Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke 

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James Corden and Billie Eilish hop in the car and head for the carpool lane, singing "Ocean Eyes," "bad guy," "all the good girls go to hell." After James asks Billie about meeting Justin Bieber for the first time and she strums tunes on the ukulele, they take a detour to visit her home and pet spider. And the two finish their trip with "when the party's over."

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Зарежда връзки.....

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THE GOAT преди 2 часа
Ted .
Ted . преди 9 часа
Ariana Grande can actually sing
Ted .
Ted . преди 9 часа
where did this girl even come from? a lab?
Ted .
Ted . преди 9 часа
she can't sing.
wilfried gronau
wilfried gronau преди 11 часа
Hi James I am 72 thank you for all the joy you bring and Billie you are soooo sweet love you Will
Teresa Tano
Teresa Tano преди 14 часа
Claire Byrne
Claire Byrne преди 15 часа
He never seem to amaze me he just always come out with some funny things and he just got talent
emad преди ден
بیلیو عشقه بمولاا
Maksuda khanom 7-B-208
Maksuda khanom 7-B-208 преди ден
Heyy she did the rap part!!!😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ernat Kanat
Ernat Kanat преди ден
BGbin BETA IS TOTALLY A PEACE OF SHIT,even Shaq wouldn't make commercial for BGbin beta
James Cardon can't sing so just quite it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UPurKILT преди ден
Such a pure voice when the lassie sings 8 on the ukulele 😢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Billie Eilish Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish Billie Eilish преди 2 дни
Billie iconic
s1wavey 187
s1wavey 187 преди 2 дни
Billie ellish plays lil zan
Larn Regis
Larn Regis преди 2 дни
11:00 I want a song about that "itzy bitzy beauty bluey spidey" and of course the music video showing this beautiful spider only (and maybe Billie crawling across the screen too).
Abror Kholdorov
Abror Kholdorov преди 2 дни
Anton Scheurecker
Anton Scheurecker преди 3 дни
overrated...girl next door...hahha
Shanna Nicole
Shanna Nicole преди 3 дни
Best Carpool Ever!!!
Shanna Nicole
Shanna Nicole преди 3 дни
But that spider yo!!! Oh hell no!!!
Shanna Nicole
Shanna Nicole преди 3 дни
She is so effing cute!! I want to just eat her up!!! Literally 😍
Петербургский Риелтор
Обожаю Билли А
SANA MARIYA преди 3 дни
A. C. Greene
A. C. Greene преди 4 дни
Hey Billie eilish you you know kind of open your mouth a Little mouth
me I
me I преди 4 дни
imagine being in a car and Billie singing right there. id dieee
Cooki3 Monster35
Cooki3 Monster35 преди 4 дни
Lol heheheheh so funny with the singing😂😅
princess liuz
princess liuz преди 4 дни
I honestlu never hesrd of hef
Tania Jacome
Tania Jacome преди 4 дни
Highland park 💙
Freya Hawkes
Freya Hawkes преди 4 дни
17 minutes well spent
Freya Hawkes
Freya Hawkes преди 4 дни
Bruh her voice just I mean I literally listen to her every day but I just 😌😍
Débora Rioja Ruiz
Débora Rioja Ruiz преди 5 дни
James how does it feel to have a tarantula in your hand
qqleq2 преди 5 дни
Listening mainly to classical music, only just every five or (more often:) ten years there is a new female singer (why always female?) or band that touches me like pop music normally never does. Since the 70/80's, just a handful of singers/bands have done this. Eilish is the latest one of these. She is in good company with for instance Susanne Vega, Die Antwoord and Selah Sue. talent is not enough. It's about authenticity.
Stephanie Fairfield
Stephanie Fairfield преди 5 дни
Such humble beginnings. I love it
Yankı Ateş
Yankı Ateş преди 6 дни
TONY-brandpraymoodi преди 6 дни
Love you so much Billie 🥰🥰🥰
Ian Patabendige
Ian Patabendige преди 6 дни
We came along usual paths, go school, uni and so on, and some people starts uni straight away
Petko Slnek
Petko Slnek преди 6 дни
sooo talented
Niki Gáspár
Niki Gáspár преди 6 дни
Teja Shankar
Teja Shankar преди 6 дни
love u billie eillish ur such amazing person in this planet...........!!
