Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE! 

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These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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Santiago Diaz Pfeil
Santiago Diaz Pfeil преди 2 часа
Totally unfair, Mikasa is an enhanced human, but still just a human, not special powers or resistance to great damage, Blake can resist explotions and stuff, it was obvious since the begining...
EZOR BLACK преди 3 часа
Can you do a battle between werewolf and vampire With every mythological/ original pop culture sources
Errant преди 3 часа
The music reminds me of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Definitely a contender for best anime OST ever
WhatDothLife преди 3 часа
Now that you're doing AoT, let's see Levi vs FMA's Wrath
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶
“More Waifus into the slaughter......for shame......we didn’t deserve this....they deserved better......also....not sure if this is true....if a rooster teeth owned series kills a character that is also owned by rooster teeth.....is it canon?......I will cry if that is true”
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶
Because if I’m right...Weiss is dead
Darkwalkervision Dominguez
Darkwalkervision Dominguez преди 3 часа
Rwby for ever
kumakun17 преди 3 часа
So we've had Blake, Yang, and Weiss is DB now...when's the Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn fight?
Q преди 3 часа
Alucard from Hellsing ultimate vs Dante from devil may cry who would win death battle please do this one
Hudson LaFlamme
Hudson LaFlamme преди 3 часа
Would love to see invincible vs deku
ttrop преди 3 часа
rooster teeth will never let rwby girls lose lol
music Studio
music Studio преди 3 часа
alucard izuku midorya
alucard izuku midorya преди 3 часа
I can't believe u guys yanged her
yoshipool 420
yoshipool 420 преди 3 часа
One sided battle
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming преди 3 часа
Me, an AoT fan: who would win? A chick who's stronger than the average person or some chick with special powers?
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming преди 3 часа
@SirKillalot98 Guess keeping as little detail out of my comment as possible doesn't keep the hard-core fans from saying "can they do (thing) or can other person do (thing) like (generic person)". My whole point was the match wasn't really fair, which I think DB tends to do quite a bit now.
SirKillalot98 преди 3 часа
Can an average person block bullets or carry giant steel train tracks easily? I don't think a real life athlete or soldier can compare to the Ackermans even if Blake stomped them harder.
Spreckachu преди 3 часа
Jk Simmons vs Gordon Ramsay
soshiangel90 преди 3 часа
hell yeah blake! Also...this song! All the props to this awesome song!
George Guess-Nelson
George Guess-Nelson преди 3 часа
So rwby characters have two wins and one loss in the death battle universe.
Emanuel Clavijo
Emanuel Clavijo преди 3 часа
It was a very good animation. I wish for the next death battle an animation even better
Fishron the Shark
Fishron the Shark преди 3 часа
How about Omni Man vs Homelander
George Guess-Nelson
George Guess-Nelson преди 3 часа
Could they not get the voice actress for blake, or is that her?
SirKillalot98 преди 3 часа
Arryn was too busy at the time so they had to use voice clips.
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez преди 4 часа
They talked so much about the running away and didn't even mention what happened in Volume 3. They also didn't mention that humanity in Attack on Titan isn't as endangered as it first seemed. Also, I'm not sure how to feel about the outcome of this fight.
SirKillalot98 преди 3 часа
I guess they didn't want to spoil all the juicy details.
Kyte Avytrius
Kyte Avytrius преди 4 часа
Blake was just like, "Nah, this is fine. Now both Yang and I can have vibrating arms."
George Guess-Nelson
George Guess-Nelson преди 4 часа
I'm already calling it next Future death battle, will be ruby rose vs maka albarn. But soul has to stay as a scythe. Although, I see a joke about being made. My scythe can change into a person. My scythe can changed into a gun.
Jon Miller
Jon Miller преди 4 часа
Yo you should do Jinx from league of legends vs Harley Quinn from DC comics ot Anubis from smite vs Nauss from league of legends
umber soul
umber soul преди 4 часа
Waifu death battle
Rey Havoc
Rey Havoc преди 4 часа
Please do homelander vs omniman
GenjiDragonXD преди 4 часа
Omni man vs superman?
