Emanet 12. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 12 (English Subtitle) 

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

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Зарежда връзки.....

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-İncim преди 9 минути
ayu tawang
ayu tawang преди 2 дни
Even without English subtitles.. I'am still watching 😭😭😭
dr.umekulsoom shah
dr.umekulsoom shah преди 2 дни
Story is so attractive and powerful that many times viewers neglect faults of presentation, as in the scene of Sahar's operation at Aarif baba's they told night time but curtains tells its bright day 😉😀
Nancy Viviana Trejo
Nancy Viviana Trejo преди 3 дни
Porfis pongan los capítulos en español
Nancy Viviana Trejo
Nancy Viviana Trejo преди 3 дни
Porfis ponga en español
polla dirker
polla dirker преди 3 дни
Thank you so much for English subtitles
Lizzy Etim
Lizzy Etim преди 3 дни
So lovely
Rajesh Jaiswal
Rajesh Jaiswal преди 4 дни
Where i can watch this series in english sub?
aquarius- 7826
aquarius- 7826 преди 3 дни
@Rajesh Jaiswal from episode 1 to episode 153 they downloaded it slowly
Rajesh Jaiswal
Rajesh Jaiswal преди 3 дни
@aquarius- 7826 There have only 153 episode in english sub
aquarius- 7826
aquarius- 7826 преди 3 дни
Google it by episodes
maheen khan
maheen khan преди 4 дни
The story is exactly like bashar e mommin
English sub title is back
Queen Dar’
Queen Dar’ преди 6 дни
Thanks for the English translations 😍🥰😘
Edimilson Rodrigues
Edimilson Rodrigues преди 7 дни
boa noite linda durma com deus,🙏🙌😘💝🌹♥️
Kaya_28❣ преди 7 дни
If stares could kill 🤣
L преди 8 дни
Why can't I look like her when I'm sleeping?!?! I try and try but continue to look like an ox
Julinda Pereira
Julinda Pereira преди 10 дни
Cada dia mais apaixonada❤ por essa série que pena que não tem dublado nem legendado 🥰💞
Anna Pellegrino
Anna Pellegrino преди 10 дни
Vi prego sé e possibile con i sottotitoli Italiano grazie mille
Ugur Telekom
Ugur Telekom преди 12 дни
Hayırrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mayra khan
mayra khan преди 13 дни
I’m here to witness the scene where yaman broke into pieces after hugging seher…😍😍🥺
Indra Samuel
Indra Samuel преди 3 дни
I am watching over all the episodes right now i am watching when he said he broke into piceses love them
Élide Pires
Élide Pires преди 14 дни
from Sar XT Translation final part: Man: arif baba that car came once again they asked about it we tried to protect it but it blew up it’s all dust and smoke here Arif: I’m coming I have to go You’ll take of the girl Check her fever often it’s normal now but don’t give her water the only thing you could do is rub water on her lips that’s all If the fever rises you should give her a shot for the infection you know how the stitching isn’t perfect but I did what I can so be careful you can’t get close to it so it doesn’t come off if it does even the hospital can’t help much, she can’t move don’t take your eyes off her Yaman: I’ll be careful Is there a problem arif baba? Arif: I have an issue to deal with Ziya: Iqbal Iqbal Yaman isn’t here iqbal Yaman isn’t here Iqbal: cuz he went for work dear he’ll come don’t worry Ziya: don’t worry don’t worry Yaman will come he’ll come and our peace won’t be disturbed Is it Yaman is it Yaman Iqbal? Iqbal: it’s Yaman dear it’s Yaman I’ll read it now -Something came up can I wait the night the countryside girl is gone back to her hometown Ziya: what did he say? Is he coming Iqbal: something came up dear he won’t come Ziya: let him come Yaman let him come and let our peace remain let it not be spoiled Iqbal: I told you dear he had work he’ll come tomorrow don’t worry Ziya: not tomorrow let him come today let him come now let Yaman come so our peace won’t get disturbed Iqbal: let your peace shatter Hello?I’ll ask you something did seher really go back to her hometown? Man: We didn’t take her to her hometown Iqbal we know nothing I mean Iqbal: do whatever and find out, hold the girl if it’s necessary Baris: brother selim I’m leaving Brother? I’m leaving I said the preparations for tonight are done Selim: okay baris okay good work I’ll see you tomorrow Baris: bye brother Iqbal: only you were missing Hello? Selim: Mrs iqbal? Good evening I’m sorry I’m bothering you at this time Iqbal: no problem is there an issue? Selim: I couldn’t reach seher I was worried I called to ask if you knew anything Mrs Iqbal are you there? Iqbal; I’m here I’m here mr Selim but seher isnt around she left with Yaman I called Cuz I was worried in the evening to see when they’re coming they won’t come they’e okay they’ll stay outside however nothing to worry abojt Mr selim? Are you there? Selim: I’m here Mrs iqbal I’m sorry I bothered you This man .. and outside .. no .. no seher won’t do something like this .. she wouldn’t do something like this (Yaman being