Aleena Ahmed
Aleena Ahmed преди 6 дни
Do a blackpink carpool karaoke or I'm gonna feed you to the sharks!!!😬😬😬😬
syazwan преди 20 часа
It's really hard to gather them together again.. they're too busy being on their own
David Morris
David Morris преди 7 дни
love billies mom
Crystal_Glitch преди 7 дни
11:08 awwww cute spider 🥺🥺🥺
Lusia Jurkowska
Lusia Jurkowska преди 7 дни
petition for james and billie to do this again with happier than ever
Patrice Tereek
Patrice Tereek преди 7 дни
Fake people
opal преди 7 дни
billie's and james' voices together sounds so good
mediascribble преди 7 дни
if you're thinking about how basic, and maybe easy to become a pop star is. First, start with a brother that can do almost everything, and then you'll need singing talent yourself. Now, the important thing-lol. Parents already in the business.
mediascribble преди 7 дни
James gets to be what he really wanted to be. A singer.
mediascribble преди 7 дни
I wish I had a dollar for every time Billie plays with her nose.
mediascribble преди 7 дни
It's amazing the only song to me that is truly a song is the first song she played on the ukulele. I will. It's probably my age, but it's more than that. Most of The Beatles songs were constructed classically, and never used negative hooks like "Bad Guy" or some other nonsense. That being said, I Will is still sung decades later where songs today are lucky to get repeated for a few months if that.
M. Subaie
M. Subaie преди 7 дни
Oh Michael Jackson here 3:53
Torgie Madison
Torgie Madison преди 8 дни
People always seem so surprised when James harmonizes and jams with them. Do they not know what's going on?!
فارس преди 8 дни
Oh my gosh she’s amazing 🤩
Laura Fleming
Laura Fleming преди 8 дни
What an exquisite voice.
Kamilla K
Kamilla K преди 8 дни
Susan Martin
Susan Martin преди 8 дни
This may be my favorite thusfar, love Billie Eilish
f r
f r преди 9 дни
this is really a beautiful girl 🥰 BUT.... james I'm totally with you for the 'spider thing'......😱
Jessica Wardlaw
Jessica Wardlaw преди 9 дни
Not a bieber person but her fangirling is the purest thing ever
Unknown преди 9 дни
Kids out here “I’m 13 and watching tv all day” oké that’s fine it’s your life if you want to change it and be like Billie do it…. Nobody is stopping you, the people who are stopping you from ur dreams needs to be removed out of you’re life. If ur parents are stopping u talk to them and always be respectful to them! They are still you’re parents!!
Chrissy Tseng
Chrissy Tseng преди 9 дни
13.39 what the song name?
Tobias Lindegaard
Tobias Lindegaard преди 10 дни
Oh no.... Not the ukulele
Mister Music Enterprise
Mister Music Enterprise преди 10 дни
Everything.. everything! ..on her is like a gentle hugging. I feel her. She’s sooo real.. Billie let me feels like home. She makes me cry with a smile on my face.. and I’m a 50 old guy. She is so sad and feels her own music so deep.. lovely!!
Dominique Oldenbeuving
Dominique Oldenbeuving преди 10 дни
James corden won at life dude Harry styles Ariana grande Billie eilish Justin Bieber Ed Sheeran Shawn mendes Adele And a lot of others HE JUST HAS A PRIVATE CONCERT EVERYTIME
JOYCE JAEL KORATI преди 11 дни
Not a Billie fan but she is just amazing and the purest soul omg I even started to love songs
Charlie Tocher
Charlie Tocher преди 11 дни
Hi my name is Katie and I'm 8 I know how to play ukulele piano and kind of guitar and I've made a song on the ukulele called I like
POSSIBILITIES преди 11 дни
Karen Carpenter
POSSIBILITIES преди 11 дни
I love Billies actual genuine beautiful voice when she sings with the ukulele.