Alejandro Hutchinson
Alejandro Hutchinson преди 4 часа
Oh you thought a rooster teeth property would lose in a rooster teeth produced fight?😂😂😂 but seriously you put a above average. Human against someone with any for of powers and do you honestly need a death battle to prove that having extrasensory abilities and actual magic on their side would win easily
SirKillalot98 преди 3 часа
Weiss lost to Mitsuru less than two years ago. Do you have amnesia? Mikasa is not human. She can dodge bullets, lift 19000lbs train tracks and survive having her ribs crushed in a titan's hand. Either way, why don't you blame the people who requested this fight since Yang appeared or the twitter people raging like "DEATH BATTLE IS RIGGED. BLAKE SHOULDN'T HAVE WON"
ChimsChannel преди 4 часа
Do Sonic vs. Aya Shameimaru
h0pt!k преди 4 часа
JED PLAYZ преди 4 часа
do eren (from aot s4) vs hulk
weirdo cortez
weirdo cortez преди 4 часа
yeaa yeaaa yeaaaa
ViMywaifu преди 5 часа
Ok another unfair DB but ok.. And a anticlimatic ending... Mikasa could literally have avoid the missile but ok DB ok.
Asia Yang
Asia Yang преди 5 часа
Honestly. I love them both to be okay with either one of them losing or winning 😂
Theauditor313 corporation1317
Theauditor313 corporation1317 преди 5 часа
Ok I have one kinda late but how about the SCP foundation vs MIB
Albedo преди 5 часа
Kipo (kipo and age of eonderbeast) albedo (ben 10)
Monarchsub преди 5 часа
figured as much they r a part of roosterteath
big chungus
big chungus преди 5 часа
I personally would to see a death battle between two character's with the ability to manipulate wind. Specifically yuno (black clover) vs sariel (seven deadly sins)
Monkey King
Monkey King преди 5 часа
no one in rwby is a lightning timer
Sokandueler95 преди 5 часа
That was the best animated fight yet
Erik Eastland
Erik Eastland преди 5 часа
Probably the most One-sided DB in a while. Not all of them can be nail-biters though
BlackLight преди 5 часа
it was rigged from the start
Dankmemesleo преди 5 часа
"Ginger Kylo Ten"
Shuang quan Yap
Shuang quan Yap преди 6 часа
So this why eren wanna destroy the world lol
Michaeladon преди 6 часа
Yo, I kinda want to see Acnologia (fairy tail) vs godzilla
Oman Torrence
Oman Torrence преди 6 часа
All we need Ruby vs Maka 😁
GHXST преди 6 часа
10 yes and only 4M sad as hell
matthew mccoyd
matthew mccoyd преди 6 часа
0:58 hey back off jfk the lady's taken unless you WANT a metal knuckle sandwich
Ya boy Ed
Ya boy Ed преди 6 часа
The my war remix 🥺😩😍 btw what’s the remix
SirKillalot98 преди 6 часа
Thunder Shroud. That's the name.
Super Saiyan Salamence
Super Saiyan Salamence преди 6 часа
Yes that’s exactly what Mikasa would do to a civilian
Fang Whiteclaw
Fang Whiteclaw преди 6 часа
Blake won I'm so shocked
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer преди 6 часа
4:44-Couldn't they just anticipate the attack from her hand movement? I could dodge that and i can't react to lightning speed.
SirKillalot98 преди 6 часа
Well they started moving as the lightning was in motion, especially since the lightning was spread out and hard to predict.
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer преди 6 часа
1:15-Ooooh...i still don't get it!
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez преди 6 часа
Pretty sure that the joke is that racism is irrational and that in the real world a lot of people are racist against other groups solely because they have a different skin color.
Mike Stephano
Mike Stephano преди 6 часа
Roger Garcia
Roger Garcia преди 6 часа
Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards преди 6 часа
Pls do wolf ranger (jungle fury) vs yamcha
Leteric Parker
Leteric Parker преди 7 часа
The music rocks!
Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger
Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger преди 7 часа
Pretty sure people are supposed to faint when they’re aura is broken
SirKillalot98 преди 5 часа
But the animation isn't supposed to be an accurate representation and only for fun. 17:41
philippe blais
philippe blais преди 7 часа
Of all people to show up in death battle. Po is the last one I ever expected.
justagamer преди 7 часа
Jared bossa
Jared bossa преди 7 часа
Obviously Mikasa wasn't going to win this... It wasn't even close.
Noah Dwight
Noah Dwight преди 7 часа
Ace mcwolf
Ace mcwolf преди 7 часа
A 10 years anniversary is a pretty big deal, That'll need something real surprising and hype building for the finale. My bet? Wiz VS Boomstick.
KombatKid12 преди 7 часа
We’ve been waiting for Galactus VS Unicron for years. It’s only fitting it’s the finale. I’d rather this season finale not be the series finale.
your mom is the game and i'm already playin' it
Death Battle always makes the characters i don't know nor like win, LOL!