cute) Ali: when it gets bright outside we’ll leave get ready(she knew already you’re just hovering around her cuz you like her you creep) Kiraz: I did not do anything, they were slandering me please let me go or they will kill me Ali: if you weren’t at fault it’ll come out anyways don’t bother yourself explaining to me I’m not a judge I catch a criminal and hand them to justice Kiraz: I swear on everything I love I did nothing wrong , I didn't steal anything or knowingly hurt someone I just defended myself Ali: I said what I had to say Kiraz: what kind of justice is this ? I’m saying they’ll kill me Ali: the justice is not in my hands just the law (Yaman hugs seher🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺) The end
Élide Pires
Élide Pires преди 14 дни
from Sar XT Translation part 3: Uncle: okay daughter okay that’s enough of you tiring yourself look if Ali wanted to go to the insurance company to do something he would have done it he wouldn’t do anything like that Kiraz: no uncle osman the commissioner this time will definitely fire me it’ll only take him looking at my ID picture carefully that’s it Uncle: daughter you’ve been here all this time if he had noticed you wouldn’t be here now Besides didn’t he see you when you hit his head? Kiraz: he saw me but Uncle: no buts look I know Ali well if he knew you did something wrong she wouldn’t leave you for a second besides maybe he already knows that you’re here ages ago and does he looks you straight in the eyes? Kiraz: my glasses I left my glasses Uncle: don’t you dare get out I’ll deal with it Welcome son Ali: glad to be here uncle Uncle: how did your day go? Ali: it went wallah the same as Everytime ill have to make an important phone call Uncle: alright then okay Ha Kara today I sent the name of Meryem gundogdu, her name her address, okay cross those people from the file, okay if you want to send anything give it to firat he’ll bring it Ali: kiraz? Uncle: kiraz is in the bathroom son Ali; okay uncle let her know I want to see her after she comes out Uncle: why do you want to see her? Ali: something that has to do with the salary You’re very pleased and everything’s in order it’s time to bing the salary up Uncle: good thinking son Arif: tell me then how did this whole thing happen and how is it attached to you? Yaman: they set a trip on our way Arif: and the bullet? Yaman: she jumped Arif: to save your life If you come to a door with a woman this means you owe her a great deal, and what’s more than a life? You’re trapped but not in the way you think, but the trap isn’t in the place you expected it to be is it? A woman, a woman that saved your life Your would is greater than hers my son now tell me, who’s been shot you or her? (Yes tell us Yaman 👀) (Yaman remembers) Boy: your mother is leaving boy she’s leaving with another man My dad knows about it because they’re going to Adana together, he packed up his things go run and catch your mother before she leaves Yamans mum: get your dirty hands off me Dad: and the kids? What’s gonna happen to them? Ziya yalcin yaman Mum: I’m sick of you you heard me? Sick From you and your sickness and this living status I’m sick enough Dad: please don’t go what do I tell the kids? Mum: think of something, they’re all like you they are as weak as you I’m done with all of you Yaman: mum Mum: don’t be like your father Yaman: dad 😔😔😔😔😔 my heart🥺 Dad! Dad (Awwww🥺) Yaman: women are 🐍 Ali: there’s no problem is there uncle? The girl still didn’t leave the bathroom Or is she sick or something? Uncle: how should I know son? She went in right before you came Ali: okay I’ll be working in my room when she comes out let her come see me Uncle: okay I’ll tell her Yaman: we fell into a trap they set yusuf’s aunt was hurt No will will know about this including our men do your research, find the man thag set the ambush, cancel all the work focus on this issue only If the girl is awake I’ll take her home Arif: hold on right there you’re not going anywhere tonight you’re staying here I need to clean these from all the germs I’ll be back Uncle: open the door daughter it’s me Kiraz: uncle osman whats going on? Uncle: nothing don’t worry Ali is asking for you here take your glasses he’ll talk to you about your salary I told him she’s in the bathroom she’ll finish and then come okay? Kiraz: okay I will Uncle: come on then Translation part 4: Iqbal: Nedim I can’t reach Yaman neither is seher returning my calls Yusuf is starting to get restless they said they had to go to the station and sign some papers and they’re still not here yet is there a problem? Nedim: I don’t know anything Mrs iqbal but if I do I’ll call you Iqbal: okay Nedim if you find anything out call me please Butler: watch out young sir be careful that you don’t disturb the passengers on this train Yusuf: did my aunt go to the train? Butler: your aunt will come young sir you have to go to sleep now come on Iqbal: zuhal? Do I even have to tell you?