F1 Car v 1200hp Lamborghini v 1300hp GT-R NISMO: DRAG RACE 

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The Red Bull F1 car is BACK, and it’s going up against two epic tuned supercars!

Mat’s got his hands on an almighty Lamborghini Huracan. It’s powered by a 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10, but it’s had two additional turbochargers bolted onto it, and as a result, it now delivers a monumental 1200hp & 1240Nm of torque! In terms of weight, it comes in at 1,553kg.

Then to his right, we have a Nissan GT-R NISMO. It’s had a built engine added to it - a 4.1-litre stroker. That, coupled with upgraded turbos and other additions, means it can put down 1,300hp & 1,290Nm! It’s the heaviest car here though, weighing in at 1,840kg.

And then finally we have the F1 car - the RB7 Championship Winning Formula 1 car, no less! It’s got a 2.4-litre naturally-aspirated V8 with 750hp. It may only have 750hp, but come on - it's an F1 car, so you know it means business! And don't forget that it’s basically just made out of carbon fibre, so it only weighs 650kg!

So how’s this one going to play out? The tuned cars look EPIC, but do they have what it takes to beat an F1 car?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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31.07.2021 г.




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زهير صالح
زهير صالح преди 3 часа
The Lamborghini vs Rimac Nevera!
hdidane00 преди 4 часа
take those things around twisties and that lambo is toast.
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson преди 8 часа
he's like a lil girl.
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson преди 8 часа
F1 probably has bad gear ratio for drag racing.
Perfect Star G
Perfect Star G преди 12 часа
Bring aka_boode Aventador
G A M I N I N G GANG PLAYS преди 14 часа
Sreekanth T P
Sreekanth T P преди 16 часа
Race with yanni sitting in the porshe 911 turbo and mat on the upgraded lamborgini heracon
Sreekanth T P
Sreekanth T P преди 16 часа
The lamborgini's back is looking ridiculous like a crashed lamborgini it's back cover is gone only has lights at the top!!!
Edward III
Edward III преди 20 часа
The most amazing thing about that Lamborghini is the fact that It can go over 200 mph safely with any idiot driver , that’s how good the car is
kosala sandaranga
kosala sandaranga преди 22 часа
Lamboghini promotion
Дмитрий Соболев
дниссан как обычно поc@cocaлити
KYLE AMBAIT преди ден
try it on track, you'll be surprise. F1 built on track not drag
zamans98 преди ден
And Tesla with minor mod, will killed every cars on the road. Even stock slayed high end American Muscle Piston my arse
Mr Laggington
Mr Laggington преди ден
Now put them all on the track, at abu
Paul Dallman
Paul Dallman преди ден
And then they turn……
Ahmed Asbahi
Ahmed Asbahi преди ден
Hey Matt Try your best to make a race between these 3 monsters 1600 hp porsche: bgbin.info/code/video/g4mhj3-3nZ2WfLY.html 1600 hp nissan gtr: bgbin.info/code/video/qJugpGPIp9zNqro.html 1200 hp huracan: bgbin.info/code/video/pZiiZZrbwM_Vmtw.html These car finished the Q/M in similar time Sure if you could arrange a race between them, it's gonna be EPIC 😍
Financially Stable
Financially Stable преди ден
So that's what Alex choi feels like everyday huh?
GTI Dashcam Sweden
GTI Dashcam Sweden преди ден
04:46 Lambo clearly cheated.
pierre samy tv
pierre samy tv преди ден
Car 🚗youtube.com/shorts/3h7FG5KVeZM?feature=share
Jon Craig
Jon Craig преди ден
that surprised me!!
Joshua Gabriel
Joshua Gabriel преди ден
Theres so many F1 experts and Legends down the comments
Noom.P преди ден
F1 said : Please set the battle again for a lap of Nurburgring bitch!! !!*__*
WAXON Tjavara
WAXON Tjavara преди 2 дни
Put that Lamborghini against the new Rimac Nevara
PMP1337 преди 2 дни
People arguing the F1 wasn't on softs and had high downforce specs. Dudes, the Lambo had semi-slick street tyres and a spoiler. The F1 was specced well for the race, this is not a race track, it's an airfield with bumpy surface.
