Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 Trailer REVERSED 

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This is the Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 Reversed.

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7.06.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Reversed преди месец
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Jazzy Abbassi
Jazzy Abbassi преди 4 дни
I used tour code but like I love it how the aliens just went like nope nope nope nope not fighting
Not actually British kid
Not actually British kid преди 26 дни
I will use it
Tashawn Rodriguez
Tashawn Rodriguez преди месец
I hate you
CJR PlAYS YT YT преди месец
I love it
Luciano badillo
Luciano badillo преди месец
Jazzy Abbassi
Jazzy Abbassi преди 4 дни
The aliens left :D
Envyxsツ преди 13 дни
That burp though 😂 at 0:33
Mariana Mendez
Mariana Mendez преди 15 дни
did the mothership abduct the Foundation.
Similezz преди 19 дни
DANG IT They knew we hated primal So They left because they wanted us to suffer with the primal weapons
itsmattzed преди 22 дни
Season 8 be like
Imakes Stuff
Imakes Stuff преди 24 дни
POV: it’s the end of season 7
Imakes Stuff
Imakes Stuff преди 24 дни
POV: it’s the end of season 7
I like fat Monkey
I like fat Monkey преди 25 дни
It looks like they are partying when the aliens leave
Hajra Nadeem
Hajra Nadeem преди 25 дни
Rick's eyes 😂
blah blah
blah blah преди 26 дни
RDR2 Gamer
RDR2 Gamer преди 26 дни
Nice people
Roushan Tariq
Roushan Tariq преди 27 дни
Support-a-Creator: default
Titan Ridesthehorse
Titan Ridesthehorse преди 28 дни
Everything after 0:36 is just silly
Chanel Pharms
Chanel Pharms преди 28 дни
I hate you for doing this don't do this again
J Mon
J Mon преди 28 дни
Looks like the alien's were putting back everything back where did weird stuff
The footy channel
The footy channel преди 28 дни
superman do be vibin on fortnite
Rergz JARYZ преди месец
0:33 lol
Voyager преди месец
End of season 7 be like
Liam Abad
Liam Abad преди месец
How chapter2 season 6 was made
The Maxinator Channel
The Maxinator Channel преди месец
If season seven was delayed be like
shadow squad
shadow squad преди месец
It looks like the Aliens are going away and they’re having a party for that
ur local pedo
ur local pedo преди месец
Rick scared them of with his berp
Poprostu_Loluseq преди месец
reversed= end season trailer xddd
Pubg Pros
Pubg Pros преди месец
Foundation be like!! Ahh shit!! Here we go again!! 😂😂
Samme Marcel
Samme Marcel преди месец
I like how she was speaking alien language on the news
bright Banana
bright Banana преди месец
This video existing also Morty: snaps backwords
LSM STUDIOS преди месец
Its almost perfect reversed . Just the helicopter reversing is a bit odd
Drista :3
Drista :3 преди месец
russian peeli
Abdullah преди месец
thats kayo in valorant look at him not superman the other guy the robot
Jignesh Chavda
Jignesh Chavda преди месец
It was like alian bringed the spire
Jayden Wu
Jayden Wu преди месец
The good ending & The bad ending
NDEYS B преди месец
Fortnite s18
152xdemons преди месец
it looks like the last day of the season the aliens leave but put the spire back
Olivier Frusciante
Olivier Frusciante преди месец
It looks like their making the spire
Claudio Paixão
Claudio Paixão преди месец
Imagine if this was the live event
عبدالله قنت عدي
عبدالله قنت عدي преди месец
ههههههه احسن
Maksim Matjaszewski
Maksim Matjaszewski преди месец
It’s like your just keeping season six right now
Manbearpigss преди месец
0:19 POV: The aliens decide they don't want the zero point
Jakub Amborski
Jakub Amborski преди месец
Mothership be like:boring I'm out
Elijah Jones
Elijah Jones преди месец
Hello 🐶
Fahad AAA
Fahad AAA преди месец
0:24 Rick is confused like he is saying why they are going 0:37 this like a movie like an ending music the aliens give up we win let’s celebrate 0:50 superman said ok they are gone time to get back to work
Terrance Willis, Jr
Terrance Willis, Jr преди месец
It looked like they were having a party when the UFO was gon
Tomato Bread
Tomato Bread преди месец
When it’s backwards it looks like the aliens are invading the island
Inserte Un Nombre
Inserte Un Nombre преди месец
Without sound this trailer views normal Except 1:20
Colorraze преди месец
Yo this looks like the mother ship is going back
Inposter преди месец
No season 7 today boy
DL SoyzZ
DL SoyzZ преди месец
Joseph Junior Foncha
Joseph Junior Foncha преди месец
It actually matches
Joseph Junior Foncha
Joseph Junior Foncha преди месец
Looke like alien r leaving and theyre happy
XSQuatro преди месец
This is better than the normal trailer
Killer Kay 1
Killer Kay 1 преди месец
Once the invasion is over 0:43
Loool dogs
Loool dogs преди месец
Some parts look better the other way around
Green apple
Green apple преди месец
The foundation: *im in the highest in the room*
#youtubewatcher! преди месец
Great! The aliens are helping!