( at this point she’s pissing me off way too much) Ali: the necklace Kiraz: I Ali: she has dark hair brown dark brown White skin, like extremely white -Small moth and big lips and a cute nose it wasn’t big -What are you doing there? What is this doing with you? -She makes delicious food and she makes nevsehir style beans Uncle: what’s going on son what’s all this? Ali: we had a thief in our home all this time uncle she tricked us both Uncle: hold on stop let’s talk first Ali: there’s nothing to talk about uncle This is the thief girl that tried to break in our house (Lol a Cinderella moment I’m dead whos idea was that mole tho as if a mole is gonna hide her please is this Superman?) Uncle: son this girl will get killed by her brother Ali: uncle you knew? (Hold on how did her hair get all fixed? Is that a braid aswell? LMAOOOOOO) (Tell him the god forsaken story zuhal you skank) Yusuf: is my aunt coming ? Zuhal: ha? Yusuf: she said she’d come Zuhal: exactly Yusuf: she didn’t go away did she? zuhal: oh look it’s getting late come on children don’t stay up this late come on you can’t grow up if you don’t sleep you’ll stay small Good job Uncle: I couldn’t say son how could I say anything in a situation like this how was I supposed to deliver her to death with my own hands is that possible Ali: so you said you’ll get justice instead didn’t you uncle ? Uncle? You hid someone like that in our house and on top of that a house of a policeman like me Kiraz: it’s my fault please don’t be mad at him Ali: you you won’t talk at all you took me as a fool in your little disguise game what does that say about you? And you expect me to believe in you being innocent is that right? You made a movie in this house for days you took me as a fool and made me look stupid while directly looking into my eyes Uncle: Ali, Ali enough son Ali: no it’s not uncle The love for my uncle is also fake isn’t it? You picked him and tricked him to stay here Kiraz: no it’s not like that uncle osman is like my dad I would never trick him Uncle: ali son please think this girl has a huge problem on her head Ali: she still didn’t see trouble yet uncle Uncle: Ali son this girl she came to this house of fear for her life that movie you saw is just a child afraid for her life Please this girl is innocent please think well Ali: it’ll show uncle If she’s innocent like you said it’ll come out anyways come on walk we’re going Uncle: wait you’re taking her at night? Is that possible? Look if you have any consideration for me you’ll wait for the morning to come Ali: okay whatever you say But when the morning comes I’ll tell this liar to the station I’m a policeman uncle if you’re ever going to convince me of something like this it won’t work Ali: this girl will get justice served to her in the morning come on walk to the room hurry up Arif: talk yunus
Élide Pires
Élide Pires преди 14 дни
from Sar ST Translation part 1 (episode 13 coming soon aswell): Seher: nooooo Yaman: don’t be scared (aww) Firat: what should we do now commissioner? Ali: Kara you look into the name meryem gundogdo I want the addresses of everyone with that last name firat you go with Kara I’ll go now and we’ll meet at the station Firat: okay commissioner, then we’ll be on our way Ali: alright then we’ll walk out Okay let’s go If something comes up before I arrive let me know okay? Firat: okay commissioner this work is on us don’t worry Ali: alright then easy work Dumb bitch: I was looking for you dear when firat came we couldn’t talk I found uncle osman an amazing worker This is the company’s card Everything from insurance to salary is professional in this company Ali: thanks but you did this for nothing kiraz is staying there’s no problem now I mean Bitch: let it stay with you in case anything happens I have work now I’ll call you in the evening alright? Ali: alright then, alright bye bye (What a snake wow live your life and mind your business tf) (Random guy struggling to go down the stairs self explanatory ) Yaman: she’s losing a lot of blood arif baba Arif: what kind of trouble did you get into You move, Sit. Yaman: how did he escape? Uncle: kiraz? Daughter are you okay? Kiraz: commissioner learnt my name uncle osman he even has my photograph and his handcuffs aswell I was so scared when I saw him Uncle: don’t be nervous come here sit down Kiraz: he knows everything about me I’m under the commissioners nose being here Uncle: daughter until today you were already under his nose I mean knowing your name won’t change anything, then from now you’ll be extra cautious okay? Kiraz: I don’t know uncle osman I’m getting stuck it’s like the commissioner is getting closer and closer and he’s gonna put me in handcuffs Uncle: look how long have