Chiefs vs. Ravens Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021 

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season.

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19.09.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Retarded Moron Idiot channel
Retarded Moron Idiot channel преди 5 часа
I’m a hardcore ravens fan
Kevin Swisher
Kevin Swisher преди 5 часа
Jackson made killer jump throws.
Bosum преди 5 часа
Street Kings of Texas
Street Kings of Texas преди 5 часа
I think we’re at the new golden age
Thots_And_ Prayers
Thots_And_ Prayers преди 5 часа
Am I the only one noticing that Daniel Sorensen (Chiefs Safety #49) misses almost every tackle?
June Bug
June Bug преди 5 часа
9:36 SUPERMAN PASS Love it!
gd2812 преди 5 часа
Wpnsloader 175
Wpnsloader 175 преди 5 часа
Idiot Raven's are lucky to have won that game. They play like a bunch of haphazard morons.... They need to figure themselves out. Loosing games or "nearly" winning is not what they are paid to do.
MisterBenne преди 5 часа
I told last year already. Watch out #8. So predictable he tries to run himself - always. Watch out, get him down, win!
John Crow
John Crow преди 6 часа
Those 2 interceptions were odd. The second one at 3:15, you can see 2 or 3, free receivers yet Lamar throws to a receiver who has 3 defenders on him.
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson преди 6 часа
We’re being spoilt this season, so far.
Vevek Selvasivam
Vevek Selvasivam преди 6 часа
For such an exciting game, that had to be the most unentertaining anticlimactic broadcasting I’ve ever heard.
Jeremiah Knopf
Jeremiah Knopf преди 6 часа
Chiefs defense looked like it was their first time playing football... Ravens played well nonetheless.
ZYKIOUS преди 6 часа
Bruh when he fumbled the ball I literally turned my tv off and went to sleep
Larry Warolin
Larry Warolin преди 6 часа
Chiefs 2nd touchdown that was juggled by Robinson was a huge gift that should not have been ruled a touchdown.
Minecraft преди 6 часа
Ravens didn’t back down and the cheifs brought the Heat… I’d say both teams won that day. Great Game Everyone! Y’all got Fight!
ShavylishusBoom преди 6 часа
Jackson is actually lethal with his agility
JABORIS 2X преди 7 часа
So your telling me those defenders didn’t let kelce score. Fake tackling and shi
ShavylishusBoom преди 7 часа
Chiefs fan and this was an epic battle, we’ll be seeing this many times in the years coming up
Muhammad2004 преди 7 часа
John richard dead 😭😭😭😭😭👇👇👇👇bgbin.info/code/video/aG6ajKbHud_FptA.html
CHER 🎺JesusisComingSoon🕊
CHER 🎺JesusisComingSoon🕊 преди 7 часа
1 Corinthians 15:3-4 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: 1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you that BELIEVE on the name of the Son of God; that ye may KNOW that ye have ETERNAL LIFE, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.
Ryes преди 7 часа
NFL is dead.
Long Shark
Long Shark преди 7 часа
Chiefs play here was better m.bgbin.info/code/video/YqiDpnPIn9CmrdA.html
1 John 2:15 King James Version 15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
Lucky преди 7 часа
Ravens Super Bowl Champs 💜😈
B A преди 7 часа
8:17 …Athletically on a completely different level. He has better vision that most running backs.
Pyro преди 6 часа
thats because he is a running back
Masterchi преди 8 часа
I'm a chiefs fan and props to the ravens. They deserve the win. Great game
Clint Walker
Clint Walker преди 7 часа
Anytime anyone beats Patrick Mahomes they deserve the win. I just looked it up though, Patrick Mahhomes never beat West Virginia when he was in college, that's why I never dreamed he'd turn into the NFL QB he has become. WVU class of '83.
Angela Woods
Angela Woods преди 8 часа
Well at least Patrick Mahomet had a good game
Hold my beer
Hold my beer преди 8 часа
Playing Chiefs early on is a huge advantage. You have all season to practice stopping their offense.
I Want Money123
I Want Money123 преди 8 часа
2:09 is that not the most blatant hold not called in history
FNGxYRG zoinkys
FNGxYRG zoinkys преди 8 часа
This was a good ass game. Props to both teams for fighting to the very end
dapointful преди 8 часа
Ravens gonna start this season 0-2 Lamar: man hold my beer 🍺 so I can teach these jits
joe5head преди 8 часа
Wait what was the penalty at 11:30 ?
Rod Rod
Rod Rod преди 8 часа
Mahomes needs protection not protect himself✌️✌️✌️
The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman преди 8 часа
RAVENS ON 3 1 2 3 RAVENS!!!!!
