3D PEN VS GLUE GUN! 17 Cool Hacks And Crafts For You 

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We’ve tried every 3D pen and hot glue craft we could imagine, and here’s what we created. Aren’t 3D pens just amazing? You can create anything you can think of, make it colorful and give it purpose. Today, we wanted to experiment with something new, and we wanted to show you some amazing hacks you can create at home. But first, let’s try some experiments with hot glue. Why buy a bath mat when you can make a colorful one with glitter using hot glue? To make it look store-bought, use a printed pattern and some greaseproof paper on top. Sometimes charging your phone becomes a nuisance, so today, we show you how to create a stand for your phone using a 3D pen. But for those of you who want to get craftier, we show you how to make a beautiful romantic ring from scratch using a 3D pen. Watch until the end to discover some fantastic tricks and crafts you’ll adore.
1:06 - How to fix a broken wood piece
2:25 - DIY ring
2:48 - Beautiful, DIY jewelry holder
4:15 - DIY hair comb
6:53 - Cute DIY earrings
9:03 - DIY fake nails
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Idk What I’m doing on YouTube
Idk What I’m doing on YouTube преди 19 минути
At least this isn’t troom troom level
CassandraPlayzRoblox преди 20 минути
i love those days when 5 minute crafts made real Content
CassandraPlayzRoblox преди 22 минути
4:26 or you can go to the nearest store and get your hands on a new fresh comb for 50 cents. instead of spending 114$ on a 3D pen. literally
opzz xsin
opzz xsin преди 24 минути
4:58 you just wasted your 3D pen 🖊 instead of buying a new comb
Della Rickett
Della Rickett преди 52 минути
5 minute crafts: mEsS? us: JUST CLEAN IT UP
Caroline hansberry
Caroline hansberry преди 2 часа
Meditation music
Meditation music преди 2 часа
🙏like chennal subscribe
opzz xsin
opzz xsin преди 23 минути
Not hating or anything just saying this does NOT take 5 minutes
yogesh salphale
yogesh salphale преди 4 часа
Who doesn’t have a slipper this video does not suit the Channel name
Bijender Chaudhary
Bijender Chaudhary преди 5 часа
no glue gun only on 3D pen
Ramon EsteveZ
Ramon EsteveZ преди 5 часа
V tý práci by měla mít roušku
5 - Minutes Craft Easy
5 - Minutes Craft Easy преди 6 часа
zhamira luzardo
zhamira luzardo преди 10 часа
Yessica Zamudio
Yessica Zamudio преди 11 часа
💏m.m .!m!.mmnn
dlin duhoky
dlin duhoky преди 15 часа
I love this video😃🖤
Queen X
Queen X преди 16 часа
These are actually cool y’all are just finding things to be rude about pls give them some credit it’s called crafts so what if it can break it’s still interesting and fun
Derya Tercan
Derya Tercan преди 3 часа
Derya Tercan
Derya Tercan преди 3 часа
Derya Tercan
Derya Tercan преди 3 часа
LUISA Andrade
LUISA Andrade преди 16 часа
Nola Nguyen
Nola Nguyen преди 17 часа
i’m pretty sure these r made with a 3d pen
Clemente Gimenez
Clemente Gimenez преди 17 часа
Tenciu gfktri ygkoyip
seema manhas
seema manhas преди 17 часа
You can see on 3:42
Zoe Baribaud
Zoe Baribaud преди 18 часа
1 min 33 il n'y a pas du tout de différence
Kittycatlovergirl1234 преди 19 часа
Are you really drawing with a 3D pen... ON A PHONE?!?!?!?!?!?! ARN’T U AT LEAST A TINY BIT WORRIED THAT UR GOING TO BREAK IT?!?!?!?!?!
Banana cats
Banana cats преди 20 часа
Not hating or anything just saying this does NOT take 5 minutes
Emore tan
Emore tan преди 20 часа
I need 3D pen cuz I wanna fix things and build things like a ring!
