Asking an AI for silly redstone ideas, then building them 

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The world of Computer A.I and Artificial Intelligence is a fast developing space, with tools like GPT-2 and GPT-3 created by OpenAI available for use by the public. In this Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo inputs the ideas from the most recent 'I build your silly redstone ideas' and then asks the A.I to expand on those ideas.. and it did! All the ideas featured in this video were generated using Artificial Intelligence.
Inspired by this video by Tom Scott:
I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good: bgbin.info/code/video/hZyLkanPztunnLo.html
Corridor Digital, Avatar 2:
A.I text generator:
Filming channel: bgbin.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


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4.03.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo преди месец
I thought I had fixed my popping issue audio wise... BUT! ALAS!! It is still there. I will eventually fix this!
J. Hawkins
J. Hawkins преди 3 дни
Julia Sowka
Julia Sowka преди 7 дни
@Георги Вълчев KnoWLedGE
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki преди 8 дни
Make a village styled house that turns into more of a defended castle
WILLIAM CHANEY преди 24 дни
did u do HCBBS
WILLIAM CHANEY преди 24 дни
I don't notice.
AyrtonStudios преди 4 часа
who here has subbed and hit the bell? smash like for yes
The Bee One in five
The Bee One in five преди 23 часа
YOU WATCH CORRIDOR DIGITAL???? THATS AWESOME oh wait you do filming lol
Shark преди ден
Εβινα Μόρις
Εβινα Μόρις преди 2 дни
mumbo gives me gender envy
Mudd преди 2 дни
Madd Brody
Madd Brody преди 3 дни
Madd Brody
Madd Brody преди 3 дни
Puffy преди 3 дни
wait is that a minons reference 3:02
Ninja_Sloth_377 преди 3 дни
When I saw the inflatable flying in my mind I said. THE DUCK HAS RISEN
GoatGamerX преди 3 дни
I think this AI has putted all that stuff into google translate on the super smash bros. Ultimate web!
C H I L L I N преди 4 дни
The "Shrek quote" actually had me laughing so hard that i choked
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau преди 4 дни
If AI will always use the internet for it's knowledge. We are good. Humans put alot of silly stuff online.
Maucaz alv
Maucaz alv преди 4 дни
The AI have ideas that could change the world, is just that our mortal minds can´t understand it
J. Hawkins
J. Hawkins преди 3 дни
Amazing world of gumball pfp
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Harris преди 4 дни
.. an automaton is a fancy robot that can think for itself
Joe Adams
Joe Adams преди 5 дни
A machine that burns everyone else’s suggestions for a machine
Kai Kai
Kai Kai преди 5 дни
Mumbo what's the biggest piston door you can make?
DisKorruptd преди 5 дни
Bacon Rises should have had a slime block piston to send the pig even higher while levetating
Katharine Williams
Katharine Williams преди 5 дни
oh I see you no longer need us ]:
Zombrine Heu
Zombrine Heu преди 5 дни
AI is weird
Animalcrossing Island bay
Animalcrossing Island bay преди 6 дни
Wait no way I just found out... Read more
Randomly Redonkulous
Randomly Redonkulous преди 6 дни
Make a 4 by 4 piston door with a door in the center that opens up into a trap door into another dimension and it shots you across the dimension, back to the normal dimension somewhere thousands of blocks away, and you have no idea hoe to get back.
Christopher Brinton
Christopher Brinton преди 6 дни
12:29 the subtitles have sworn.. it is "SILLY", not "SHI-" this is ridiculous. Although it does sound a bit like that..
Kaboomkid 5
Kaboomkid 5 преди 6 дни
I’m dying 😂🤣
Julian The Elf Boi
Julian The Elf Boi преди 6 дни
12:29 it sounded like mumbo said "shitty redstone" and it really threw me off
Mindset Lifestyle
Mindset Lifestyle преди 7 дни
12:30 did Mumbo just swear
R - G - C
R - G - C преди 7 дни
Tell us more about the world of Elen! I’m invested!