you been here? No one ever suspected and from now on no one will suspect anything at all okay my daughter? What are these Kiraz: ah your medicines I was just about to ask you these are the medicines for the blood pressure I don’t know what these small ones are for? Uncle: i don’t use these now they’re in case of my blood pressure rising or in case of an emergency then I take them Kiraz: oh god forbid, I’ll give you them now then their time’s passing by Ali: I need your ID Be careful with the glass we need to go for the insurance, we are already late Go get it then I need to go I’ll get it out the way before I go to the station Uncle: son Ali don’t you have work? we’ll go out and deal with it tomorrow okay? Ali: okay then if you say so, I’ll leave and see you in the evening Uncle: alright see you then Uncle : you got too excited okay come sit down sit down sit down we’ll deal with everything don’t worry calm down Iqbal: what did you do? Did you find out who’s the man zuhal’s talking to ? Man: a guy that lives in London Mrs iqbal, he seems to be a business man and from what we’ve understood he’s been with a rich woman in the past and your sister has been.. Iqbal: okay enough I’ve heard what I had to hear Man: okay what do you want us to do Mrs Iqbal? Iqbal: I know how he understands give him money to leave zuhal 50000£ is enough more than enough even Neslihan: the food is about to be ready Mrs iqbal Iqbal: okay dear I’m coming in a bit Ah neslihan Neslihan: yes skanky hag? Iqbal: I overheard you talking to your aunt the other day there was a coat that you wanted? Go tell that butler to get it Neslihan: there’s no need Mrs iqbal my aunt and I just Iqbal: neslihan I said what I had to say though didn’t I? Neslihan: thank you so much Mrs iqbal thank you so so much Iqbal: go on then Translation part 2: Iqbal: not everyone understands but what do they say do good and throw it the sea if the fish don’t know it god will kind of thing but she’s a snake so that won’t do much 😂 Zuhal: my love? What sacrifice it’s the least I can do bedsides you have me we found eachother the rest isn’t important I’ll call you later Iqbal: what are you doing in your room since the morning? Did you take care of Yusuf? Zuhal: where’s your heart sister? nothing comes out of that boys mouth but aunt Iqbal: then get up and do something make that child love you if you can’t try again, I need Yaman to see that you and that child are having a great time that’s not that aunts place understand? it’s yours Zuhal: okay ya why are you this enraged? (Yaman remembers seher getting shot) (Yaman remembers him telling Yusuf don’t trust anyone especially women cuz they’re snakes and whatever from episode 1) Iqbal: nothing, Yaman won’t answer I’m going insane Adalet: young sir you still didn’t sit at the table? Don’t you dare tell me you’re not hungry Yusuf: are my aunt and uncle not here? Adalet: look I made you these balls look how round and big they are I hid them behind these trees and this cotton food fit for a king What? Is it nice? Yusuf: yeah it’s lovely Zuhal: yusuf dear let’s go to the dinner table Yusuf: Im waiting for my aunt Zuhal: Look at what I’m going to show you there’s this toy museum in London and it has a lot of cars I’ve been there before maybe we could go together one day what do you think? There are cars that are 1000 years old can you imagine? wooden cars that are so big I’ll show you here look Arif: the wound was so deep I stopped the bleeding but it took a lot of work it was hard to save her it wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t bring her back in time You wait outside now Alright now bismillah Ali: aunt nadre Nadre: ali how are you son? Ali: I’m good let me take those from you Nadre: oh how much you’ve grown I’m feeling pretty tired Ali: you were at the market? Nadre: yeah oh look now that I saw you I remembered I wanted my daughter kiraz to come to the market but I forgot that’s the old age it escaped my mind Nadre: ay what a compassionate skillful girl she is she’s such a little lady I loved her Wallahi in this time and age it’s hard to come by young people like that mashallah it’s such a good thing that you found her she’s so lovable honestly And she makes such delicious food you eat your fingers after it, this delicious nevsehir-style dried beans that she makes (nevsehir apparently is the place she’s from that was written next to her real name) oh I have to get to the tailor let me take these son let me not keep you here Ali: did you say nevsehir aunt? Nadre: no son I said the tailor I have to go before they close I forgot say hello to kiraz and your uncle for me okay? Ali: will do
Anuradha Rhythm
Anuradha Rhythm преди 17 дни
Fazie061 Fazie
Fazie061 Fazie преди 17 дни
I watching all back agains after 195 episode cos of Yaman... Really love ❤️ this men characters.