JOCHABTI преди 21 час
What is we don’t have hot glue in the alivator
Marisol Orozco
Marisol Orozco преди 21 час
5-Minute Crafts outlined: silicone
Sofiapia Carboni
Sofiapia Carboni преди 21 час
Con quale legge di gravitá?
Afshan Arifa
Afshan Arifa преди 22 часа
The comb will easily break
simply Sammy
simply Sammy преди 23 часа
These “hacks” take like 1 hour to do not 5 minutes. 🤚🏻🙃
•ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʟɪᴏɴ•
•ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʟɪᴏɴ• преди 15 часа
They just say that (And some of them don’t even work lol 😂)
Nola Nguyen
Nola Nguyen преди 17 часа
Banana cats
Banana cats преди 20 часа
Ikr like they just cut the clip to make it seem like it 5 minutes..
annalyn cerbito
annalyn cerbito преди 23 часа
I'm sorry but this kinnda dumb (no hate please)
annalyn cerbito
annalyn cerbito преди 23 часа
soon they will make a cake made of glue
{ shadow Oof }
{ shadow Oof } преди ден
2:56 That looks very satisfying
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen преди ден
완전꿀잼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Harshita Patel
Harshita Patel преди ден
Olyvia_ 24
Olyvia_ 24 преди ден
Thank sis😳🍭
Arooba Khalid
Arooba Khalid преди ден
Cool 😎 and amazing hacks👍🤩
Kavitha Bashini
Kavitha Bashini преди ден
Triggered insaan should rost this
Kiyan Farook
Kiyan Farook преди ден
how is the glue like a thered
Macadamia Fizz
Macadamia Fizz преди ден
7:37 But they’re still technically shoes...
Macadamia Fizz
Macadamia Fizz преди 14 часа
@Random Kid Maybe because it was a public park sort of thing and nobody wanted any shoe marks or mud prints on the grass?
Random Kid
Random Kid преди 19 часа
Also why would there even be a “no shoes” sign?
Kavya Agarwal 808
Kavya Agarwal 808 преди ден
tnx 5 min. crafts actually my sis has ear problem and was not able to wear a mask but now she could
YouTube Geek
YouTube Geek преди 5 часа
@Kavya Agarwal 808 ye suree
Kavya Agarwal 808
Kavya Agarwal 808 преди 5 часа
I speak hindi and marwari
Kavya Agarwal 808
Kavya Agarwal 808 преди 5 часа
and I don't know English very well cause I am an indian
Kavya Agarwal 808
Kavya Agarwal 808 преди 5 часа
my mobile autocorrected
Aung Howa
Aung Howa преди 19 часа
@Kavya Agerwal 808 It’s thx not tnx
Violeta Manasterliu
Violeta Manasterliu преди ден
Yogita Devaraj
Yogita Devaraj преди ден
Hydie Dabon
Hydie Dabon преди ден
I like 3d pen
Niobe Sach
Niobe Sach преди ден
2:21 you can do that with string and glue
Саим Тутов
Саим Тутов преди ден
я1 тут русская
토리 토리TV
토리 토리TV преди ден
좋은 꿀팁!
