39 NEW Items That Could be in Minecraft 1.18! - Ores, Weapons, Mobs 

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39 NEW Items That Could be in Minecraft 1.18! - Ores, Weapons, Mobs with PrestonPlayz 👊
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Peacock Tiger
Peacock Tiger преди 6 часа
Wow I love Preston I'll be your bodyguard from haters and plz help me get reg minecraft plz I need 40 bucks yea it expensive and also plz help me get mods in my education edition
Immanuel Bibby
Immanuel Bibby преди 11 часа
You missed the salt ore
Michael Price
Michael Price преди 14 часа
Preston I am a big fan of you and I want to play Minecraft with you
Elyas alharthy
Elyas alharthy преди 14 часа
I love tnt 💥💥
Sarah Asad
Sarah Asad преди 14 часа
Paula Kite
Paula Kite преди 17 часа
Bad Bot
worden jackie
worden jackie преди 17 часа
This require any mods
Kristin Knoke
Kristin Knoke преди ден
i know ssundee i watch his videos sometimes
Kristin Knoke
Kristin Knoke преди ден
oh the salt is in an ore that does not make any sense
Kristin Knoke
Kristin Knoke преди ден
i do not think that makes sense finding salt in water also i do not no if it is salt water
Kristin Knoke
Kristin Knoke преди ден
and i love your videos
Kristin Knoke
Kristin Knoke преди ден
the uranium looks like green coal
Adrian Cason
Adrian Cason преди ден
there is a purple fire merch!!
Elyas alharthy
Elyas alharthy преди ден
My best is the uranium
FOONG JIA XUAN Moe преди ден
wow new things tho ,the rambow sowrd aswome tho :))))))$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Stephen Chadd
Stephen Chadd преди ден
My names Ruby
joey jerroldson
joey jerroldson преди ден
The faded pastor regretfully raise because decrease excitingly drown abaft a acrid index. jealous, tan sundial
Tristan Kem
Tristan Kem преди ден
That’s like Miteves Pokémon
【。Paul。 】
【。Paul。 】 преди ден
Which year do you like (Like 2021) (Comment 2020)
athena zhu
athena zhu преди ден
I HATE FIRE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Sky Maine
Sky Maine преди ден
This is probably the longest video that Prestons done
mariana denniss chavez chavez
The substantial alcohol anecdotally satisfy because regret obviously wrap anenst a smiling snake. hollow, blushing respect
Joe Froman
Joe Froman преди 2 дни
I have a dig let for the lighting arrow... but I almost blew up my house
Woods Family
Woods Family преди 2 дни
😡 mean
viro Bekar
viro Bekar преди 2 дни
Fire 1 arrow = get 1billon arrow
Charlotta Otterloo
Charlotta Otterloo преди 2 дни
babangsipat lim
babangsipat lim преди 2 дни
Wow, how did you do that?😮
Elliott's Got-talent
Elliott's Got-talent преди 2 дни
ThIs is long bid 1 hr
Paklee Channel
Paklee Channel преди 2 дни
you missesd the salt ore preston it just right nesxt to you
Quinn Lacoy
Quinn Lacoy преди 2 дни
Janis& Tracey
Janis& Tracey преди 2 дни
1.16 neither gold
bubba Stone
bubba Stone преди 3 дни
I know copper ore I used it before
Matthew Van Nostrand
Matthew Van Nostrand преди 3 дни
Carmen Medina
Carmen Medina преди 3 дни
Carmen Medina
Carmen Medina преди 3 дни
Heres the salt in the coments salt
David Mateo Garcia
David Mateo Garcia преди 3 дни
Tammy Bond
Tammy Bond преди 3 дни
i got your mrch
tommy hart
tommy hart преди 3 дни
So funny
Toca Doggie
Toca Doggie преди 4 дни
You can walk on ice like ice mario
Gaming Galaxy
Gaming Galaxy преди 4 дни
Nether gold is an ore now
Panda Kingjo
Panda Kingjo преди 4 дни
I loved when Preston said they didn’t stand a chance when he had one heart
Larry Tennant
Larry Tennant преди 4 дни
PQIQPI’m.ugorougugrey3gdpip Deeijeoejokmeokeokpe Kokokijeeejojoeoeejojiioipiiepinne Aihhrihojei8jjenjj j bebb by Yessir.oqhuqeouhqohuohheliheheqioehioehpiwueeuu Jmmom, do Kjiwij Knkn H. No Kmkwmekwemlwmokoxmeomke kwenoen M Huhrheuheueueuueu Neuhheuh Idieiiiejjjjjie Iii jhoir keugkuhdqpid
comfort lemfu
comfort lemfu преди 4 дни
The magna creeper has his merch
i love cacti bc it hurt my bullies :D
kaylee connell
kaylee connell преди 5 дни
lol they have copper in 1.7 lol
Echo AS
Echo AS преди 5 дни
"It's kind of like the mounted but it's super accurate" Flies over arrow
Super Monkeys TV
Super Monkeys TV преди 5 дни
If you beat up unspeakable I’m unsubscribe to you
Cobaltblue 30
Cobaltblue 30 преди 5 дни
Bruh ended amethyst is just enchanted quartz
Louise Lowe
Louise Lowe преди 5 дни
Preston sill much Around
Tracey Thompson
Tracey Thompson преди 5 дни
What about a dugtrio
Elijah Camardelle
Elijah Camardelle преди 5 дни
why are you purple preston?