Top Vedioes HD Biography
Top Vedioes HD Biography преди 11 дни
Marcos Atencio
Marcos Atencio преди 11 дни
no entiendo un choto pero te amo mi amor😍
Donanta Laan
Donanta Laan преди 12 дни
I love Billieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤❤❤ Every like i write Billie Eilish Regards Hidde 1. Billie Eilish
Amreet Baitharu
Amreet Baitharu преди 12 дни
I don't know why but I like these Carpool Karaoke
Alicia R
Alicia R преди 13 дни
wow she is so talented
andile nkosi
andile nkosi преди 13 дни
She's so pretty😍
Lexi Kemp
Lexi Kemp преди 13 дни
lets be real them singing when the partys ever is so cute
ahrdal преди 13 дни
The song "Eight" you sing, is really amazing! You should really produce it!
Laureen Jeptum
Laureen Jeptum преди 13 дни
Billie really got me getting up on my worst days. Lots of love
Michelle K
Michelle K преди 13 дни
Man I love this!! These 2 are the best!! My favourite part is when she’s talking about Justin Beiber, she’s the cutest ever!! To be in the car with them would be Everything!!
Shania Cardoz
Shania Cardoz преди 13 дни
0:19 - Bad Guy (Billie Eilish) 2:47 - Baby (Justin Bieber) 3:25 - All the good girls go to hell (Billie Eilish) 7:19 - Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish) 14:49 - When the parties over (Billie Eilish)
Dalia Abdalla
Dalia Abdalla преди 13 дни
THE BURNERS преди 14 дни
Dead combination baby
Boom Boom
Boom Boom преди 14 дни
Wow, she sounds so pretty on the ukulele , I wish that song was available
Shawn Robinson
Shawn Robinson преди 14 дни
She should write a song titled "House" because this is where she wrote her songs, sang-recorded her songs and created the life that she has ❤
Shawn Robinson
Shawn Robinson преди 14 дни
RockerDave12 преди 14 дни
Thank you, Billie, for sharing your home with us. And James, dude, how is it you know the words to all these songs? You should be a rock star by now.
xuqws преди 14 дни
bils little “hehe” at the beginning was so cute 😩
Dolfan 13
Dolfan 13 преди 14 дни
Listening to Billy's incredible natural voice while she plays the ukulele, I'm amazed that her vocals are still auto tuned in a lot of her music. I mean, why?
Ali преди 14 дни
For some reason i expected her mum to be that cute
reannon stephen
reannon stephen преди 15 дни
i love you billie eillish
Jose Thomas
Jose Thomas преди 15 дни
the fact that she thinks her own shit is hard is straight fireeeeee
Joseph Saetveit
Joseph Saetveit преди 15 дни
Carpool Karaoke is a great segment by Cordon but this is by far one of the best I've ever seen. Billie Eilish is so great! and so much fun with Cordon! The Spider! Billie was enjoying teasing Cordon SO much! I was on the floor laughing!
Lea.taurus13 преди 15 дни
James looks like a very proud dad
Britney Shelley
Britney Shelley преди 15 дни
Britney Shelley
Britney Shelley преди 15 дни
Allie King
Allie King преди 15 дни
james with one direction: guys I rlly think I could make the band, I think I should join James with Billie: guys I rlly think I could join the family
Waziha Nokshi
Waziha Nokshi преди 16 дни
Billie being herself and doing everything that she wants....You can realize how true how pure every single second is! That's what I love most about her- it's her authenticity and the respect she has for everyone and The bond she shares with her family. She might've made a mistake or two ( I don't even know , I'm not into scams and scandals) ,but who doesn't! Just because she is one of the most successful popstars doesn't mean she is not "a 19 year old girl"! Just because of her talent don't underestimate the fact that she is still young and she's learning!
Waziha Nokshi
Waziha Nokshi преди 16 дни
I think spiders are cute too!
shijir bat
shijir bat преди 16 дни
David Robertson
David Robertson преди 16 дни
7:08 there’s the rozzers out
Juan Martin Cassano
Juan Martin Cassano преди 17 дни
Billie is a genious.
Timothy Hudgens
Timothy Hudgens преди 17 дни
The imported wilderness fittingly double because tights surprisingly crush circa a wry alto. five, five advice
tek julian
tek julian преди 17 дни
How to lock this viedeo 2021
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