サイコちゃん преди ден
ili danae juarez valdez
ili danae juarez valdez преди ден
Yaa como sus videos no me justan , perdon , lo siento tanto :(:(:( ♥♥♥♡♡
sniperbyker преди ден
You've got to admit this whole video is 5Head
Jagdish Badole
Jagdish Badole преди ден
अछा लगा
BlueBunny 5
BlueBunny 5 преди ден
For the comb fix part I though it was Patrick
Andrew Comparison
Andrew Comparison преди ден
Andrew Comparison
Andrew Comparison преди ден
Josef was a time to get to the house 🏠
Andrew Comparison
Andrew Comparison преди ден
Райса Габитова
Райса Габитова преди ден
Не знаю как это сделать в начале следующей 0001
김정숙 преди ден
김정숙 преди ден
aishahamin преди ден
Meister Van
Meister Van преди ден
What a waste of glue
Darla Dobrowolski
Darla Dobrowolski преди ден
The mask thing is my problem so boo ho
Jaleah Playz
Jaleah Playz преди ден
He doing the phone thing me it keeps falling
La'trice glasper
La'trice glasper преди ден
I like it guys
La'trice glasper
La'trice glasper преди ден
I like it
Quinton Sherrill
Quinton Sherrill преди ден
3D pen
LilyPants преди ден
I don’t have a hot glue gun
Addy Widener
Addy Widener преди ден
those nails 😬
Addy Widener
Addy Widener преди ден
i was cringing with that fence
Rower J
Rower J преди ден
You only put glue gun things🙃
charity matulin
charity matulin преди ден
Ano ginmit nyo sa glue gun
Rowanna Graham
Rowanna Graham преди ден
5 minute crafts need to stop
꧁ Leh Gacha love ꧂
꧁ Leh Gacha love ꧂ преди ден
O bruno Corrêa precisa fazer isso •w•
julieth mejia
julieth mejia преди ден
Charlotte Becker
Charlotte Becker преди ден
It is a scam they don’t work
Art Elf
Art Elf преди ден
Eric Cauã
Eric Cauã преди ден
that is easy everyone has a 3D pen at home
Ruby Bond
Ruby Bond преди ден
Georgeta Adela
Georgeta Adela преди ден
Arman Khalid
Arman Khalid преди ден
lily lola cool
lily lola cool преди ден
I love both
Desiree DeAngelo
Desiree DeAngelo преди ден
You guys are the most best BGbin channel
Simona Velickovic
Simona Velickovic преди ден
Sedmi suši teme koje već je snimio neka snima malo boje
Vymino X Taniesha
Vymino X Taniesha преди ден
Zeynab Mammadova
Zeynab Mammadova преди ден
Matthew S.
Matthew S. преди ден
I heard u had 500 million other channels .
Ines Robert
Ines Robert преди ден
Enes Koçer
Enes Koçer преди ден
Muhteşem bişey
Kathleen Rainbow cute cookies
I say 3D pens
smiling moon
smiling moon преди ден
google -------- faithfreedom chalenge google ------ faithfreedom ali sina articles google ------- internet archive ali sina debates
Quỳnh Nguyễn
Quỳnh Nguyễn преди ден
Bố mày xem mà thấy chán
Eaint Khin
Eaint Khin преди ден
So according to this video, you can do anything with 3d pen and glue gun?? Ok got it. I will write it in my notebook.✍️ 🙂📒
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy преди ден
Lifehacks that aren't useless: 2:15, 0:13 Yes, that's it.
Lenka Vondrousova
Lenka Vondrousova преди ден
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy преди ден
Viktoria Vargova
Viktoria Vargova преди 2 дни
Антошка Куприношка
Сними пожалуйста ещё видео с 3D ручкой 😍😍😍👸
farida imam
farida imam преди 2 дни
6:16 *You call that a mess? You haven't even saw the real mess at home*
Simon Meisenberg
Simon Meisenberg преди 2 дни
Parth Vats
Parth Vats преди 2 дни
Triggered insaan plz toast them 🔥🔥🔥 They have gone mad
Nawroz Fc
Nawroz Fc преди 2 дни
〰yagmur〰 преди 2 дни
〰yagmur〰 преди 2 дни
〰yagmur〰 преди 2 дни
Rekha Verma
Rekha Verma преди 2 дни
Which pencil is this what is name of this thing
ptu qaz
ptu qaz преди 2 дни
zombie Offlcial channe 좀비공식채널
한국사람들이 보여줘요 저작권없이!!!!!!아.....진짜! 한국놈들이중복영상올려요!!
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