoo I had the saddest theory, what if someone eventually killed Stolas and when Octavia heard abt it, the song he sang to her in ep 2 would softly play in the background🤭😭
CreepyCPJTK преди 8 часа
Don't imagine it, don't imagine it, don't imagine it, don't imagine it -AKSNOSNSK I'M IMAGINING IT AND NOW I'M SAD. Let's hope that doesn't happen...😧😧😦😦
Alvaro Garcia
Alvaro Garcia преди ден
Or worse, what if Octavia tries to get in the way of the bullet to save him and she dies in Stolas’ hands. Stella did say she doesn’t care about who has to die before Stolas can and she probably would be disappointed for a few seconds and just try to take the gun and shoot him.
Fnaf gaming Channel
Fnaf gaming Channel преди ден
Can you make episode 6??????
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin преди ден
It will it’s jsut taking longer as it richest in plot
Sue Ausborne
Sue Ausborne преди ден
"striker about to off stolas" "me" sir.....SIR "striker starts walking to me" "me" sir take one more step. Ill put a cap up ur A$$
Bozo Loz
Bozo Loz преди ден
When part 6
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin преди ден
And it’s supposed to be richest in plot
Rowland Falode
Rowland Falode преди ден
Just wait it’s not that easy to make animations if you want get any sneak peaks when the sneak peaks come just follow helluva boss in Twitter
Jaul potato
Jaul potato преди ден
generic youtuber
generic youtuber преди ден
i watched 17:24 near fifty times now tis so good
sall_. преди ден
ok but that owl when he said blitsy 👏😫
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