GE преди 8 часа
If Lamar had the weapons Mahomes has, and Andy Reid's playcalling.....or if he had the weapons Josh Allen has (he's better than Allen anyway), or if he had the weapons Baker Mayfield has (he's better than Baker anyway).... there'd be no question as to whether he's Mahomes' equal. He's the only QB out there that has the same arm talent (but far better leg talent)...and the kid is only 24 years old!!!!
Clint Walker
Clint Walker преди 7 часа
Jackson was 12th on the list for QB rushing yards in the history of the NFL to start the season. That's in less than 3 years. Many of the guys ahead of him on the list played like 16 years. Jackson had 106 rushing yards in that KC game, it's a 17 games season. He had over 1,000 yards rushing last year. If he stays healthy, he's a lock to break Michael Vick's all time rushing record for a QB.
Dumble Thrumble
Dumble Thrumble преди 8 часа
Николай шевченко
Николай шевченко преди 9 часа
Relaxing Sounds of Waves | Шум волн - bgbin.info/code/video/poZih3KxuNqvqsw.html
The Line
The Line преди 9 часа
Ravens won’t make it to the Super Bowl good confidence booster though Lamar can’t run forever
Jeremiah Mckay
Jeremiah Mckay преди 9 часа
As a Steelers fan I have no shame in admitting that I be so damn happy when Lamar win 😅💯
Airborne Jay
Airborne Jay преди 9 часа
Man that pass to Robinson was insane...
J F преди 9 часа
2-0 is a GREAT START. Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does!
Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund преди 9 часа
According to the new points of emphasis there should have been a taunting penalty when they celebrated after victory formation.
John Gladwaller
John Gladwaller преди 10 часа
Is it me or are there like 5 times more ads on these highlight videos than last year?
John Gladwaller
John Gladwaller преди 9 часа
@rayism 24b No way there were three mid-video ads last year.
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 9 часа
It's you
Fredrick Compton
Fredrick Compton преди 10 часа
Lol nfl is rigged!
samsar0125 преди 10 часа
If Ravens get to full health by January it's game over.
Bryan Robinson
Bryan Robinson преди 10 часа
Mahomes needs to get fired up more. He seems aloof and lazy like he doesn't care.
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 9 часа
@Bryan Robinson Mahomes' knee will give. Fall face first. Head spin around worse than Linda Blair in *_"The Exorcist"_* And when Mahomes' mother is crying at his funeral. I'm going to sneak-up from behind............................ *AND GOOSE HER!*
Bryan Robinson
Bryan Robinson преди 9 часа
@rayism 24b ba ba booey!
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 9 часа
aloof? agoof
spitty0 преди 10 часа
I know its been said multiple times, but I keep coming back for the play where Lamar Jackson jump throws in the middle of traffic in the scrum. He rises above the O-line and defenders to deliver the perfect TD pass. That play was head shaking incredible. Long time great commentator, Al Michaels couldn't believe it either. He said he was like in the air. Man...
Lu Ciia
Lu Ciia преди 10 часа
GEWALT in der pflege bgbin.info/code/video/oXiFcZDJuZmqndg.html
Caleb Abreu
Caleb Abreu преди 10 часа
Carlo Escoto
Carlo Escoto преди 10 часа
Jackson Mahomes made made 1,500 accounts just to dislike this video
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 9 часа
Jackshit Mahomes Ugly baby nobody knows
Homestead Locksmith
Homestead Locksmith преди 11 часа
The second-hand regret predominantly employ because sneeze peroperatively deserve for a jealous banker. mushy, boundless raven
Dre Capalot
Dre Capalot преди 11 часа
Lamar Jackson throwed a pick on the first play 😂 Kansas City not to be played with yo
Chairat M
Chairat M преди 11 часа
johnny marine
johnny marine преди 11 часа
awesome highlights!
Life of Mila
Life of Mila преди 11 часа
Super game
Gem Squad
Gem Squad преди 11 часа
Im a Ravens Fan as you can see my logo of my account the Ravens Really put up a good game The Ravens Deserver it it acctualy feels like a playoff game.
P a r a d i S e
P a r a d i S e преди 11 часа
This season has been insane
👈Sophia👄{T.a.a.p} my PH0T0 y.o - check my vidéó
i been a ravens fan since 98, and i can tell you OTHER THAN our 2 superbowls, and the mile high miracle, this was the most exciting win ive ever seen!
Engage Omni
Engage Omni преди 11 часа
This is the games you get with real fan energy powering you.
Djaanar преди 11 часа
5:04 Is it just me or is Lamar a human video game glitch?
Nhlanhla Sithole
Nhlanhla Sithole преди 11 часа
Such contrasting ways of playing the sport. Dope
Adewale Akanji
Adewale Akanji преди 11 часа
One chiefs fan I know was hella mad
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 9 часа
Chiefs defense shows how essential Coach Britt Reid is. Can't contend without him. Chant the 3 Bs BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK!