lourdes teixeira
lourdes teixeira преди 18 дни
Porque vocês não sabem por a tradução em português não é fácil ver uma coisas que não compriendo.obrigado
Maria Borges
Maria Borges преди 18 дни
Português tem como traduzir em português
Zabedah Mion
Zabedah Mion преди 18 дни
Did they just put up english subtitles for the whole episode recently...or did i just missed it previously...
Yangyang Nam
Yangyang Nam преди 21 ден
Can u tell me this happy ending?
Tagouhi Zeneian
Tagouhi Zeneian преди 22 дни
Arif baba is a kind soul
Maja Andjelkovic
Maja Andjelkovic преди 22 дни
Aasma преди 23 дни
❤️ Emanet cruelty free ❤️
Hasina Shaikh
Hasina Shaikh преди 23 дни
After Episode 205( Season finale) I'm re watching all Yamans love filled moments 💕❤💖
Rubi Thakur
Rubi Thakur преди 23 дни
Full episode English sub plz😣😣
Nicky BeGue
Nicky BeGue преди 25 дни
Dans les sous titres Vous pouvez mettre Le français Bisou🇫🇷
Jeenneka Ovezova
Jeenneka Ovezova преди 25 дни
Seher Yamanı nasıl kurtardı ama çok romantik
Nicky BeGue
Nicky BeGue преди 25 дни
Yaman Elle t as sauve la vie Tu lui dois reconnaissance À vie=infini Bisou🇫🇷
Jeenneka Ovezova
Jeenneka Ovezova преди 26 дни
Çok güzel bir dizi
nara Ferreira Marques
nara Ferreira Marques преди 27 дни
Por favor legenda em português
Dina Garabeed
Dina Garabeed преди 28 дни
The songs of the series are great!
Lurdes vér o you Tube grates?  Lopes
A continoção dos última temporada.
Lurdes vér o you Tube grates?  Lopes
Em ligendas portuguêa.
Silmara Perassolli
Silmara Perassolli преди 29 дни
Que saudade da serie❤
MOLTY fn clan
MOLTY fn clan преди месец
Tjanks for the translation
Magda Frasson
Magda Frasson преди месец
Guilt as charge lol i.miss then hope new season is better
Jose Soto
Jose Soto преди месец
ELGreninjo123 преди месец
el niño que interpreta a Yaman de pequeño, es un buen actor lo hace muy bien,siempre que sale en los recuerdos me parte el corazon lastima que es pequeña su participacion pero lo hace excelente,el y Yusuf son hermanos en la vida real y tienen una hermana pequeña .
latafat aslanova
latafat aslanova преди месец
Kobre yenge ikbal skatina.
latafat aslanova
latafat aslanova преди месец
Sox ela oyuncusunuz,Seher ve Yaman
karol lins
karol lins преди месец
Olha e dispero de Yaman em paralisar o tremilique de frio de Sarah.
Sirazum Munira
Sirazum Munira преди месец
Now i feel Seher do the same things to yaman. This two lady push him and leave him. Hope our kind Heart seher Don't leave yaman she will be back and save their love not only for yusuf because they love each other 💞💞
Luisa Santos
Luisa Santos преди месец
His asking him self nedane nedane?his face is coming softer and softer as he looks at her.
