Evolution of the Zero Point - Fortnite Chapter 1 (Season 1) to Chapter 2 (Season 6) 

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In this video i show you Evolution of the Zero Point - Fortnite Chapter 1 (Season 1) to Chapter 2 (Season 6) Evolution of All Mythic Weapons & Items - Fortnite Chapter 1 (Season 1) to Chapter 2 (Season 6) All New Boss Weapons and Items from all Bosses of all Seasons of fortnite.

0:00 -​ Season 4 Rocket Event Rift
2:02 -​ Season 8 Unvaulting Zero Point Volcano Event
4:30 -​ Season 9 Final Showdown Cattus Mech Event
7:48 ​ - Season 9 All Zero Point Stages
8:21 -​ Season 10 or Season X Zero Point Destabilization
9:12 -​ Zero Point The End event Black Hole
13:29 ​ - Chapter 2 Season 4 Galactus Zero point Event
20:41 -​ Season 5 Zero Point Stages
21:17 -​ Zero Point Portals
21:32 - Season 6 Zero Point Trailer
32:15 ​ - Season 6 Zero Point
32:25 ​​ - Batman Zero Point

The Season 4 Rocket launch event started with the starting of the zero point event creating a big rift portal on the sky for the future events

The Season 8 unvaulting event after the keven the cube event destabilized the volcano leading to the destruction of the fortnite map and also unvaulting the drum in fortnite from the zero point event

The season 9 final showdown led to the fierce fight of the cattus and the mech team leader fighting it off where the mech team leader absorbs the energy of the zero point and defeating the cattus monster with its energy and then flying off to the sky

The Season 9 all zero point stages were showcased from time to time.

The season 9 event led to the zero point exploding and leading jonesy to the reality inside the zero point and started of the season x

The season x event led to the zero point destroying the fortnite map where it colided with the season 4 meteor and the rocket launch event and leading to the black hole event

The galactus came in season 4 chapter 2 and absorbed the energy from the zero point and trying to detroy the map and iron man wolverine thor and other avengers defeated him

During season 5 the zero point was destabilizing everyday leading to the season 6 event

The season 6 event got us the foundation and agent jonesy trying to save the reality together

