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In today's ASMR video we unbox the WORLD'S BIGGEST WATER BARBIE!!😱✨This RARE Water Barbie Reveal has 50+ SURPRISES!! We unbox 2 barbies, 2 pets, the GOLDEN mystery box and 40+ other mystery surprise boxes and bags!!
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Facts About Me:
✰name: rhia
✰birthday: 20th of September
✰fav colour: pink
✰fav animal: pig
✰filming + editing: canon g7 mark ii + final cut pro
✰live: UK


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18.06.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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JadePlays✨ преди месец
also Imagine getting pinned and loved and liked I love u Rhia
Rosa Contreras
Rosa Contreras преди ден
I want the barbie box please
patty pat
patty pat преди 3 дни
@Haku and mata - Amazing มากเลยค่ะสวยมากๆเลย
Rhia Official
Rhia Official преди 11 дни
@it's me Pxisless huh? It’s impossible to shoutout 3 million people????
it's me Pxisless
it's me Pxisless преди 11 дни
@Rhia Official umm I think I have to unsubcrib bc I really like shout out but look like you don't want my sub
Ly Nguyenviet
Ly Nguyenviet преди час
Chắc món đồ chơi này ko bán ở nước tôi đâu nhỉ
MD Nadim Ahmed
MD Nadim Ahmed преди 5 часа
wow this is beautiful Onyx Sundar hai 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩
BERNICE WONG YA XUAN Moe преди 7 часа
I love it!
Ramesh Sharma
Ramesh Sharma преди 17 часа
You always unbox barbie but do you now you are a real barbie By a kid girl♥️
العاب العرب Arab Games
العاب العرب Arab Games преди 23 часа
😯 wow
Beatriz Parreira da silva
Beatriz Parreira da silva преди ден
Acho melhor do 😍🤩
Ir. Ts. ZAHARI MOHD NOR преди ден
Saya ne JoIN 🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕🧕
Joselyne Balam
Joselyne Balam преди ден
Ala nunca e visto esto 😱😱
Rosemarie Balmes
Rosemarie Balmes преди ден
I don't have tiktok
Sreypich Soulin
Sreypich Soulin преди ден
You so cute🥰
Vijayasha Naik
Vijayasha Naik преди 2 дни
What is the cost
Lunah Victoria
Lunah Victoria преди 2 дни
sgchjnfggcgvc jguhdrjcyfjfjxhtrewxvhfk
Rosa Maria Campos Ruiz
Rosa Maria Campos Ruiz преди 2 дни
Hola no te conozco pero te estoy viendo
Regina Navarro
Regina Navarro преди 3 дни
Dacha Cruz Villanueva
Dacha Cruz Villanueva преди 3 дни
Misty Udeshi
Misty Udeshi преди 4 дни
Where do we get this?