Luisa Santos
Luisa Santos преди месец
Sun la bun
Payal Jain
Payal Jain преди месец
I'm back again here after ep205, missing it so badly, who all are here like me
Indra Samuel
Indra Samuel преди месец
I am back i cannot watch anything started back from the beginning waiting patiently for September
Roseane Justino Rabelo Justino Rabelo
Que série turca maravilhosa! Tô amando.
Magali Gonçalves Costa
Magali Gonçalves Costa преди месец
eu assisti até o fim tô assistindo novamente emociona do mesmo jeito mas fico indiguinada com com os crimes que a ekbal fez e não foi punida nem foi descoberto e o crime do pai do ali ela provocou a morte dele
Joanne Stephen
Joanne Stephen преди месец
Nervouse shaking of the legs... sign of deep emotions. I missed so much the first time around because I started watching somewhere around late February to march and had to watch 3 -4 episode per day in order to catch up. Now I can do so relaxed and with no gasping and my mouth closed 😂😂
Joanne Stephen
Joanne Stephen преди месец
When he lean over her to ensure that she was breathing I laughed like a gloating hyena
Joanne Stephen
Joanne Stephen преди месец
Sleep tight seher, your dark angel is watching over you😋
Veronica Torres
Veronica Torres преди месец
La. Traduccion. Q. Fuera. Español
Sandra Diomar Santiago
Sandra Diomar Santiago преди месец
Essa sena foi.muito sofrimento eta uma crianças
Brawl Stars Oyuncusu
Brawl Stars Oyuncusu преди месец
Ing her Yaman is Seher muhteşs girl boy😍💕🌹❤️
00 00
00 00 преди месец
Why so angry when selim called seher yaman jealous and maybe thinking he called the cops.
Zahida Perveen
Zahida Perveen преди месец
Hero is not so handsome
Natalia Freire
Natalia Freire преди месец
Como faço pra entrar no telegran?
Aarish Pathan
Aarish Pathan преди месец
Beautiful hug❤😊
Tərlan Əliyeva
Tərlan Əliyeva преди месец
Hər gün təkrara təkrar diziyə baxıram .Sezon finalı olmasın.
beli преди месец
Yaman you star fall in love. Acep
Wajeeha sherazi
Wajeeha sherazi преди месец
Where I can find all the episodes in eng subs?
aquarius- 7826
aquarius- 7826 преди месец
Usha Vuppala
Usha Vuppala преди месец
And it is unimaginable who showed me hell is protected by me by going in front of bullet.Sehar. great applause to you 👏👏👏
Usha Vuppala
Usha Vuppala преди месец
It is really indigestible whom we think as enemy saves our lives. I can understand Yaman feelings.
Anii Stefanescu
Anii Stefanescu преди месец
Me, by 4 times, in different periods, after 195epis.
Me encanta 😍 esta escena , cuando por primera vez YAMAN abraza a una mujer ,, con el odio que tiene a las mujeres ,, 😍😍😍👍👍👍
Jagith Kaur
Jagith Kaur преди месец
I noticed that almost all turkish dramas the hero always get shot and then there is always a secret hideout and some old acquaintance that takes care of them. Here it happened to Seher!
Amo Foleven
Amo Foleven преди месец
Arif baba says" was it seher who was shot or Yaman, why is Yaman's wound deeper than seher's???? Yaman is in too deep to do anything. Sorry Yaman, that's love and you don't even know it. Hahahaha. Enjoy guys.
lee roy
lee roy преди месец
Their love their bond is extraordinary. . Never seen anywhere else either in drama or in real life Thats y we see same scenes again and again bcz it always touch the heart
Pamela Botchway
Pamela Botchway преди месец
From 200, I came back and started from episode 1 again. Now here. Love love the series 💖💖💖
Pamela Botchway
Pamela Botchway преди 25 дни
@Zabedah Mion ikr
Zabedah Mion
Zabedah Mion преди 25 дни
Me too ..rewatched clips n episode without getting bored
Indra Samuel
Indra Samuel преди месец
Me to from 205 back to one 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
Zaskia Azzahra
Zaskia Azzahra преди месец
Yes me too From 205 last season back to the beginning Love you Yaman 😍🥰😍 A nice way of love
Maralee Haldeman
Maralee Haldeman преди месец
Me too
Alesha Khurram
Alesha Khurram преди месец
There is no subtitles
Avibo Sumi
Avibo Sumi преди месец
He really has a kind heart which no one has feel...hope seher feel it sooner so that Yaman can pour out his hidden love,kindness etc...
azizah Azizah
azizah Azizah преди месец
If only all episode have sub english😍😍😍
Harizah Bkl
Harizah Bkl преди месец
kami senang nonton.tapi hanya menebak2 saja.karena idak ada tehk bahasa indonesianya
Debhina Christy
Debhina Christy преди месец
Why there are so many episodes with cc what the international will do ???