And right now we have the batman zero point collaboration coming to fortnite

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Dani преди 8 часа
Not everything in the past is better😒people say this for every game ,on how every game was better when they first were made
Toasted Clips
Toasted Clips преди ден
I still remember me and my friends screaming about the rocket event. Good times 🥲
daddepro преди 2 дни
I remember everything especially season 4 the first season I played
WARREN GROTH преди 3 дни
Brought back a lot of memories.
WARREN GROTH преди 3 дни
I forgot what is was like when the ice creature and giant mech were going at it. The event looked like an old episode of Transformers.
LCJ_game_wgf_uwu_FRZ преди 7 дни
super gamer
super gamer преди 8 дни
Fishy army
Fishy army преди 9 дни
At the black hole event after that it was season 4 chapter 2 but it was in order no it’s not it’s season 2 chapter 2 then season 4 chapter 2 OK
Memer9456 преди 12 дни
smash ball
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha преди 13 дни
I mean it exploded like 2 times and somehow it's back
Jed Murillo
Jed Murillo преди 15 дни
What Is Wrong With Mecha Team Leaders Arm It Keeps Changing To Left And Right
Bob The builder
Bob The builder преди 16 дни
We’ve never seen the guy from 24:29 since this event.
Bob The builder
Bob The builder преди 16 дни
They put so much more effort into the events back in the day
Bento преди 6 дни
Not at all, the End event only had around 12 effects while modern events like the Zero Crisis Finale and the Devourer of Worlds had 30-50. Your reasoning is irrelevant
Priscila Robles Sanchez
Priscila Robles Sanchez преди 17 дни
But I did watch the mech team leader event and did someone realize that Thor in the galactus event fell in to the void because of galactus hand
Lambon преди 17 дни
Only ogs remember snobby shores
тони про
тони про преди 18 дни
Hapter 2 season 2
Snoop dog 2.0 Smith
Snoop dog 2.0 Smith преди 18 дни
That black hole event had millions of players punching their screens.
mottledtoast 391
mottledtoast 391 преди 20 дни
A damn meteor started this madness😔
I_Am_Patrick_Mahomez_LOL преди 22 дни
The default choosing to unvault the plane lol
Re1gn Man
Re1gn Man преди 24 дни
So then why is everyone fighting each other makes no sense
mike bixby
mike bixby преди 27 дни
Why'd I watch all of it
Daniel David De la Torre
Daniel David De la Torre преди 27 дни
In the rocket event???? In What part??
karen spurlock
karen spurlock преди 27 дни
karen spurlock
karen spurlock преди 27 дни
In chrapter 2 season 7
karen spurlock
karen spurlock преди 27 дни
JWKing 12
JWKing 12 преди 27 дни
I just saw fe4rless in that one event
Caitlyn преди 27 дни
*Galactus Hits everyone on the helicarrier* The people: I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky
Juliano Barreto
Juliano Barreto преди месец
Interessante que a batalha do monstro e o robô foi homenageada pelo filme círculo de fogo
Agent Cayden 2011
Agent Cayden 2011 преди месец
Dįęğşøřšøņīć преди месец
20:41 music?
Leise преди месец
Ch1 S4 event and Ch1 S10 event are the best events.
Camila Frey
Camila Frey преди месец
it kind of erks me how he says mecha team leader like its a person when it’s really controlled by singularity
Xtreme neon
Xtreme neon преди месец
the red sun rises when the volcano erupts. the yellow sun rises when the monster tries to end us all.yet the moon rises for the rocket...the rocket was just a new beginning all.the sun sets as galactic takes us to a state of aftermath and proves that we can use help from anywhere
Vibez wit leyiah
Vibez wit leyiah преди месец
Nancy Spataro
Nancy Spataro преди месец
At 4:13 why is the polar peak monster named cattus monster?
Juan manuel Sarmiento
Juan manuel Sarmiento преди месец
steve osborne
steve osborne преди месец
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Yesss Almere
Yesss Almere преди месец
I got the battle pass bois im 9
xan3sl преди месец
The cube event missing: 👁👄👁
Yelena Samisheva
Yelena Samisheva преди месец
3:06: i love how fearless was in the backround trying to get the launch back into the game but more ppl wanted the drum gun
Nikki Galloway
Nikki Galloway преди месец
I wanted the goddamn planes
KingKrakowski преди месец
Glowy ball thing
Froggie преди месец
pause at 24:32
Bob The builder
Bob The builder преди 16 дни
We haven’t seen him since
Annette Crawford
Annette Crawford преди месец
Me:You time traveling
And season 2? The event of the Midas?
tam_khaled17 преди месец
VzxcEnfernal преди месец
We all have to respect the fact that fortnite has been through or and it still standing strong
Core and tail
Core and tail преди месец
Mecha team leader is a her
Jay Jay408
Jay Jay408 преди месец
I was here in 21:30 but my mom made me go take a bath and other stuff ;C
Daryki L2
Daryki L2 преди месец
14:03 2 iron mans ????
Vicente Videla
Vicente Videla преди месец
3:42 epic
King Cleveland
King Cleveland преди месец
Who ever that default was he was extra
Gabriel M
Gabriel M преди месец
i just realized that dr. slone was on jonseys mic
Gabriel M
Gabriel M преди месец
just makes you wanna tear up bringing back the memorys
BaldingReceedingBowlCutMullet преди месец
There are like seven trillion and 2 mid roll ads
England преди месец
i think the mech is The 7s Son And He Created the Mech
LuckClover45 преди месец
I noticed that Cattus Monster grew taller and bigger when Mecha Team Leader threw him in the water.
bg sw
bg sw преди месец