ChickMayhen преди 5 дни
copper ore is in the cave and cliff update for minecraft!
Loving home
Loving home преди 5 дни
I just realised that your skin is pink Preston
Crypto преди 5 дни
you need water bucket to use earthquake arrow
stella преди 5 дни
I already know what creeper looks like ok
Patience Want
Patience Want преди 5 дни
Dude you missed more salt.
Lizzy MacDonald
Lizzy MacDonald преди 5 дни
How do you make the armoire out of these things
azzam alsyaraway
azzam alsyaraway преди 5 дни
i like salt
SUPAMARIO813 преди 5 дни
Ughh eww
jalipaalbiad kyshnathalie
jalipaalbiad kyshnathalie преди 5 дни
You miss that salt ore
William Wheeler
William Wheeler преди 5 дни
Nether gold is now in 1.16 so your wish came true
sarah combs
sarah combs преди 5 дни
my mom did not understand the cow armor but i do its because there is poisonous mushrooms
Corruptedrex _YT
Corruptedrex _YT преди 5 дни
I love how Preston mines straight down at the start and breaks the first rule of Minecraft I’m pretty sure
Tiffany Satterfield
Tiffany Satterfield преди 6 дни
I would fricking LOVE the amethyst
Ruth Cotterrell
Ruth Cotterrell преди 6 дни
I love magic
Bujie преди 6 дни
thirusenthil athiban
thirusenthil athiban преди 6 дни
Choose both best
Shannon Haas
Shannon Haas преди 6 дни
1.17 hasn't come out yet and your doing stuff about 1.18 wow just wow
Rhys Agdamag
Rhys Agdamag преди 6 дни
Hey you stole the idea of copper that that’s copyright it’s all in 1.17
Rhys Agdamag
Rhys Agdamag преди 6 дни
Actually ruby is old Emerald
JamaicaNicole Naling
JamaicaNicole Naling преди 6 дни
what is the mod pls
thirusenthil athiban
thirusenthil athiban преди 6 дни
How to find magicid
thirusenthil athiban
thirusenthil athiban преди 6 дни
Robin Wyatt
Robin Wyatt преди 6 дни
I tried this uranium isn’t real in mincraft
Nicholas Sandas
Nicholas Sandas преди 6 дни
You nearly called all the arrows your favourite “must like them”
Conner Logel
Conner Logel преди 6 дни
Pls quit this stuff you do it every new update
Jaden Zhu
Jaden Zhu преди 6 дни
How OP
Jaden Zhu
Jaden Zhu преди 6 дни
You said qrazy! On episode 2
Lissy Lou
Lissy Lou преди 6 дни
I watch your videos like every day
BRUCE MITCHELL преди 6 дни
wow preston
Hacker Ian the only faltz
Hacker Ian the only faltz преди 6 дни
Hacker Ian the only faltz
Hacker Ian the only faltz преди 6 дни
MaLeah Reavis
MaLeah Reavis преди 6 дни
It’s 1.17
Maseo McDaniels
Maseo McDaniels преди 6 дни
Adriana Fiecko
Adriana Fiecko преди 6 дни
Preston you blow a cat up with radeowativ tnt
Shannan Whitehead
Shannan Whitehead преди 6 дни
I love your vids
Candace Ebaugh
Candace Ebaugh преди 6 дни
also did unspeacable punch/hit/kick you once cause one youtuber said it happened i just don't now if hes making fun of you or ling to us
Candace Ebaugh
Candace Ebaugh преди 6 дни
so cool not being sarcastic I meen it its so op.
Candace Ebaugh
Candace Ebaugh преди 6 дни
you should so be the develeper of minecraft.
Candace Ebaugh
Candace Ebaugh преди 6 дни
sorry colors not cors
Candace Ebaugh
Candace Ebaugh преди 6 дни
preston did you realise your cors are red orange yellow it's in the order of the rainbow
daily life stuff
daily life stuff преди 7 дни
I watch this for so long I cannot choose who's best Brianna or preston
Natasha Renee Mendoza
Natasha Renee Mendoza преди 5 дни
Preston and Brianna are best and cool
Marilou 123
Marilou 123 преди 5 дни
Ya I think the best is Brianna
Robin Wyatt
Robin Wyatt преди 6 дни
I can’t decide
Robin Wyatt
Robin Wyatt преди 6 дни
Me either
unicorn girl Molly
unicorn girl Molly преди 7 дни
The ender or is my favourite because it’s my favourite colour it’s in the ender and my home is the ender
Andrew преди 7 дни
i like red to
Zaida Veiga
Zaida Veiga преди 7 дни
Preston Brianna has a secret she has a secret base
Zaida Veiga
Zaida Veiga преди 7 дни
Why are you pink Preston
Xavier Ness
Xavier Ness преди 7 дни
You talk mean
The Potato
The Potato преди 7 дни
I got my Diglet plush (i donno how to spell Diglet) and i put him on a clean ice cone and didnt show his face to my brother and told him its ice cream he got Diget and he said "WHAT IS THIS ARYA!!!!!!!!" I was laughing sooooooo hard my face was red XD
Hudson Swearingen
Hudson Swearingen преди 7 дни
Anyone else notice he said helmets and legs instead of boots
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