Bubi De
Bubi De преди 4 дни
Barbie holo kotha Keno
Faith Allyson
Faith Allyson преди 5 дни
dude u didnt play the game u just open them up
Odisha ball
Odisha ball преди 5 дни
Are you indie
Oppo A11k
Oppo A11k преди 5 дни
Boneka nya begok
Shanaaya Sakrinsow
Shanaaya Sakrinsow преди 5 дни
So jdidnjkdnkla
Leamirasol Langres
Leamirasol Langres преди 6 дни
Woooooow it's so cool items and cool toys
Mona's world
Mona's world преди 6 дни
You're sooooo cute Rhia sister🥰
sumsur nahar bakul
sumsur nahar bakul преди 6 дни
Lol nhuy123
Lol nhuy123 преди 6 дни
Wow so big
Ravi Tappetla
Ravi Tappetla преди 6 дни
Miraj ud Din Sheikh
Miraj ud Din Sheikh преди 7 дни
Ruksana Naeem
Ruksana Naeem преди 7 дни
Mam you are most beautiful and cute and your eyes is also. Beautiful
Choijilmaa Purew
Choijilmaa Purew преди 7 дни
Choijilmaa Purew
Choijilmaa Purew преди 7 дни
Let’s stop with the finger things OK and I’m getting mad you are a bad person but you kind a like a thief Ha Hah ha ha it’s never going to catch me but I’m a grown-up how do you like that hi hi hi hi Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah you’re never gonna catch me now ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Choijilmaa Purew
Choijilmaa Purew преди 7 дни
So you have a fidget pack Ha but you can still have my one of my fidgets I don’t like so and I was going to give you all of my fidget videos are cool but it pop it in the cooler than digits more better puppies are cool pop it’s all cool 000 QQQQQQ
Choijilmaa Purew
Choijilmaa Purew преди 7 дни
And stop doing with your nails and doing like poop and doing like that because I hate the noise this is so annoying this is so bad and you are ridiculous I want to regulus on the regulus fine I give you something that I love but don’t mess around with it and don’t open the package and I like his pop
Rhia Official
Rhia Official преди 7 дни
No thank you!:)
Choijilmaa Purew
Choijilmaa Purew преди 7 дни
And stop doing your nails and doing like a little intense like everything you say and doing with your nails in and touching all the stuff and then in and you keep doing that and everything Time no no no no no no no no what are you doing now huh and what are you doing the name is what you’re gonna do huh stop with your fingers
Choijilmaa Purew
Choijilmaa Purew преди 7 дни
Let me go and kick your house stop you are making me annoying with your finger snap select gosh this is so annoying and I’m never gonna give you like again so and what do you say now really what why are you keep you do that and again I will kick you out for a year
Jovana Vukićević
Jovana Vukićević преди 7 дни
Quang Vu
Quang Vu преди 8 дни
Chị ơi đó là con buc bé gì đấy
hân cá mập cute
hân cá mập cute преди 8 дни
Amouchy chanel
Amouchy chanel преди 9 дни
Hi i m a big fan of you rhia
نورة الملحم
نورة الملحم преди 9 дни
Anjali Khandelwal
Anjali Khandelwal преди 10 дни
Your are amazing And I want it for where yku buy send money that link plz plz plz plz plz Reply me Rhia di
🍑 Maisah Bella Rañada 🍑
🍑 Maisah Bella Rañada 🍑 преди 10 дни
I don't want them
Loliipopgirl преди 10 дни
I want those 😢😢😢😢
Chauhan Priyanshi
Chauhan Priyanshi преди 10 дни
How much water she is wasting 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
sumsur nahar bakul
sumsur nahar bakul преди 10 дни
Manju Maharjan
Manju Maharjan преди 11 дни
Komang преди 11 дни
Same I want😯
degha Bolot
degha Bolot преди 11 дни
Bagus k9k
Marine L
Marine L преди 11 дни
Does someone knows how can I get one in France please ???
Dayang Nurul Syahadah
Dayang Nurul Syahadah преди 11 дни
What's the name
prakash manker
prakash manker преди 11 дни
హౌ మచ్
Saruta Moon
Saruta Moon преди 11 дни
Vaishnavi 3 C
Vaishnavi 3 C преди 11 дни
I also wanted this 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Itzz Hira
Itzz Hira преди 11 дни
your video so best i like it
BTS A.R.M.Y Forever 💜
BTS A.R.M.Y Forever 💜 преди 12 дни
From where buy them plzplz tell me i want to buy them
KIT GAIMNG преди 12 дни
Ye hona
Kavitha kavi Bavinivisri
Kavitha kavi Bavinivisri преди 13 дни
I like your every video
Vũ Đinh văn
Vũ Đinh văn преди 13 дни
Hulan javkhlantugs
Hulan javkhlantugs преди 13 дни
i love your all video
• S A K U R A •
• S A K U R A • преди 13 дни
Me seeing this at the store for 150 dollars: I-
Free fire and brawl stars gaming
Imagine getting heart from
Free fire and brawl stars gaming
कता मिलछ र यो
Sandhya Gaiki
Sandhya Gaiki преди 13 дни
Riha please send n More video of this
Faizur rahman Faizur rahman
Faizur rahman Faizur rahman преди 13 дни
i like it .....sound....