The callous pump descriptively flower because t-shirt temporarily smell given a wasteful fountain. standing, possessive beam
Dark Picsart Bear - FNBR
Dark Picsart Bear - FNBR преди месец
This isn’t accurate you forgot The Device
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher преди месец
Fascinating! :D
Agent Chomps
Agent Chomps преди месец
You dummy you forgot the doomsday/ agentcy event
Majix преди месец
C2S2: Aight I'ma head out
Solidthunder13 3
Solidthunder13 3 преди месец
You forgot a event
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez преди месец
They really could have brought Kevin or the tac smg back but they wanted the super nerfed Tommy gun.
KittyYT201 преди 2 дни
Kevin wasn’t on that smh
Bullet преди месец
13:24 and this is when Fortnite started dying
Da King
Da King преди месец
And now, aliens
Jorge Zz
Jorge Zz преди месец
sick i just became a subscriber
iBlack преди месец
you are not alone, we are together here to witness the history that once happened. I miss this moment and history :)
Jack B
Jack B преди час
And me
Marvin Acaraz
Marvin Acaraz преди час
Just me and iBlack
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan преди месец
Who else gets scare when the rocket bout hits tilted
Mathew Kulak
Mathew Kulak преди месец
Man skipped Kevin
Rolly Silva
Rolly Silva преди месец
imagine mech just coming back in some crisis moment to save the day
Ghost hits 30 with pump
Ghost hits 30 with pump преди месец
If thou look back the mech vs monster is really just like Godzilla vs Kong kinda
Ghost hits 30 with pump
Ghost hits 30 with pump преди месец
If you
Dr. Dread
Dr. Dread преди месец
I'm pretty sure you forgot the storm event in chap 2 season 2
Aldairts 11
Aldairts 11 преди месец
you know that the first event connect directly to season x event?
JDT преди 13 дни
MysticalPyro57 преди месец
This was supposed to be the evolution not the timeline
Kakashi Crystal
Kakashi Crystal преди месец
video nice
WEEGEE преди месец
13:59 Oh hey look its iro- *Wait a minute....*
Zeril0killer преди месец
I have a theory that the visitor from season four was trying to get to the event to the event to season X to either help or he is the flaw the scientist said which is the reason the black hole was formed.
t преди месец
I just noticed. If you listen closely when its the end event you hear the sound they used for tntinas glider deploy
chrono trigger
chrono trigger преди месец
The tasteless parallelogram directly box because pig undesirably produce concerning a plant chemistry. efficient, questionable richard
Mr. Walrus
Mr. Walrus преди месец
There’s one thing taht kinda gets on my nerves. It wasn’t a black hole event. It was a singularity. It was hinted at with the skin singularity
jomak jomak
jomak jomak преди месец
Imagine mech just coming back in some Crisis moment to save the day.
Fastbreak 383
Fastbreak 383 преди 2 дни
@Jamin Keyz I said COULD…
Jamin Keyz
Jamin Keyz преди 2 дни
@Fastbreak 383 are you sure about that
Fastbreak 383
Fastbreak 383 преди месец
I mean, the robot could destroy the aliens
Renzo Gugliotta
Renzo Gugliotta преди месец
I dont think so
jomak jomak
jomak jomak преди месец
@Dan Imagine
TPlayzYT преди месец
12:24 the seven was probally like the depot is not getting busted without you zero
EmbxerVr преди месец
When Galactus blew up it reminded me of that one scene from The matrix
Dillon Cullinane
Dillon Cullinane преди месец
Fun Fact: Skull Trooper in the Season X trailer is still eating the popcorn to this day
OrhanDaLegend преди месец
@TPlayzYT lol
TPlayzYT преди месец
@OrhanDaLegend ohhh lmao
OrhanDaLegend преди месец
@TPlayzYT he is enjoying all of the infinity bruh
TPlayzYT преди месец
@OrhanDaLegend but theres no all of it its infinite
TPlayzYT преди месец
@OrhanDaLegend ikr
Iván Vilaplana Román
Iván Vilaplana Román преди месец
Resolve Rub
Resolve Rub преди месец
The instinctive beggar evolutionarily snow because slope histomorphometrically annoy afore a domineering potato. wasteful, previous kangaroo
season 2 chapter one event sound like batman returns
Legend преди месец
Bro legit the texting is the lowest budget. Like the budget of a 3 year old
Legend преди 9 дни
And a 3 year old has you guessed it $0
Legend преди 9 дни
That’s the thing. No grammar. Low budget. Probably $0 was put into the text.
OrhanDaLegend преди месец
@Legend no, you said that him using text as subtitles made him look like he had a budget of a 3 year old which doesnt make any sense (how can there be a budget for a 3 year old)
Legend преди месец
All I said is he didn't use grammar
Legend преди месец
haha you don't know my struggles. I'm not good at blender, PS, or computers in general. I use IbispaintX.
The Gamer
The Gamer преди месец
The facility is underground than explains the io guards coming from elevators
Leafy Queen
Leafy Queen преди месец
💮Thatsaguy💮 преди месец
No Doomsday Device Event?
HARTY ON VR преди месец
The season 6 opening that default was pissing me off
HARTY ON VR преди месец
He kept stopping at the godamn rocks
Ori преди месец
TheLivingDeer преди месец
Why people vote for infinity blade lmao
Typically Dead
Typically Dead преди месец
This helped me understand the lore better , thank you 💃
AdielTKO преди месец
Ianstruck преди месец
Only OG's can enjoy and understand this video.
MrGianniBoy преди месец
I miss the old map😭
Jackson Leavelle
Jackson Leavelle преди месец
8:29 why do I like that music-
عبدالله القحطاني
عبدالله القحطاني преди месец
labfeca qacikjir
labfeca qacikjir преди месец
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