Malex AnimatesStuff
Malex AnimatesStuff преди 7 дни
Al AI one has an L One has an i
Chase Finch
Chase Finch преди 7 дни
i bet this guy does a mean ringo starr impression
John Kemp
John Kemp преди 7 дни
8:16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣
Rebecca Bugg
Rebecca Bugg преди 7 дни
I think you should build a chair, and if you touch it, it scoots forward a couple blocks
FF Egel From Denmark
FF Egel From Denmark преди 8 дни
Slothy преди 8 дни
B. R. A. D.
gabrielchcosta преди 8 дни
What shader pack are you using? I see ambient occlusion and other stuff going on
Isaac Podhoretz
Isaac Podhoretz преди 9 дни
You should make a machine that builds fruits and vegetables
Rocky 85
Rocky 85 преди 9 дни
Mambo you’re so good at Redstone I wish I was as good as you were trust me you’re awesome I’ve been trying to make more Redstone videos because of you
c4 lemon
c4 lemon преди 9 дни
Dani: fr*ck you billy
Arda Baki
Arda Baki преди 9 дни
You have us mumbo
Eternal Mercy
Eternal Mercy преди 9 дни
LIghtning: Strikes Duck: levitates Me: uhhhhhh... MOOOOOOOOOOOOM look an inflatable! ITS FLYING!
Charlie He
Charlie He преди 9 дни
Mumbo: “What is an automaton!?” Also Mumbo: Builds giant walking robots *The answer is within you*
NEWDOG3628 Boomer
NEWDOG3628 Boomer преди 9 дни
You should write a book about the world of elen
Benjamin Winkelman
Benjamin Winkelman преди 10 дни
How do I get gpt 2
hi there
hi there преди ден
Google it
Sus Doctor
Sus Doctor преди 10 дни
K C W преди 10 дни
6:40 Shreks wise words
TheDev3000 преди 10 дни
E l e n
Bushyn charge
Bushyn charge преди 10 дни
make a tree that opens up its mouth, and eats another tree that shoots dogs
My channel is Died by YouTube
My channel is Died by YouTube преди 10 дни
automaton basically just means robot
Alex Sun
Alex Sun преди 11 дни
8:17 aaaa!
ryan_oussoren_yt преди 11 дни
Maybe a machine that removes the scarr of harry posters face
superaibplayz преди 11 дни
"Hey what's minecraft?"
Calvin Lyver
Calvin Lyver преди 12 дни
what was the censored bit?
sofia barker
sofia barker преди 12 дни
create bob the burger
FabLP0 преди 12 дни
who just watched this vid bc the thumbnail looked like billy from karlson from dani, is it just me or am i not alone gamers?
Fernando Mendez
Fernando Mendez преди 12 дни
but you only used only the good ideas if we build off of the good ideas we could be good too
Sarojini Sabale
Sarojini Sabale преди 12 дни
What was the last sentence "probably" probably what?
Alro 12343
Alro 12343 преди 12 дни
If you're looking for an okay, maybe not possible, Redstone idea then what about a piston feedtape that uses slime machines to power it. If you could get it to work you could potentially have an infinite distance feedtape instead of complying to the block limit.
WaterWeb преди 12 дни
Hex Tonic
Hex Tonic преди 13 дни
Can you use rotators somehow to make a walking in circles machine? Or has that already been done without? It would be nice to have a small house that walks in circles and has despencable flying machines that drop bombs downward
Koni GamingGR
Koni GamingGR преди 13 дни
1:37 Whoopy Cussions
Koni GamingGR
Koni GamingGR преди 13 дни
Thats billy from KARLSON in the thumbnail
TotallyNotTéo преди 13 дни
"Oh, what, that needs to be censored" *TELL ME*
soshimee преди 13 дни
you made the word puzzlex
MasterZenII преди 13 дни
The fact the top comment isn't by a user named the_puzzlax is disappointing...
Dominic 5082
Dominic 5082 преди 13 дни
make a house and iys all redstone like the crafting tabels come from the ground
Zevox 90
Zevox 90 преди 13 дни
tIDEsRturning преди 14 дни
i... what?!?
George Bennett
George Bennett преди 14 дни
An automaton is like a robot but is controlled with mechanical parts set in a certain way to make it move in a sequence
Duck Duckerson
Duck Duckerson преди 14 дни
Mumbo: Says that he watches Tom Scott Me: •o•
ödön hazard
ödön hazard преди 14 дни
That laughter when the pig began to fly...
jan harald
jan harald преди 14 дни
the_ puzzlax
the_ puzzlax преди 14 дни
I am coming for you....