Aussie Puppet
Aussie Puppet преди 8 часа
Okay but I genuinely, GENUINELY doubt Mikasa could lose to anyone in RWBY that isn't at least on the same level as Qrow
Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed преди 8 часа
8:39 I haven't even watched the rest of the video yet and I can already tell this is going to be a downfall point for Mikasa. No matter how many numbers they give us, the biggest fact is that it takes more than one of those things to even hurt a titan. And something about the magic system in RWBY tells me Blake can survive one of those at a time no problem. Multiple, maybe not, but Mikasa would need to throw first then detonate, which gives Blake time to dodge or deflect a singular spear at a time. So. If Blake wins, I called it here first
Mark Velasco
Mark Velasco преди 8 часа
Still waiting for Gandalf vs Dumbledore.
Alastor преди 8 часа
Gandalf solos Harry Potter
Paul Blaney
Paul Blaney преди 9 часа
These videos are getting weirder and weirder
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith преди 9 часа
So Team Rwby have two wins and one loss
Eli Vargas
Eli Vargas преди 9 часа
Jax (Mortal Kombat) vs Power Man (Marvel) Hawkman (DC) vs Goliath (Gargoyles) Cloud (Final Fantasy) vs Guts (Beserk) All Might (My Hero Academia) vs Captain Falcon (Smash Bros) Luffy (One Piece) vs Reed Richards (Marvel) Silver Samurai (Marvel) vs Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat) vs Kratos (God of War) Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat) vs Ryu (Street Fighter)
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez преди 9 часа
Ok so the biggest question i got, based on physics, would freezing Mikasa's leg really make her spin out of control the way it did?
Trevis Lee
Trevis Lee преди 9 часа
So the joke is every Ruby member is going to win a death battle but weiss all right.
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez преди 6 часа
@KombatKid12 Eh I’d say that Weiss vs Mitsuru has shown that death battle has learned from their mistakes, the real question is will Ruby somehow get upgrades that will let her win legitimately against Maka by the end of RWBY? If not and Ruby somehow wins despite being outclassed by large margins we’ll be looking at Yang vs Tifa 2.0
KombatKid12 преди 7 часа
I mean Ruby does actually lose to Maka at the moment. But so does Yang against Tifa, and we all saw how that turned out
ELECTRIC преди 10 часа
John wick vs Jason Bourne vs James Bond
Felipe Valentin Contreras Pacab
Felipe Valentin Contreras Pacab преди 10 часа
I honestly saw this matchup way tol obvious on who was going to win, What a wasted potential
Kriimsan God
Kriimsan God преди 10 часа
If this wasn’t the most predictable death battle, y’all literally pinned a super powered demihuman against a normal human being and expected a good fight
SirKillalot98 преди 8 часа
Mikasa can lift up to 19000lb train tracks, react to bullets and survive being crushed in Titan's hands. Sure Blake still easily won, but I wouldn't say an athlete or unarmed solder from our world could take on Mikasa.
WilYo преди 10 часа
Just here to laugh at all the salty AOT fans that can't accept that Blake legit wins this fight. And I'm saying this as someone whose favourite piece of fiction of all time is Attack on Titan.
Paul Neil Maaghop
Paul Neil Maaghop преди 10 часа
Here's a cool battle to do next The Seven (The Boys) vs The Guardians of the Globe (Invincible) (To make things a bit fair we can exclude Homelander and The Immortal)
Konami Pescm
Konami Pescm преди 10 часа
Dream came true, finally a kung fu panda character in death battle🤩
The Toaster Clan!
The Toaster Clan! преди 7 часа
Dreamworks too
Cameron Horan
Cameron Horan преди 11 часа
They put a human against a non human person
Kawaii Izzy
Kawaii Izzy преди 11 часа
I see everyone in the comments talking about that this wasn’t a fair fight...y’all just pressed your pick didn’t win go cry somewhere else LMFAO
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez преди 6 часа
I’ve seen more people complaining that this was an obvious win for Blake due to her speed and more versatile abilities than people complaining about Mikasa losing.
Ura Theboi1
Ura Theboi1 преди 7 часа
No it just wasn't a fair fight nor did it follow the logic of either shows tbh. Blake should have ended up like yang when she got her arm cut off and the entire reason the fight started was just bad if it was a picture of team RWBY and mikasa destroyed it THEN it would make more sense. Also blake is basically a super hero with over powered plot armor Mikasa has super human strength and durability iirc and not to mention she isn't dumb 4x the hearing? Are you serious?
5:53 me: hahaha ha you hear that? LaSt ReMnAnT oF hUmAnItY
Khalil's Art
Khalil's Art преди 11 часа
This is literally a one sided match lmao
The Captain
The Captain преди 11 часа
Mikasa shouldn't even be able to touch Blake, but if she cut offs Blake arm that should of ended the fight no way would Blake be able to think calmly with the pain of a missing arm. I do agree Blake beats Mikasa, but I dislike how this fight went like it would of made more sense to show Blake outspeeding Mikasa and killing her in one blow without any damage taken.