titarno преди месец
Ils sont repartis sans crier gare
Ben Cha
Ben Cha преди месец
Super man is literally playing Fortnite as batman.
Kia Ruggieri
Kia Ruggieri преди месец
Hat: flys of the farmers head Also hat: sike im coming back
Iᴏɴxɪɪ_Oғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ преди месец
It looks like the alien's make the zero point tower lol
Alec Kouyoumdjian
Alec Kouyoumdjian преди месец
Fortnites safe. For now
Slimdoggins преди месец
End of season trailer
Eh I’m Alex tho
Eh I’m Alex tho преди месец
The Aliens left the island to study the foundation
don't simp or I shoot
don't simp or I shoot преди месец
Javen Lupa
Javen Lupa преди месец
the aliens look like they are saving the world
Tawshif Craft
Tawshif Craft преди месец
That’s cool and Rick burped
Mahad преди месец
The foundation pulled out a uni reverse card while in the water
Aaron Myers
Aaron Myers преди месец
Why are these so interesting
Kayla Polega
Kayla Polega преди месец
RS GAMING преди месец
Bro can you please give me a 100 V bucks
Perla Bernal Armenta
Perla Bernal Armenta преди месец
super man be playing fortnite bat man skin
TRICKWUID преди месец
the aliens came to restore the map
BlackReaper преди месец
Ricks plan actually worked!
Starship Gaming
Starship Gaming преди месец
This works both ways
The Bowling’s
The Bowling’s преди месец
How the spire really arrived
Billy Daly
Billy Daly преди месец
Alens like imma head out and superman like putting his glasses back on like phew
~peaches~ преди месец
It is looking like the aliens are leaving 😂
David_Ger2004 преди месец
This fucking 2 seconds silent at 0:25 xD -the aliens flying away everyone celebrate
Gaurdian _Goose
Gaurdian _Goose преди месец
This doesn’t deserve 1.5 million views
Ressh Plays
Ressh Plays преди месец
They r celebrating cuz the alien going
Diana Chairez
Diana Chairez преди месец
Super man is play fortnite
Mikey Armani
Mikey Armani преди месец
All men have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, the wages for sin is death. The Good news is that God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ To die on the cross for our sins. Whoever believes in their heart that Jesus died on the cross for their sins and rose again on the 3rd day for their redemption and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord will be saved.
Sławek Choiński
Sławek Choiński преди месец
0:32 yo *finger sound* this is *burp* sus
dark_bomber583 преди месец
Epic Games: Aight thanks for playing fortnite chapter 2 season 7 now the aliens are leaving
Mr Zindex
Mr Zindex преди месец
The aliens were just repairing and putting the spire back
sir Rays knows alot
sir Rays knows alot преди месец
0:50 why is there a batman locker?does fortnite have an in-game version?
FN XClaZy преди месец
it would be close to the beginning of season 18
Kian Shirinbar
Kian Shirinbar преди месец
The news reporter at 0:51 sounds like she’s speaking Russian or Spanish lol
سفن اب
سفن اب преди месец
Darvin playz
Darvin playz преди месец
Never knew that Clark plays fortnite
Master Chief gaming
Master Chief gaming преди месец
Bye-bye aliens
Galaxy EMB
Galaxy EMB преди месец
yep we are fine
Freydson Ventura
Freydson Ventura преди месец
God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10 Have a blessed day yall.
24k kj
24k kj преди месец
I like how the ufo was leaving he went through the clouds lol
24k kj
24k kj преди месец
ACTIVEGAMER преди месец
1:05 not today
Harlem Bussie
Harlem Bussie преди месец
It looks like the piano saved the island
Migo Tv
Migo Tv преди месец
when you reverse it it just looks like the aliens are going back
tortoise king
tortoise king преди месец
I love the way Rick's burp is still the same
RKZ Ov3light
RKZ Ov3light преди месец
Semou Alsabah
Semou Alsabah преди месец
Trash as hell what the f**k
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