Gavin Alexander
Gavin Alexander преди 15 дни
I have never laughed harder then how I laughed during the story of Ellen
Tayfaan преди 15 дни
Dear Mumbo, you'll never read this, but you should definitely retry this with GPT-3. I myself obtained a key for their GPT-3 API, and it's an absolute beast of an AI. While GPT-2 mostly puts out random nonsense, GPT-3 can actually generate a proper article of some sort. I even explained it how tictactoe works and we even played a proper game afterwards, it was pretty silly. Special message from GPT-3: *"It’s sometimes tough to know how to start a new Minecraft redstone project, especially with all the possibilities for automation that exist. GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating good redstone build ideas. It was developed by OpenAI, a non-profit organization, and has proven capable of solving problems that are hard to solve for humans. GPT-3 is on par with a professional redstone engineer."* Lol. You'll have to fill out a form containing information about why you want access to the API, the OpenAI team will look through your application and most of the time they'll give you a key with a set amount of points you can spend on their AI. There are also loads of free websites and services which use GPT-3, you could also use those if you want. Would really like to see this! :)
Oleh HL
Oleh HL преди 15 дни
The world of elen is a literal disney movie
JayTee TV
JayTee TV преди 15 дни
i feel like this AI was just trying to guess what kind of machine itself is. Or maybe what kind of machine it wishes it was.
John Patch
John Patch преди 15 дни
next time use AI dungeon, that thing is awesome and I think GPT3 based. Give it a custom prompt and poke around a bit. you can hit the retry button if it gets too whacky.
Theolodger преди 16 дни
build a cliff that refuses to be a cliff
Stachi08 преди 16 дни
Wow that was pretty cool
MIMIMINECRAFT преди 16 дни
We have similar recommended sections
SkyDragonFX преди 16 дни
Hey mumbo would you do a series of "Teaching people how to redstone"
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown преди 16 дни
Shrek should be a motivational speaker.
Pikajim :0
Pikajim :0 преди 16 дни
Grumbot? :0
Sagie Fruchter
Sagie Fruchter преди 17 дни
I don’t know about you, but listening to Mumbo read a chapter of “The World Of Ellen” is incredibly calming
shining baker246
shining baker246 преди 17 дни
cain elevator pls
Twiinzee преди 17 дни
Would be better if it was 13 minutes
DeafShoot Human
DeafShoot Human преди 17 дни
im just imagining going in a forest and hearing in the distance a tribe singing the eye of the tiger
Bounze преди 18 дни
Computers are actually stupid. You tell them what to do and they do it. You tell them to kill themselves (downloading malware) and they do it. AI, on the other hand....
Alguien De Internet
Alguien De Internet преди 18 дни
8:40 amogus
powerclamp преди 18 дни
dooo this again!
powerclamp преди 18 дни
the sci-fi hacking music is cool
Virizion преди 18 дни
8:17 *perfectly cut screams*
Virizion преди 18 дни
2:29 *blind wanderer*
Kaysen Liender
Kaysen Liender преди 18 дни
Nobody PAMA:
The Chronicle Gamer
The Chronicle Gamer преди 18 дни
Flash 260
Flash 260 преди 19 дни
If Mumbo or anybody's curious, an automaton is like a robot, that is AI and kinda half functions like a human? In Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, automaton are mythical machines that can resemble human beings and animals, like a robot dragon or robot bull.
Loafy преди 19 дни
I’m just wait for Puzzlax to comment on this video
Danbearpig преди 19 дни
Mumbo, this was brilliant. My face hurts quite a bit from laughing, and I laughed so hard I had an epic spontaneous coughing fit. You and the AI make quite a team!
Oz Gbriel
Oz Gbriel преди 19 дни
WOW this video is way better when watching it drunk
JNCressey преди 19 дни
Silly redstone idea: An UNsorting system. It gradually takes random things from chests and puts them in random different chests.
Herr Katze Gaming
Herr Katze Gaming преди 19 дни
put 6:39 on twitter. I dare you.
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