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez преди 6 часа
The animation is purely for entertainment, if the animation was always 100% accurately depicting the stats of the characters more than half of death battle’s would last less than a minute, that would be boring and quickly kill off any interest in the show.
SirKillalot98 преди 8 часа
But that would have been boring and only a 5 second fight. The animation is just around for entertainment.
CHAJITAE преди 11 часа
13:29 Sub Zero: I see you've copied my style...
TheGlitchInTheMatrix преди 11 часа
This battle wasn't fair in the least bit. It's like putting Tarzan against Spiderman.
Skorm преди 11 часа
*Sees Blake's Background* Hang on. *Scratches out Yang in 'likes'* Fixed it.
CrimsonGogeta преди 10 часа
*adds Sun* Here we go.
Kris Sandoval
Kris Sandoval преди 11 часа
I'm confused here, if Blake can tank 4 to 5 tons of tnt before shields go down, she got hit with 2 missiles with 18 tons each, shouldn't she have died on 2nd missile?
SirKillalot98 преди 8 часа
The animation is just for fun and not an accurate simulation. As part of the rules for over 10 years. 17:41 Realistically Blake would have rushed Mikasa down immediately or dodged everything.
Batknight 201
Batknight 201 преди 11 часа
I'm just here for the sore losers who will cry "BIAS!" despite one character literally being on 3 levels higher than the other. That and the people who're gonna complain about Blake's "Likes" section saying Yang. Surprisingly lacking tho, thank god
Laura Fey
Laura Fey преди 11 часа
Akerman or not....y’all really put a human with nothing going for her except training for lumbering slow monsters with very little intelligence and a limited supply of fuel and bladesup against Blake and expected a fair fight, interesting is all I have to say...
SirKillalot98 преди 8 часа
I mean the Ackermans reach superhuman with bullet blocking, lifting 19000lb train tracks and surviving being crushed in a Titan's arms.
Nijin преди 11 часа
Battle starts at 12:27
Josef andrews
Josef andrews преди 11 часа
Misaka is one of the worst characters in all of anime. Don’t @ me
Josef andrews
Josef andrews преди 3 часа
@Alastor y e s
Alastor преди 3 часа
@Josef andrews no
Josef andrews
Josef andrews преди 4 часа
@Alastor yes
Alastor преди 8 часа
THE_RickyReiter преди 11 часа
so if the Ackerman have kinda super human strength and natural combat skill and killing abilities, than how did her parents get killed? 1. those were not Mikasa's actual parents or 2. the people that killed her parents actually possessed Ackerman blood themselves
Jiado преди 11 часа
14:20 Wait, so Mikasa can do a boomerang blade attack?
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips преди 11 часа
This one was about as one sided as i thought it would be, but so does the next one?
Nengah Kean
Nengah Kean преди 11 часа
The AOT fans are angry i can hear it.. Oh wait i'm deaf nvm
Jacob Fox
Jacob Fox преди 11 часа
Saitama vs Goku ozymandias vs Batman
Alastor преди 8 часа
Goku oneshot, Batman FTW
THE_RickyReiter преди 11 часа
I've never seen RWBY but I knew Mikasa was fucked before Mikasa part was up. sooooooooo Mikasa can go 2 times the sound while Blake can go 70 times the speed of sound... also at 9:00 they said rock but as it turns out the wall is made of titan soooo... its probably stronger than that. it should not have been that close
JoeRose8 преди 11 часа
There is a lot wrong with this episode
Pierre Custodio
Pierre Custodio преди 12 часа
That was fun but if this fight isn't the representation of favoritism then I don't know what it is. Mikasa is the least anime of both characters (yes, it's weird). And she faces off against the superpowered ninja cat girl from the channel's official anime. So...Was this even fair? This is why Ereh wanna destroy everything.
SirKillalot98 преди 5 часа
@Jonathan Juarez I think it comes from her being the scaling based member of RWBY.
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez преди 6 часа
@SirKillalot98 People calling Blake is a jobber is kinda funny when you realize that she actually has one of the better win-lose records of the main team.
SirKillalot98 преди 8 часа
This was a fight that has been requested ever since Yang got in, so blame the fans for repeatedly asking this despite it being a stomp. Yet some people still believed Mikasa should have won because "Titans are bigger than Grimm. Blake is a jobber!" RWBY characters can still lose on this show as with Weiss vs Mitsuru.
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