WardeN преди 2 дни
The car isn't worth that much at all. That's the R&D budget for the season. Plus, this isn't even comparable to what those other 2 cars can do. So dumb.
yoga asix
yoga asix преди 3 дни
Were Mat driving Yianni's?
Muhammad kaszief Ria
Muhammad kaszief Ria преди 3 дни
Aerodynamics, wheel grip, bhp, lightweight, that's why supercars more insane
Larry iguidez
Larry iguidez преди 3 дни
Teddy Rengifo
Teddy Rengifo преди 3 дни
It must feel bad that a $250,000 car wins a $62.5 million F1 lol
Irfan Mukhriz
Irfan Mukhriz преди 3 дни
Well, F1 is a track race car not a drag race car. Try put em on a race track and you'll see. Also, that's a 2011 F1 car, a 2020 F1 car goes from 0-290km/h in less than 9 sec
Charles Rodgers
Charles Rodgers преди 3 дни
Everyone seems to be talking about the F1 car going around a track. Of course an F1 car would dominate around a track regardless what it's running against. My F350 dually would beat all of these $$$ cars... in towing. This is an apple and oranges comparison and a drag race in which the lambo was a beast.
Rudolf Wickond
Rudolf Wickond преди 3 дни
So a dentist in his factory stock Tesla Plaid would hit second place in drag racing here.
GhostFoxIOI преди 3 дни
You should use a f1 2020 car and have ers, drs, and softs
Maniek преди 3 дни
On any track, the Red Bull will outclass the rest of the cars
Pat Walker
Pat Walker преди 3 дни
The F1 car would do much better if the downforce was adjusted if it wasn't.
Mohammed Yaseen
Mohammed Yaseen преди 3 дни
how much is that gtr
Flavio Biscaldi
Flavio Biscaldi преди 3 дни
So an F1 with a weight power ratio < 1 loose in a drag race against a Lambo with a ratio > 1? 🙄🤔 I bet the torque is the responsible 😁
Midnight_.V преди 3 дни
The F1 car is really ment for cornering. It’s a big go-kart
SLK преди 3 дни
Remember people Nissan GT-R & F1 was turned down.
Marcin Dyląg
Marcin Dyląg преди 3 дни
turbolamik opel corsa 1050hp , 1070Nm, time 1/4 mile 8,9s , 1/8 mile 5,9s , engine R32 VW.
Nathaniel Loon
Nathaniel Loon преди 3 дни
Kawasaki H2 r next
CaptainDeafMango преди 3 дни
Trevor Speedy
Trevor Speedy преди 4 дни
Sounds a bit sus when you listen to the F1 cars revs, maybe just the editing but the rpm doesn’t seem to rise as quick and at one point stays at the same rpms
Nogood 1979
Nogood 1979 преди 4 дни
carson 310
carson 310 преди 4 дни
Kinda not fair when both cars are awd and the F1 is rwd
JustUs преди 4 дни
We love Mat! Keep him until he retires!!
Helmut Arrocha
Helmut Arrocha преди 4 дни
El obvio, un V12 de 1200 caballos vs creo una V10 o 2 V10
WokeNFree преди 4 дни
220 mph in the rain, no roll cage, no helmet, no prayers. I hope you brought a change of underpants.
R.A.F преди 4 дни
_You should try with_ *F-1 V10 & V12 Cars* ...
Irfan Mukhriz
Irfan Mukhriz преди 3 дни
V10 and V12 F1 cars are slower than V8. They should've use the 2020 V6 F1 car that could run 1/4 mile in 8 sec flat or even lower
dr0pps преди 4 дни
Ламба 772 лошади/тонну, формула 1 1153 лошади/тонну ! Дед там заснул за рулём ?
Spuros Grapsas
Spuros Grapsas преди 4 дни
Bee 🐝
Mateusz Guzdek
Mateusz Guzdek преди 4 дни
RB on hard compound tyres with big downforce at least on rear wing, but I absolutely love it
NikoSun Money
NikoSun Money преди 4 дни
Impressive performance of the Lambo, the GT-R should stand out only by a nose compared to an F1 ... without the Tesla ... maybe all three would have seen its rear end! :))
Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson преди 5 дни
Actual race is at 3:31
Souryadeep Chakraborty
Souryadeep Chakraborty преди 5 дни
Lmao Mat is so scared of the F1🤣
Valderjanzen Taveira da Silva
Valderjanzen Taveira da Silva преди 5 дни
A F1 from hard tyres, tem que ser Soft tyres.
Chris S
Chris S преди 5 дни
That F1 sound and shifting! Sigh.
Louie T.K
Louie T.K преди 5 дни
Ok great vid. But that f1 sounds like a mosquito at 3AM…
Marek Wajda
Marek Wajda преди 5 дни
Na prostej każdy idiota potrafi dajcie jeden zakręt i lambo leży