Muhammad Hilbram
Muhammad Hilbram преди месец
Saya suka lihat dia cemburu 😂😂😂 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mariama Danso
Mariama Danso преди месец
After watching episode 195 Coming back here This hug has a whole different meaning 😊 Our Yummy bey begins to crash on this very day 🤣
Uniconplaysroblox преди месец
Me encanta esta novela, veremos cómo el amor lo transforma todo♥️
Elaine da Silva Santos
Elaine da Silva Santos преди месец
Eu não sei quando vou parar de assistir Emanet... no fim de semana vejo os antigos eps... sou uma viciada🤪
Rabia khurram
Rabia khurram преди месец
👍including me
Sathya Kaushalya
Sathya Kaushalya преди месец
Thank you for giving english sub
Rina Wairokpam
Rina Wairokpam преди месец
Halil & sila 👌👍👏👏👏👏😍😍😍
Aning Karwati
Aning Karwati преди месец
Lisa преди месец
Why he don't take her to hospital?
Reğet muhsun
Reğet muhsun преди месец
Celia Moreno
Celia Moreno преди месец
Audio en Español .No entiendo nada
Güzel Prados
Güzel Prados преди месец
Sangita Oli
Sangita Oli преди месец
Please hindi me download kardije
zeta jones
zeta jones преди месец
2.7M views 😍 This includes those who came back after episode 195 to witness again how Yaman broke into pieces after hugging her 🥰♥️
Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi преди 19 дни
2.9M views and 24K LIKES now as on 15 July 2021 - Very good series EMANET mainly becoz of Yaman and Seher and in this episode the first VIRGIN HUG which Yaman gets. U can see he is confused and love his reaction and expression.
Zabedah Mion
Zabedah Mion преди 25 дни
@zeta jones me too..what is happening to us...cant even miss them even one day ..
zeta jones
zeta jones преди месец
@Lauries Resuento can never get enough of it right? 🙌🏼😍🥰🥰
Lauries Resuento
Lauries Resuento преди месец
Since episode 1 up to 205
Lauries Resuento
Lauries Resuento преди месец
4 times i've been watching this emanet
Dwi Sandra
Dwi Sandra преди месец
Dwi Sandra
Dwi Sandra преди месец
Damn. ..I am come back here after 195. Just to make sure that he was broke in to peace here. Yeahhhhh......🙈🙊
Loiane Alfonso Martins
Loiane Alfonso Martins преди месец
Assistindo denovo esse episódio. Eu sou dessas 😍👍🏼🇧🇷
Carmen Carey
Carmen Carey преди месец
Me too! Back here after episode 195... Watching all over again.😍😆
Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi преди 19 дни
Actually for the 2nd round I watched Emanet, am not sure WHY But I could not move on after episode 199 : Its tiring to watch when Yaman decide to protect his brother Ziya over his love Seher ... So I just went back to Episde 4 where there are good moments when Yaman become aware of Seher's presence and the first good hug is here in epi 12.
Isabel Bandeira
Isabel Bandeira преди месец
Yes, me to. I came back to episode 195 to see that hug
Marilyn Yu Mon
Marilyn Yu Mon преди месец
Even if i cannot understand arabic because i am Filipino but i can still follow this movie through their actions and facial expression... This movie is indeed a beautiful love story.. The actors and actressess are truly amazing 😘
Tiago DRN
Tiago DRN преди месец
Go back to rewatch 12 after Yaman confessed in 195 ! We all knew it oc. Idk how many times I’ve watched this epi. Hi Emanet Fam !
Lauries Resuento
Lauries Resuento преди месец
Yes when he got chill due to his wounds
nirmala rothinam
nirmala rothinam преди месец
@Nilufar Usmanova me too
Nilufar Usmanova
Nilufar Usmanova преди месец
You are not alone🥰 🖤💚
spyridoula Karmaniola
spyridoula Karmaniola преди месец
Ha ha ha ha. I just did!!!!!!!
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