Tim J
Tim J преди 11 часа
Was a long standing clip stretched out going down almost to the ground would have been a good idea to never try it again proves it was mostly luck the first time
Scorpius преди 11 часа
One of the worst rules in Sports is the ball just breaking the plane of the endzone called a TD!👎 I think the rule should be that the ENTIRE ball has to cross the endzone line!👍 mia sententia 🦂
Nate Franklin
Nate Franklin преди 10 часа
These players put so much on the line already getting to that 1 yd line it's not that serious
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 11 часа
Whole body, not ball
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 11 часа
Chiefs defense shows how essential Coach Britt Reid is. Can't contend without him. Chant the 3 Bs BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK!
CheckCash & WineStores
CheckCash & WineStores преди 11 часа
So a fumble is why the Chief's lost
Moises Sousa
Moises Sousa преди 11 часа
so great game, but the chiefs defense was very bad in the first two nfl games, it needs to improve a lot, no aidanta hamones play everything you know and the defense behave that way
Yesmany Rangel
Yesmany Rangel преди 11 часа
Man Jackson is so unique compared to all the other qb
senni bgon
senni bgon преди 11 часа
was a uphill battle for real.
Tony Zone
Tony Zone преди 11 часа
Chiefs played sloppy and deserve that loss
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 9 часа
Chiefs defense shows how essential Coach Britt Reid is. Can't contend without him. Chant the 3 Bs BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK!
Alec M
Alec M преди 11 часа
First receiver slipped on his cut and made Jackson hit the DB. It’s all about how you finish
note book
note book преди 11 часа
I think the chiefs are going to do bad this year. During the superbowl last year that Mathieu guy tried to pull a race bait move on Tom Brady and Mathieu still hasn't apologized for it so until he does or the chiefs get rid of him I hope they lose every game like this one just to put those race baiters in their place. Sincerely a resident of Kansas city
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 9 часа
@note book Chiefs defense shows how essential Coach Britt Reid is. Can't contend without him. Chant the 3 Bs BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK!
note book
note book преди 11 часа
@senni bgon stfu trick
senni bgon
senni bgon преди 11 часа
Bb. Kakjwjwjwja
Junkwadts преди 12 часа
🔥🔥🔥 game bro no 🧢
Joseph Jenkins
Joseph Jenkins преди 12 часа
In my opinion, Lamar Jackson is the best QB in the league.
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 11 часа
Definitely the most articulate, intellectually spoken QBs Future MNF Color Commentator.
John Gotti
John Gotti преди 12 часа
It feels good
Emmanuel Williams
Emmanuel Williams преди 12 часа
The bloody rose behaviorally allow because payment distinctly scrub but a fantastic wrinkle. tame, eight tom-tom
11th  hour
11th hour преди 12 часа
JOSE SERRANO преди 12 часа
1st lose of Chiefs :,(
Superuser21 преди 12 часа
Wow what a game!
Leroy Rodrigues
Leroy Rodrigues преди 12 часа
Both of these teams defenses are terrible
rayism 24b
rayism 24b преди 11 часа
Chiefs defense shows how essential Coach Britt Reid is. Can't contend without him. Chant the 3 Bs BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK! BRING BRITT BACK!
David Jenkins
David Jenkins преди 12 часа
Poor Clyde :(
Dre Day
Dre Day преди 12 часа
Im glad my raiders beat the ravens week 1. Lamar Jackson is a beast.
iCasual преди 12 часа
Very nice
Roosevelt Calhoun
Roosevelt Calhoun преди 13 часа
Do you know how big of balls you need to have to go for it on 4th&1 on your own side of the field, while up by 1pt against the chiefs? Lol great game!
Wtrmlnlive преди 13 часа
Bb. Kakjwjwjwja
PAKAREW преди 13 часа
Lamar has the athleticism and Mahomes has the skill. IMO.
Xman8184 преди 13 часа
THIS IS WHY I LOVE FOOTBALL!!! I like both teams but the excitement and the competitiveness of it all makes it the great game that it is! Great Job to the RAVENS and Jackson!
Simmons Entertainment
Simmons Entertainment преди 13 часа
NEW VIDEO!!! Subscribe❤️ youtube.com/shorts/ey2LiRB1fOo?feature=share
Trent Luckman
Trent Luckman преди 13 часа
alexandria puza
alexandria puza преди 13 часа
I can’t believe this!! bgbin.info/code/video/e66Fn4fFqdmTaMw.html&feature=share
Kassander преди 13 часа
I wonder what Orlando Brown Jr was thinking hahaha🤣
joe smith
joe smith преди 14 часа
the pass was working reid why run and fumble? does mahomes tell running back protect the ball in the hudle?
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