Bunu izlemesi çok heyecan vericiydi 😂👍
Gideon le Roux
Gideon le Roux преди 5 дни
20 year old F1 car will destroy any roadgoing car....shows how lame F1 has become
Ever преди 5 дни
where’s the supra 🤓-
ภูวเดช ภัทรวงศากร-24
but this type of f1 is old in present it is rb16b of f1.
BizAutomation преди 6 дни
"If the team are happy I'm happy"... lol. The Borg lives !
Gatis Pogulis
Gatis Pogulis преди 6 дни
there is NO way lambo beets gtr-and i do not believe that gtr had 1300hp,under 1000 for shore
OUALID DAHMANI преди 13 часа
Gtr slow
MrDjsmooth87 преди 6 дни
Can we just be amazed that the lambo ran 220MPH in slightly damp conditions!? 👏🏾👀
Calvin Nyame
Calvin Nyame преди 6 дни
The Lamborghini is a beast in both the drag and the Rowling race but is it good for the track😹
Calvin Nyame
Calvin Nyame преди 6 дни
I was thinking the formula 1 car would win but crazy is that Lamborghini 🤯 in the drag race
Paul Burns
Paul Burns преди 6 дни
Sounds like a brummie
Muhd Izat Hadi
Muhd Izat Hadi преди 6 дни
Unfair race. Lambo clearly jump start. What a shame. Purposely to look down the japanese car. Plain dickhead
Dark преди 6 дни
the F1 car is not even on soft tires, its hard
Rinz Garage
Rinz Garage преди 6 дни
Lamborgini is always king of hihgway
Scott 51
Scott 51 преди 6 дни
next time bring the 1600hp gtr vs 1200hp lambo vs 2000hp nevera
M42k tv
M42k tv преди 6 дни
All those cars cant compete with hoonigans gymkhana ford f150 which is 1600hp🥱😅👍
Anh Phan Tu
Anh Phan Tu преди 6 дни
But it heavy, remember power is nothing without grip
Eyüp Yılmaz
Eyüp Yılmaz преди 6 дни
Real videolar da ,tüm spor Japonların ve f1 otomobillerin , Lamborghini yi geçtiğini görünce ,lambo kariyer katliamından kurtulabilmek için ,kamera çekim kalitesinden oluşan bir reklam videosu çektirmiş 😂😂😂😂 evet, eğlenceli reklam 😅😅😂
CdnWoodsMan преди 6 дни
Try that race again with a stock 1000 cc motorcycle and that Lambo won't even touch the bike
Supreme преди 6 дни
The fabulous screw perinatally film because pepper visually float afore a ludicrous competitor. well-groomed, knowledgeable stage
Anand Yadav
Anand Yadav преди 6 дни
#carwow @carwow please do race between tt lambo huracan and Bugatti Chiron . I think lambo will be win .
Spasmomen преди 6 дни
They filmed the F1 car revving just once, then filmed Matt's reaction in every car it raced against. Just saying.
marek dabrowski
marek dabrowski преди 6 дни
F1 cars don't need to be fast from 0km/h.
NamJa Roh
NamJa Roh преди 6 дни
The Gamenerd 2.0
The Gamenerd 2.0 преди 6 дни
Lambo 😍😍
Mr Arf
Mr Arf преди 6 дни
This lambo is insane...
Sneekyninja007 преди 6 дни
lambo is AWD, will crush off the line.
Electric_Wolf преди 7 дни
What I find strange is you give power figures in imperial measure but torque figures in metric? David Coulthard - Legend.
Putter l2LllE
Putter l2LllE преди 7 дни
Rahul Biswas
Rahul Biswas преди 7 дни
If the DRS was on DC whould have won by a mile
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor преди 7 дни
F1 cars don’t have traction control anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️
KingSemo преди 7 дни
Anh Phan Tu
Anh Phan Tu преди 7 дни
Devian Surya
Devian Surya преди 7 дни
let use rolling antilag on those GTR
Allexcalado преди 7 дни
Don't forget F1 is N/A (naturally aspirated) haha
Sam Sak
Sam Sak преди 7 дни
Put another 6 cylinder in that GTR and that thing will be flying
Max 00
Max 00 преди 7 дни
Pls do that with a f1 2021 gar
Maxime Testa
Maxime Testa преди 7 дни
Huracan 1200 HP vs rimac Nevera 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Awin Frost
Awin Frost преди 7 дни
H2R hmm not bad
Doug Smith
Doug Smith преди 7 дни
WOW !!!
Bobby McCourt
Bobby McCourt преди 7 дни
A lot closer when you don’t jump the start lol
Ninja 🥷
Ninja 🥷 преди 7 дни
Stephan Binder
Stephan Binder преди 7 дни
and now do it with ONE corner :)
Renan Lacerda
Renan Lacerda преди 7 дни
Amazing Lambo! Wow, it's most fast for all!
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