Sumita Dogra
Sumita Dogra преди 13 дни
Who this amazing
Mun Qin Cheah
Mun Qin Cheah преди 14 дни
Sarika преди 14 дни
Amazing video ❤❤ it
x.Saow_mock.x преди 14 дни
Rajinder Kumar
Rajinder Kumar преди 14 дни
Ketana ke ha
raj bhimanna
raj bhimanna преди 14 дни
How beutiful girl she is
Pralad Thapa
Pralad Thapa преди 15 дни
I don't believe this
Nur rohman
Nur rohman преди 15 дни
kak can tik dan seru dari pop,it😘😚
munish behal
munish behal преди 15 дни
kitna ka ha
Van Lalhriati
Van Lalhriati преди 15 дни
I love it wow
susi rosita
susi rosita преди 15 дни
Z ,zbhk xju3un
vidya raghu
vidya raghu преди 15 дни
Where you got that I to want
pop it squise
pop it squise преди 15 дни
also lmagine getting pinned and love and liked /love /Rhia
Tara Verrell
Tara Verrell преди 15 дни
😲 😱 😲 😱 😲 😱
Santosh Chavan
Santosh Chavan преди 15 дни
Imagine get a heart from cute rhia di lots of love from India too nice videos keep it up
Nilkantha Sadhu
Nilkantha Sadhu преди 16 дни
Emoba Ningombam
Emoba Ningombam преди 16 дни
преди 16 дни
so cut😭😭l
Rajesh Kumar Mandal
Rajesh Kumar Mandal преди 16 дни
I want this all toy
Sweety Priya
Sweety Priya преди 17 дни
How much barbie doll
Minu Singh
Minu Singh преди 17 дни
PLEASE make more video of barbie dolls and part wise part okay
GD BrianLogerHype
GD BrianLogerHype преди 17 дни
That was the cutest video i have ever seen in my life. 6 parts to this. I love it so much. You do a very good job at doing all this ASMR stuff also when you are doing all this recording also. Tha tis so amazing. I love the 2 Barbie's in the sleeping bags. The 2 Pets were very cute also. You are the most amazing person ever. Hope Rhia can read this comment and i hope she has the best day and week and month and year and life. I love you so much Rhia. Never forget that Rhia. You will be loved by all of us in the world who love your videos
Sarvjeet Kaur Chandi
Sarvjeet Kaur Chandi преди 17 дни
Price please
anirudha jena
anirudha jena преди 17 дни
Tharindu Kalansooriya
Tharindu Kalansooriya преди 15 дни
Meloo wadak na
Doris Lacdao
Doris Lacdao преди 17 дни
I just want a barbie doll i always want a toy
Antonio Sales
Antonio Sales преди 17 дни
Honya Mohamad
Honya Mohamad преди 17 дни
Kids Fun
Kids Fun преди 17 дни
bgbin.info/code/video/pm96cJPM2bmvhr4.html ❗Kids Fun is a place where kids can have fun and learn with our family friendly videos 🎁🎈🎨🧸 🎶
Karupaswamy Pandiyan
Karupaswamy Pandiyan преди 17 дни
Gul Nar
Gul Nar преди 17 дни
I just love how she clicks every thing with her nails.
Munir Ahmad
Munir Ahmad преди 13 дни
Hoihching Guite
Hoihching Guite преди 17 дни
I hate myself but your videos make me better
Dulcimar fernandes Santos
Dulcimar fernandes Santos преди 17 дни
Barbieeeeeeeeeeeeéeeeees legallllllllll😚😚😚😚😚
جنه علي ❤
جنه علي ❤ преди 17 дни
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